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Beautiful Boxer Site

Sometimes you see a web site that makes you go “Awwwwwwwww” … and the “Benfelds Boxers and a Griffon” site does just that! The site is managed by Vickie, a loyal supporter of Houndstooth Studio. It features some of  the portrait images we captured of Vickie’s boxer gal Charli and griffon Monty – plus some adorable boxer pup photos taken by Vickie herself. The presentation of our pics really is superb and Vickie has created a professional and comprehensive website containing everything you need to know about her beloved boxers.  

If you are in the market for a healthy, happy boxer pup from quality bloodlines, then Benfelds Boxers is one website you don’t want to miss. Check it out the home page by clicking here, or the photo gallery by clicking here.


Featured on Wangle

This week Houndstooth Studio is featured on the slide show artists gallery of the fabulous Wangle Website – a site designed to inspire, amuse, and make life a little brighter! You can re-tweet the link on twitter, and LIKE or SHARE it on facebook! Or even leave a comment to let Wangle know you stopped by! Thanks to Jane for recommending us, and to Rebecca from Wangle for organising the gallery!  

Heres the link to the slide show – or you can click here.  And the Wangle home page can be found here. Please do check it out – it is filled with interesting info!


Cover shot and feature article in Photo Review Australia Magazine

I was recently approached by Steve Packer, writer extroadinaire with Photo Review Australia (PRA) Magazine, to be interviewed for a feature article in their September-November issue – Which is out now! PRA is a national magazine which profiles inspiring photographers, and is centred around beautiful and interesting images. And I was thirlled and surprised to be given the coveted cover spot! Squishy the rainbow lorikeet now graces the front of the magazine. So fantastic to see her on there in all her brightly coloured glory! 

Inside the magazine you can read all about my animal photography beginnings, and how and why I do what I do. The article stretches over 7 pages and features a selection of my studio images too.

Photo Review Australia also have a detailed website on all things photography, which you can view here.



Dog Duo’s (plus two cats)

As always, the studio has been a hive of activity over the past few weeks. Apologies for taking so long to upload our recent client pics! There are more to come in another post soon too.

Behind the scenes I’ve been working with our draftsman on the new design of the studio renovation, and arranging the contractors so that we can get started ASAP! So excited to be creating a bigger and better space for my clients to visit! It’s going to be beautiful when it’s done and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

We’ve had a rush of ‘dog duos” in lately, meaning two pooches from the same family coming in for photos together. Shoots with two dogs are lots of fun and there’s always great pooch energy flying around! Plus it’s always the best feeling to nail the shot of both dogs in the one pic!  

Some of the fantastic four legged friends we photographed are: Charli and Monty, Bender and Bogan, Millie and Max, Benny and Bart, Ash and Mohini, Pooh and Ruby, and Molly and Tasha. Plus a trifecta in Fluke and his cat brothers George and Porridge. And not forgetting individual visitors Stan, Bella and Cindy.

Charli was a beautiful boxer gal, yet at just 14 months old she is a seasoned member of the All Breeds Dog Club and each weekend she struts her stuff in the show ring. Her brother Monty the Montenegro, a 9 year old griffon bruxellios was a total charmer, filled with awesome attitude! Such a smooth operator with the “ladiiiiies”, stealing the hearts of everyone he meets.

Bender and Bogan came to the studio with their mum’s, who happened to be sisters. Bender did some ball acrobatics for me, whilst Bogan had a downright fab time jumping on and off the couch! Bender’s gold coat looked amazing on our black backdrop, whist Bogan had such rich, orange coloured eyes!

Millie and Max, a standard poodle and bichon frise respectively, were elegant and graceful during their shoot! Millie had red painted nails and at one point wore some pearls. Gentleman Max settled for a bow tie. Such grace!

Benny and Bart are two much loved rescue dogs who both shone in front of the camera. Their laughing shot of them together can’t but make you smile and has many people asking what the joke was, haha!  What happens in the studio, stays in the studio… 🙂

Ash and Mohini, also much loved rescue dogs, were a delight to work with. I was told that Ash is wary of strangers and always growls, but we hit it off right away and were friends from the get-go.  Could have been the liver treats? Nah, I’m sure it’s my natural dog charm, haha ! Mohini had a beautiful white cross across her chest,which jumped out in her pics. She rocked out the head tilt in shot after shot! 

I first met Pooh and Ruby at this year’s Million Paws Walk, and like Bender and Bogan, their mum’s are also sisters! They had their photos taken in the Houndstooth Studio pet photo booth  and came back for more! Pooh the collie was soooo pretty, with lovely lines and perfectly groomed fur. Ruby the leonberger was a gentle giant, and both dogs helped me capture some assigned shots  for the Nov/Dec issue of Dogs Life Magazine! Several clients have since told me that after seeing pics of Ruby they now want a leonberger! Can’t blame them! They are a magnificent breed. Deriving their name from Leonberg in Germany, according to legend the leonberger was bred as a symbolic dog, to mimic the lion in the town crest. They are related to St Bernard’s and Pyrenean Mountain dogs and have a beautiful nature. Ruby weighs in at 45 kilos (sorry Rubes!) and even has her own Facebook page!   

Molly and Tasha, a lovely rottie and border collie pair, were well mannered during  their shoot – usually they aren’t fussed with each other, but they put their differences aside for their ‘together’ shot. I was devastated to hear that young Molly has a heart condition. She is such a lively and beautiful gal and I really wonder sometimes why our beloved pets have to have  to face such trials and tribulations. It’s just not fair. Thinking of you Mol!

Fluke , the 12 year old golden cocker spaniel with the best up-do hair ever, came to the studio with cats George (aged 16) and Porridge (aged 14). All three spent several months in quarantine earlier this year, after moving to Australia from South Africa. They had wonderful ‘plus ten in age” energy, and weren’t fussed by the goings-on in the studio. George and Porridge were almost too chilled as they just wanted to sleep and not be woken up constantly to have their photo taken. Fluke was a delight to work with and took some adorable shots.

The magnificent greyhound known as Stan visited us again – his first shoot with us was for a commercial client from Queensland  back in May. This time ’round, we were able to do some pics of him infront of the black backdrop and I could be more creative. He was beautiful as always, and is one of my fave dogs! 

Bella came to the studio at just 12 weeks old. A tiny maltese shih tzu cross puppy, she was cute beyond words. I made the mistake of jumping my hand towards her and saying “Hand spider”…which of course was then the only thing she wanted to chew on and bite! I couldn’t stop laughing, trying to take a photo with one hand whilst she constantly attacked the ‘hand spider’.

And last but not least, we met graceful 14 year old greyhound Cindy. An ex-racer, Cindy was one of the  original 50 dogs re-homed by Greyhounds As Pets around 9 years ago. She was gentle old gal, who is battling on valiantly in her twilight years. Her mum told me every photo she has  of Cindy shows her looking “terrified”. So I was very happy to capture pics of her smiling and looking like the regal greyhound she is.    

Here are some of our fave pics from the photo sessions.


Monty and Charli 


Bender and Bogan

Millie and Max


Benny and Bart

Ash and Mohini

Pooh and Ruby


Molly and Tasha

Fluke, George and Porridge