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Can a horse fit in a studio?

Yes! Just, haha! We were recently contracted by a commercial client to produce two studio shots of animals for PPE Queensland. They asked us to create an image of a grey greyhound and a grey horse to market their Euro number plate range . With enlisted the help of Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) in Perth  and they helped us  find the ‘best looking’ grey greyhound in WA – Four year old ex-racer, Stan. 

Stan and his owner Emma came to our studio and Stan behaved beautifully in front of the camera. He was extremely patient and cooperative, and had such a chilled-out vibe. Emma was very kind and refused a cash payment, so we made a $250 donation to GAP on her behalf, and Emma requested it go the building of the kennels at Hakea Prison as part of GAP’s “Second Chance at Life” Prison Fostering Program. Plus, we offered Emma and Stan a free studio photo session and they are came back to see us last weekend. Here are some pics of Stan during his shoot, relaxing between takes (with pics form his second photo session coming soon).


True to our claim that we will photography any animal in a studio, we then set about finding a grey horse. The colour was proving to be an issue so we went to plan B and began looking for a chestnut instead. We found the perfect horse in BBD Class Act, also known as Puff, one of WA’s top dressage horses. In order to complete the horse photo session we hired a large studio space.  Our equine advisor, Liesa was on hand to oversee all safety aspects and to direct Puff. His owner Beatrix (a highly successful and accomplished rider in top level dressage) assisted as well, and Puff delivered the poses we needed in record time. I’ve included some shots of Puff during the breaks in his photo session, as well as his final advertisement too. You may notice a ‘slight’ colour change, heehee, which was completed by my clients’ creative team, in order to meet the ‘grey’ colour requirements of the brief.

Both advertisements are now live in print media and online at the PPQ website.

Behind the scenes
Images courtesy of Liesa Leddick

 The final images


$10,000+ Raised

 Earlier this month the Animal Aid Abroad (AAA) fundraising luncheon was held at the Pagoda Hotel, South Perth. AAA aims is to improve the living conditions and treatment of companion, working and farm animals around the world.  It was founded by WA’s very own Janet Thomas in 2007 and currently runs projects in India, Nepal and Egypt, the latter being home to a 24 hour vet clinic set up in conjunction with Animal Aid Egypt – one of the few clinics in the city. 

We attended the lunch with 20 friends, all of whom were keen to support AAA and participate in the day fully – which they did by bidding on the auction items and winning two of the raffle baskets! The event featured a lovely table-buffet luncheon, live and silent auctions, raffles, prizes, merchandise and contests. MC Nicholas Duncan was masterful on the mike, and guest speaker Lorenzo Montesini was enthralling when he spoke about life in Egypt and how he came to be involved with AAA after rescuing a tiny kitten found on an Alexandria beach. 

Houndstooth Studio sponsored the event by donating a studio pet photo session, a framed Blue Clams limited edition print, and several of our images printed on canvas or mounted on aluminium – courtesy of our generous suppliers who manufactured and printed them pro bono. Some of my online friends from the website Red Bubble also sent through photographs at their expense! Such awesome supporters of this worthy charity!

One of the more expensive items up for grabs was a painting by artist Lauren Wilhelm valued at $1500 and it was quickly snapped up at auction after a hotly contended bidding war!

It was also refreshing to see other animal charity groups supporting the event, with Bali Dog, SAVE, Cats Haven, and Free the Bears all in attendance!

AAA was hoping to raise $10,000 from the event – and they did, making just over their desired amount! So happy that they achieved their target as the funds will now be used to continue helping animals overseas, and to fund the vet clinic.

Many of the horses and donkeys in Egypt are working animals and are forced to continue pushing on regardless of pain from poor health. Just $4 buys a fly net to prevent fly strike.



It’s a tough life being a red monster

Everyone who visits our studio is acquainted with our infamous squeaky toy called Red Monster. The dogs love him, always carrying him around and trying to sneak him out the door with him. He is the last monster standing, part of an original set of three including Blue and Purple Monsters! One pooch even thought he was her puppy! 

