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We are friends, no?

Recently I did a photo shoot of Frank and Joyce’s pooches – the elderly gentleman, Satchmo and his little buddy Toby.  They both seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight and having their photo taken … until it came to their ‘together’ shots. Not keen to get too close, this ended up being one of my favourite shots from the session. Usually for these ‘pairs’ pics I would aim to depict a connection and bond  between my subjects, but here you can see Satchmo heading off in search of more treats whilst Toby looks slightly bemused,  wondering if it was something he said! 

But in this case the shot works! Because their body language actually sums up the relationship between these two dog ‘brothers’. Frank and Joyce told me that Satchmo often wags his tail, hitting the smaller Toby in the head, so Toby is always keen to put some distance between them! And Satchmo quite likes food too, hence him heading off on a “Find the treats” quest. Luckily, Frank and Joyce also thought the photo was a great capture of their two fur kids relating to each other as they usually do at home. 

And here’s a pic Joyce sent me of Toby and Satchmo  doing the same at home!



Swan Valley Camera Club Judging

Last night I had the pleasure of judging the “Pets & Animals” photography competition at the Swan Valley Camera Club. Overall the standard was very high, which made my decisions so difficult! It’s always easy to be subjective and instantly know if you do or don’t like an image, but it’s a lot more difficult to say “why” you like one shot over another, especially when the photographer is sitting right in front of you!

I wish I could award everyone a prize just for taking the time to choose the images they consider their best, then putting them out there in front of their camera-club peers to be judged – It’s so brave and I really appreciated the time and care people took in presenting their photographs perfectly. Well done to all the winners – there were some fab photos in amongst them all. And you have such a nice club too!  I enjoyed chatting with members after the judging and discussing images one-on-one. This was my third visit and I’m always made to feel so welcome!

I also received this lovely email from the club today, and wanted to share it with you all. Thanks so much SVCC!

“Hi Alex , On behalf of the Swan Valley Camera Club, I would like to thank you very much for kindly offering to come and judge our April competition “PETS & ANIMALS”. Our members have expressed they enjoyed the evening very much and I do hope they will take note of any constructive comments made on the evening and put it to good use. When looking through our camera lenses each time, we will be thinking about those comments and improving our photography techniques. We look forward to your next visit. Thanks once again Alex. Take Care!

Kindest Regards, Helen Gullotti

Competition Director SVCC

P.S. On behalf of the SVCC committee I would like to thank you for your generosity in donating the petrol funds back into our club. Very much appreciated.”


17 inch rims & a Cruiser to go with them

Houndstooth Studio has a new set of wheels! Our blue work-horse was damaged in the ferocious ’100 year storm’ which ripped through Perth in March this year. Hail one – Holden nil. So we decided a change was in order and have upgraded to a Special Edition PT Cruiser in ‘brilliant black’. The window decal will be fitted soon, and so will our new RSPCA PAW rego plates so be sure to keep an eye out for “190 PAW” on the road! It’s a joy to drive, and I am already totally taken by it! Oh, it’s also my dream car, so am feeling very privileged to finally own one!

Image courtesy of


New National Partnership With Multi Direct

There’s never a dull moment around here – which we totally love! This week we have a new and exciting commercial partnership to announce! Houndstooth Studio has teamed up with Multi Direct to assist them in their mission to raise funds for charity organisations throughout Australia.

Multi Direct is a national telemarketing company based in Western Australia, and they act for several charity groups, selling products for the likes of the RSPCA in WA, NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, NT & ACT, the Huntington’s Disease Association in WA, NSW, Qld, Vic and SA, the Bowel Cancer and Digestive Research Institute Australia, and the North Shore Heart Research Foundation. They have been providing support to charities, and jobs for the local community, since 1992 and as a professional outfit they even honour the “Do not call register”!

We are working with Multi Direct to consult on, and provide, images of RSPCA animals to use on their national RSPCA products. This is a new initiative on the part of Multi direct, who were very keen to work with us due to our capacity as the official photography partner for the RSPCA in WA, the fact that we are Perth based, and because our images are highly suitable to their product range. Plus the RSPCA think it’s a fab idea too and are fully supportive!

The first two images chosen for printing are featuring on one of four RSPCA tea towels, which are currently undergoing production. The image depicts a five week old RSPCA kitten, combined with a shot of one of our studio clients, a magnificent two year old border collie Ace.  Staff at Multi Direct saw Ace’s photo on our website and although he wasn’t in the RSPCA Gallery, they thought it would be perfect for the tea towel brief, so made a special request to include it in the design. We have to say a big thanks to the fabulous Jayde and Bruce, Ace’s ‘parents”, for granting us permission to use it.

We think the tea towel looks fantastic and hope that sales raise lots of funds for the RSPCA!

I’ve included a sneak peek – What do you think?

Here’s to the beginning of a long lasting and fruitful partnership with Multi Direct.



Feeling the Love

We received the loveliest testimonial last week from Lee Mullan, the president of the WA Dingo Association and someone who knows Dingoes first hand –  he shares his home with two amazing, Dingoes Loxie and Wylie. I say “shares his home” because you don’t ‘own’ a dingo. Instead their relationship with people is more like a mutual respect and tolerance, based on trust. We’ve posted Lee’s kind words on our Testimonials page, but thought we’d share it here too, because it’s a real insight into the uniqueness of having a dingo as part of the family. Lee, along with Daz, Barbara and the rest of the WA Dingo Association members, are all dingo advocates, and devote themselves to correcting the misconceptions about dingoes and educating people on their plight. 

We appreciate all of the wonderful testimonials we receive from our clients, and would like to say a blanket thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send one in.

