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We’ve been nominated!!!

Very very excited to be nominated for two national awards – One is for “Outstanding Innovation” in the “Pet People Awards” run by Dogs Life magazine and the Pet Industry Association of Australia, and the other is for “Best Dog Photographer/Artist” in the Master Dog Breeders and Associates “Dog Owners Choice Awards” (DOCA).

The Pet People Awards are judged in October 2010 and the DOCA’s are judged in March 2011.

Wish me luck!! 🙂


Some Pretty Things

At the invitation of Peel based photographer Shannon Gillespie, I was invited to feature on her blog “Some Pretty Things”.  I did a “Q and A” with Shannon about the animal photograph’s I create at Houndstooth Studio, and why and how I do what I do!

Me thinks it makes for a great read, haha! Check it out here