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Houndstooth Pet Models (HPM)

LAUNCH! LAUNCH! LAUNCH! Due to the increasing number of requests we are receiving for commercial animal photo sessions, including the sourcing of animal talent, combined with the number of amazing animals we meet on a daily basis, we are excited to announce the opening of Houndstooth Pet Models (HPM).

There’s just one catch – only existing Houndstooth Studio animal clients can qualify to register with HPM. This is so we can vouch for the way your pet works within our studio in front of lights and a photographer. It’s also an extra special ‘thankyou’ for our clients.  Plus, registration is FREE! Another reason to choose Houndstooth Studio for your pet pics!

We are currently logging all interested pets on our database and will be finalising our website with HPM info very soon. And YES, if your pet is selected for a modelling job, you get paid in cash, photos, or pet products!! Who wants in?!!!

Email for a copy of the HPM application and agreement!