Alex Cearns

Professional Pet & Animal Photographer / Animal Advocate / Philanthropist / Brand Ambassador Tamron / Ambassador Spider Holster /                                                  Campaign Ambassador Guide Dogs WA / Ambassador Wild Dogz / World Expeditions Tour Leader / Public Speaker / Educator / Author

Why choose Alex Cearns as your pet and animal photographer? 

Because portrait photography is personal. Soulful, even. It captures moments, traces emotional lines and elicits strong responses from the viewer. When it comes to choosing the right photographer, there are the obvious technical skills and expertise requirements, but more importantly, it is how the photographer sees the world. Their point of view shapes the images they create, the visual stories they tell, and the stories waiting to be told.

For Alex Cearns, her point of view is set squarely on the animal kingdom. With ten years of professional animal photography experience, she is a leader in her niche. As a specialist animal photographer, Alex is deeply committed to the well being of all creatures great and small, and she is Australia’s most passionate champion and voice for rescue animals. She is also an incredibly versatile photographer – one of the few to master the separate disciplines of studio portrait photography and natural light outdoor photography. Her reputation for exquisite animal portraiture is second to none.

Spend a moment watching a behind the scenes video to see how Alex connects with her subjects – many people told us they shed a tear watching it.

Beyond her love of her craft, Alex is energised every day by her commitment to look through her lens to see the joy, love and companionship of every beloved pet or remarkable, sentient being.

Her strong aims are to:

1) capture uplifting and positive images of her animal subjects, with the view to creating a heartfelt connection between the viewer and the subject

2) celebrate the unique personalities of ‘fur kids’ with their parents

3) be a vocal advocate of animal rescue, and to speak for those who can’t

4) travel the world sharing remarkable animal experiences on photography tours and through her lens , on gallery walls  and in peoples’ homes; and

5) provide excellence in everything she does.

When you come to Houndstooth Studio, you and your pet will receive the full benefit of Alex’s exceptional photography skills, her intuitive animal handling expertise, and Houndstooth Studio’s full commitment to client satisfaction.