Recently the dingo pups took a liking to Red Monster. Here are some pics of his meeting with Osirus!


Dingo pups – 8 weeks of age!

Here are the latest dingo pup pics captured last week! Now aged 8 weeks and double the size of puppies the same age, we have Osirus and Isis starring in the photos! Richard Barry of Richard Barry Photography took some time out from capturing beautiful baby portraits and came along to take some behind the scenes shots of the pups third photo session. I was also ably assisted by Leigh, Daz, Debora, and Sam – you need four extra pairs of hands when working with active dingo pups! Big thanks to everyone for helping out!

Speaking of ‘starring’ the dingo pups and Daz and Leigh recently featured in a Canning Times article (below) on dingoes and on page two of the West Australian newspaper – click here to read the West article and their important message! They are champions of the dingo cause and caring dingo ambassadors!

Read Richard’s blog here.

Behind the scenes

Leigh distracting Isis with a bone

(Photo courtesy of Richard Barry Photography) 

Richard meets the dingo pups – and looks quite happy about it!


Dingo pups – 6 weeks of age

As promised here are the updated pics of the dingo pups at six weeks of age. This time they were wide eyed and active, but still sought the comfort of Mum Loxie for a feed – although she wasn’t having a bar of it because of their sharp little teeth! Two days after these photos were taken, Jarrah flew to her new home over east, followed a day later by Baldr. We wish them much happiness with their adoptive families.


See you at the Hills Kennel Club Championship Show

This year on November 13th and 14th the 2010 Hills Kennel Club Championship Show will be held. Around 800 dogs will vie  to be recognised by the eastern states judges, in dozens of show categories – including the coveted Best in Show prize. And we are very pleased to be a part of it all as a major sponsor, providing fantastic studio prizes for the Best in Show and Runner Up Best in Show winners! Yay!!

The event will run from the Canine Association grounds (Dogs West), corner Warton & Ranford Road in Southern River, WA from 9am until around 3pm both days. Spectators are absolutely welcome, as are their dogs (they just have to be on leads and under control – the dogs that is!).   We will be in the Houndstooth Studio marquee both days, located on the veranda! So if you are looking for a fun day out with your pooch, in lovely pre-summer weather, come along and support the event! There are some puppy categories which sound absolutely adorable, as well as lots of other interesting dogs to see in the ring!

Here’s the low down on how the All Breeds Shows work:

Dogs West (the Canine Association of WA) is the controlling body for WA.  There is one of these in each state and then there is the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) who oversees all of the states.

There are a 7 All Breeds Dogs clubs, with the Hills Kennel Club being one of them!  Each club has to be affiliated with the Canine Association.  There are lots of other breed or group specific clubs too, but the The All Breed Clubs are the biggest.

There are 7 groups in an All Breeds Dog Show:

Group 1                Toys
Group 2                Terriers
Group 3                Gundogs
Group 4                Hounds
Group 5                Working dogs
Group 6                Utility
Group 7                Non Sporting Dogs

The first step is to for dogs of the same breed to compete against each other. The winner at this level is deemed Best of Breed, so the judge picks the best Boxer there on the day, for example, and they do this for every breed.  

Once this has happened for all the breeds within that specific group, the Best of Breed winners compete again each other to win Best in Group.  

There are also age classes that then compete in categories like Best Baby in Group (can’t wait for these ones!!) and there are 8 Classes in Group to be won.  

If you win Best in Group you then have to go into the General Specials which is all the Best in Group winners competing for Best in Show.  Then all the Class in Group winners go in to complete for Class in Show. Simple, haha!

Here’s a pic of Charli who will be competing in the Boxer breed!



Wildlife Up Close

As Kanyana’s studio photography partner, I returned in early July with Susie and junior animal handler Erin, to take their next batch of wildlife pics. We photographed Pogo the bearded dragon, Precious the tawny frogmouth, two joeys still in their home-made pouches, a bettong and two green tree frogs.