“The WA Dingo Association wanted to create a calendar for 2011, featuring our member’s Dingoes. We needed to find a professional animal photographer who could capture the true ‘essence’ of a Dingo, who could create a pictorial representation of what we see every day, the animals we strive to create an awareness of;  A beautiful creature, sentient, aware, gentle, loving and empathetic – A magnificent, athletic, native Australian wolf with inherent instincts that show in their character, a sometimes detached condescending aloofness, and an independence from need of human care, but a proud and regular humorous ‘larrikin’ when raised in a domestic environ with the right people. That was the brief.  BIG expectations of any photographer. But Alex and her team transformed those expectations into a reality. She nailed the brief. We had 11 dingoes photographed in one day, no mean feat considering it was coming into breeding season and many of the Dingoes were female, of age and affected by seasonal hormones. “Sisters” can be a tab grumpy when chasing the same boyfriend!   Alex and her team are true ‘animal people’.

Aboriginal Dreamtime legends depict the Dingo as an all seeing, all aware being, that can see into the soul of a person and make judgement of their true character. Many feared rejection from Dingoes in the camp as it was mark against them. Dingoes know instinctively if you are a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person. Alex and her team all passed with flying colours. All the Dingoes loved them! The photo sessions were relaxed, the Dingoes were at ease and comfortable, allowing them to show their true nature and allow Alex to capture that as an image for all to see, Alex’s photographic style us unique in the market. The animal is the focus and there are no distractions. The images are exactly what you want of your best friend, and exactly ‘who and what’ they are, captured in a millisecond. If you want a ‘living memory’ and a true representation of your furred, feathered, fanged or finned friend, Alex and her team will deliver.”




Bullet Resistant

Did you know that the Houndstooth Studio entrance doors are bullet resistant? Literally!! Earlier this week Charles from Clearguard Australia helped us out with some super strong security film. It’s made in Israel and is the same product used on the windows of Australia’s Parliament House! We have to say it looks fabulous – not that we can see it because it’s invisible! Which is exactly why it looks fabulous!

Now, our intent in installing the film wasn’t to actually stop any would-be burglars (though that is an added bonus). We wanted to make sure that all of our studio clients are 110% safe in our studio, and felt that strengthening the doors was a good way to ensure additional protection for everyone who visits.

If you would like a quote or advice regarding your home security, I can thoroughly recommend the service and professionalism of Charles and his team at Clearguard Australia!


Visit us at the Million Paws Walk and you could win!!!

This year the RSPCA Million Paws Walk (MPW) is being held on Sunday 16th May 2010 and the Perth walk will kick off from the beautiful South Perth foreshore. Last year over 15,000 people and their pooches attended, not to mention some ferrets and a mini pony too! We are hoping that the 2010 MPW will be bigger and better than ever. It is the most important event on the fundraising calendar of the RSPCA and  with over 144,000 animals nationwide finding shelter at the RSPCA annually, every dollar counts. It’s a great way to spend the day with your dog and there’s something for everyone – including stalls, food, a doggie wash, entertainment, giveaways, special guests, a pet photo booth, and the main event, the walk!

I’m proud to announce that Houndstooth Studio is a Gold Sponsor for the MPW and as I’m the official photographer for the RSPCA in WA, we are also the only photography business exhibiting and working at the event. We will be running a pet photo booth from 8:30am until 11:30am, where you can bring your pet along for a mini photo session. Photos can be ordered on the spot, will all money raised going directly to the RSPCA WA.  There are two sizes of photo available (5in x 7in and 8in x 10in) as well as an A4 sized MPW commemorative poster starring your pet! Plus we will have a display marquee where you can view our stunning product range, ask about our photo sessions, and enter our free competition with a prize of your very own studio pet photography session.

So make sure you stop by one of our marquees to say hi! We’d love to see you! And be sure to check your MPW show bag for our latest Houndstooth Studio flier!

Vital details are:

Walk Location: Sir James Mitchell Park – South Perth Foreshore                   
Address: Corner Coode Street & Mill Point Road, South Perth                               
Parking: Limited parking with a gold coin donation on Sir James Mitchell Park area                              
On Day Registration: From 8am         
Walk Commences: 10am           
Length of walk: Short walk 2.5km / Long walk 5 km                  
Event Concludes:  At 1pm

Prices are as follows:

Early Bird Registration

  • $35 Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) 
  • $15 Adult 
  • $10 Concession
  • $7 Children (Below 16)

On the Day Registration

  • $50 Family (2 Adults, 2 Children)
  • $20 Adult 
  • $12 Concession 
  • $10 Children (Below 16) 

For full info click here, or to register just click:



We’ve Been Nationally Nominated!!!

As Houndstooth Studio’s managing director and lead photographer, I’m thrilled to be up for nomination as Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2010 in the Portrait Division. The awards are hosted by Capture Magazine and they showcase the best of Australian photography as judged by a panel of my fellow professional photographers. You can check out my six image portfolio by clicking here. The images are also at the bottom of this post.

I’m the only animal photographer in the mix for the whole country, so wish me luck!


The Birds! The Birds! Plus one…

I spent Easter weekend in Margaret River with 8 friends, staying in a lovely house set 5kms from town in bushland. There were birds galore on the property, including two tiny honey eaters still in the nest area, baby magpies, and parrots. We put seed and fruit in the bird feeder (for the birds only!) and a night time visitor turned up and stole a grape!



For our Country Cousins – We can come to you!

Did you know that we travel anywhere within WA to do country/rural and remote studio pet photography sessions? These are held over two days and all we need is a minimum of six bookings and a maximum of eight bookings. We arrange a suitable location amongst the participants and bring the mobile studio with us.

So if you live in country WA and are keen for a studio pet photo session,  just get together some friends, family, or work colleagues, and drop us a line to express your interest.