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Limited Edition Baby Face Collection


Meet the stars of the BABY FACE COLLECTION – a limited edition fundraising canvas set for Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Here we have Dasy the baby Quoll, Max the baby Wombat and Jock the baby Tasmanian Devil. These babies are orphans, rescued by the dedicated team at Bonorong.

By purchasing this set of three limited edition 11in x 14in canvas prints, captured by Houndstooth Studio’s photographer Alex Cearns, you are directly helping Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary build Tasmanias first 24 hour wildlife hospital. And that means helping many more adorable animals just like Dasy, Max and Jock.

Each canvas set is $995 inc postage and handling (additional charge of $50 for international orders) and is signed and numbered. Perfect Christmas gift, for adults and children.

Be quick – this is a limited edition of 150 sets ONLY. 50% of proceeds go to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Just email to place your order.

Here are the stories of Dasy, Max and Jock, …

Dasy the baby quoll was photographed when he was 3 month old. When he was found his weight was only 34 grams. He was found in the middle of a bitumen road but why he was there is a mystery. Small marsupials hang on very tightly inside their mother’s pouch, so for him to have been dislodged enough to fall out, his mother must have suffered a major trauma such as being clipped by a car or attacked by a dog.

Jock the Tasmanian Devil was photographed when he was 4 months old. Jock and his tiny sister were rescued by Bonorong after their mother was euthanized because she was infected by the Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD). DFTD is a fatal condition in Tasmanian devils, characterised by cancers around the mouth and head. The cause of DFTD is unknown and Tasmanian Devils are now on the verge of extinction with around 85% of Tasmanian Devils are gone from the wild

Max the baby wombat was photographed when he was 6 month old. Max was found inside his dead mother’s pouch after she had been killed by a car on a Tasmanian road. A wildlife rescuer found her body and checked her pouch to find Max still alive. He was approx. 4 months old and the size of a grapefruit. When he reaches 2 years of age, and weighs around 20 kilos, he will be released back into the wild.


Beginners Outdoor Animal Photography Workshop – Tasmania

OUR ONLY EASTERN STATES COURSE in 2014 – We are very excited to present our Beginners Outdoor Photography Workshops in Tasmania in 2014. Do you have a DSLR camera but struggle to use it? Want to improve your animal photography? Keen to learn how easy and jargon free photography can be? We can help you!

WHERE: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Brighton, Tasmania
WHEN: Workshop 1 held on Saturday 1st March / Workshop 2 held on Sunday 2nd March, 2014.
COST: $495 (all inclusive of meals, park entry, course flash cards, drinks etc)
PLUS: $100 from every workshop fee goes directly to the Tarkine Devil Project, a conservation effort to help save Tasmanian devils from extinction, coordinated by Tarkine Trails and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

We personally guarantee you will see an improvement in your photography on these workshops! 

Come along to learn how to get the best from your DSLR camera – plus I’ll share my top tips to improve your animal photography. It’s a fun day with like minded people, hosted in a beautiful environment perfect for learning.

Limited to 15 participants per course only. Please share with like minded people.

Please email if you are keen to receive our course info or to book your place. HURRY – we work on a first in best dressed policy.