Precious pulled out all of the poses you would expect from a tawny with a name like hers, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw a container of fruit sitting on the floor! It was the most beautiful thing she had evvvvvver seen and so wanted to eat it all. The frogs just wanted to be sleeping, so to get this point across they got all three of us with a spray of urine. They had the best aim! What could we do but laugh! At least they shared it ’round and didn’t just target one of us (though I think I was the first to get hit).  Ah, things like that are par for course in this profession. 

Overall I think Pogo the bearded dragon stole the shoot – he was very well mannered (no sprays of wee, haha) and looked stunning against our white backdrop! And the chilled out little joey was a winner too! Such a cute guy, love his perfect kangaroo paws!





Partnership with Dogs Life Magazine

I’m very excited to announce we have signed on as a studio photography partner with Dogs Life magazine, Australia’s top selling national dog mag based in Sydney.

It’s filled with an array of info about dog breeds, pet products, nutrition, grooming, behaviour and training – and so much more! The new agreement  involves us providing  images for each Dogs Life issue,  starting in the November/December 2010 edition.

Just to be clear, we never on-sell our studio pet images.  Instead we place them as advertisements or featured images in reputable and appropriate businesses and publications as a form of promotion for Houndstooth Studio – which is the case with Dogs Life magazine. This means your dog could feature in the magazine, or maybe even on the cover! Exciting things to come!!!


A special dog needs a new home!

Recently one of our fab facebook fans posted a pic of an adorable dog named Ella. She currently resides at the Animal Protection Society (APS)  in Southern River and needs a loving home. Something about Ella prompted me to ask about her circumstances, and request more photos. It turns out she is a very special little gal.

Ella is a small/medium sized female staffy, aged 2 years. She is an extremely friendly, affectionate and loving dog – smiling widely at everyone who passes by her kennel. She has a slightly deformed front leg (from birth) but this does not affect her ability to walk at all. She is enthusiastic and playful and loves to explore her surrounds.

Ella walks well on a lead and is more than happy to stop at intervals for cuddles. She would make a fabulous companion and would reward you each day with her loving nature.

The cost of adopting Ella is $300.00 which includes sterilisation, vaccination and micro-chipping.  Ella would welcome a visit from anyone keen to consider making her part of the family. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Animal Protection Society on 93986616 if you would like further information on Ella. 

The APS depends upon your generous donations. Do they have items on their wish list you may be able to provide? Click here to view their website.


Dingo Pups – 3 weeks of age

As part of our ongoing photography commitment to the WA Dingo Association, Suzie (our native animal handler) and I returned to the home of Darren and Leigh to photograph their new family members –  Osirus, Isis, Jarrah & Baldr, their four little dingo pups! With Loxie (the best dingo mum ever) looking on, Suzie and I took a series of studio shots of the three week old bundles of fluff. Their eyes were open, but their vision hadn’t quite kicked in yet and as with adult dingoes, they were very fresh and clean – being native wolves they don’t have that ‘doggy’ smell that unwashed or damp pooches can sometimes get. They were also twice the size a dog puppy would be at the same age – part of their inbuilt evolution, being that only the strongest survive, so pups in the wild have to grow rapidly to be able to fend for themselves.

At the end of the photo session, I was presented with a lovely certificate of appreciation and bright beautiful bunch of flowers by Daz, the President of the WADA. Thanks so much Daz, Leigh and Barb (whose daughter made up the flower arrangement!) – I’m hard to surprise, but you certainly did just that, and the certificate will take pride of place in my studio.

Suzie, and I (accompanied by Erin) have since taken another set of studio pics showing the pups at 5 weeks of age. And we’ll be returning at fortnightly intervals to fully chronicle the changes in the pups over time, which is a first as far as we know!

I feel very privileged to not only document the pups’ growth but to get a fortnightly fix of dingo pup kisses and hugs. I’m always greeted by them running over and jumping around on my leather boots, chewing at the laces! So special to have access to them and to be trusted with them too!

Here are some of the three week old pup pics (and Loxie)! Plus you can read our earlier blog about the dingo day photo shoot here.