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Bobcat and Rocco

Introducing Bobcat (adopted from SAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia) and burmese Rocco. When Morgan’s beloved Neddy was hit by a car and killed, there was a big gap to fill. So what better way to bring new joy into her home, but to adopt TWO boy kittens at the same time! They love playing wrestling at 1am, running amuck in their kitten climbing tower, jumping off the table onto Morgan and and hanging out with cat sister Abby and dog siblings Isabelle and Oliver. Bless! So much fun to photograph too! #KittensAreJoy



Houndstooth Studio has moved!

NEWS FLASH! We won’t be doing any more studio pet photo sessions from North Perth … because we’ve moved to Leederville! Yep, our entire business finally has its own commercial space with lots of room for our office, studio (with own toilet!), viewing lounge, shop and oodles of storage – PLUS off street parking. Here’s a sketch by one of our fave artists Matt Mawson of Vectormutt showing the front aspect. We can’t wait to complete the fit out and start enjoying it with our clients. Alexxx



Koda and Max

Jess says “We adopted Koda from the amazing Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA in Shenton Park in 2012. Initially Koda was a timid and shy wee pup but has grown to be a cheeky, playful madam with a lot of love to give.

A few days after we adopted Koda we were hit with some wild weather. Because she hadn’t yet mastered the doggy door, we worried about her all day and rushed home from work expecting to see a not so happy dog. Instead we were greeted by one very excited Koda who had been herding leaves in the backyard all day! She was having such a great time that we even struggled to get her inside to have a cuddle with Mum and Dad! To this day it is her favourite thing to do and watching her chase leaves in the wind brings us much happiness and laughter.

Max was the last puppy of the litter. He sat all alone with big sad eyes but when we picked him up he was an instant snuggler! As soon as we got him home he became a much loved member of the family.

Max is the family goofball. He enjoys nothing more than hiding his treats around the house and digging holes in the dirt after he has been to the groomers. His favourite words are “treat” and “car” – he loves his food and being on the move. Although small in stature, Max is large in personality and leaves everyone he meets with a smile on their face.”




This is Spike the baby pink and grey galah. He is is only 3 months old and was adopted by Chris and Mark when they met him while collecting a possum nesting box. He sustained an injury not long after he hatched, which caused his right leg to fuse straight. Not that Spike gives it a second thought – Mark has handcrafted special ergonomic perches for him at home and he now kicks about in a world filled with fun, play and love. A special bird living with special people. 



Not just for hounds!

Houndstooth Studio – not just for hounds! Email us today at for cat and kitten photo session information.

We are the proud studio photography partner for Cat Haven WA.



Benji and Torri

Shae says “Torri was the only puppy of her litter and does she know it. She was literally all ears. Torri is very talkative and always has to have the last word. She is always ready with a morning wake up call and she will always win an argument. She also suffers from “small dog” syndrome and is under the strong belief that if she barks twice as loud as everyone else she is clearly the bigger dog.

Benji was adopted after being found on the streets at roughly 8 weeks of age. He was lucky from the start after only narrowly being missed by a car. Benji suffers from “happy tail” syndrome (a tail that never stops moving.) At 5 months of age we noticed that Benji’s tail didn’t look quiet right with an unusual bend at the end. Benji had broken his own tail. In true Benji fashion the tail kept on wagging and it has never stopped.”



Missy, Deeo and Maple

Here we have the fur babies of Vicky – cats Missy and Deeo and guinea pig Maple. Miss Maple is 6.5 years young – not bad for a little piggie! Missy, Deeo and Maple all ‘chose’ Vicky as their Mum and she shares their amazing stories.

“All three animals came to us on separate occasions. Maple arrived first after a friend of my mine couldn’t keep her anymore due to rental issues. She had also lived with several other owners in the past, but this is her forever home now.

Missy arrived next. She used to live in a house not far from our old place and we didn’t really know her ex-owners very well. She seemed unhappy being with them and instead would spend a lot of time at our house. She also didn’t seem fond of the dogs she was loving with.

Her ex-owners didn’t pay her much attention and just regarded her as an “outdoor” cat. We had to move house and her ex-owner asked if I wanted Missy because her daughter was allergic to cats. She was 9+ years old at that time and we took her with us to our new place. Now she gets lots of love and attention and she is NOT an outside cat!! How funny is that?

Then there is little Deeo, She used to live next door to Missy’s ex-owner and was in such a horrible condition. Her ex owners didn’t look after her well. Being a long haired cat, her fur was all matted and she was always hungry.

She used to follow Missy to our place and eat Missy’s leftovers. The ex owners then moved out and left Deeo behind so she decided to come and live in our garage and never looked back.

At the time we were renting and didn’t think we could keep her but when the opportunity came up to move to our new place and we decided she could come too. She now gets her fur trimmed every 6 months, gets good quality Persian cat food and she is very healthy and happy. I didn’t know what breed Deeo was she was before she came to live with us because she looked horrible. She would eat anything I gave her and I felt bad so I started feeding her good food, the same food we gave Missy. Now when I look into her eyes, she always looks grateful to be living inside a house, with plenty of good food, and receiving attention and most of all we give her a sense of security I think. She sometimes has nightmares would get up and come over to us, so we sooth her. If only she could tell us what had happened to her in the past.

Both cats have very different personalities. Missy is friendly and brave but feisty. Deeo is shy and timid but very affectionate. They are not BFF’s by any means, but they do tolerate each other!

Maple guinea pig loves her little pillows, and will rest her head on them too, just like how humans sleep. My Mum used to send me small baby pillows from Singapore for her before I found a lady who makes cuddle cups for small pets. She has 4 cuddle cups, 5 pillows, lots of tea towels (as her sheets) and baby blankets. I also bought her a pet fan that hangs on her cage for those hot summer months. In conclusion, she has lots of accessories!

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Search Dogs Australia Inc

This is puppy Trkr, the latest addition to the Search Dogs Australia Inc family.

Search Dogs Australia (Inc.) is a non-profit group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time, energy, and resources to help carry out the following objectives:
o To generate a group of trained search handlers and trained search dogs to aid authorized tasking agencies in their search for lost or missing persons and/or evidence required by such agencies.
o To supply these civilian workers and their dogs with necessary resources to enable them to provide optimum assistance to the tasking agency in their search efforts.
o To operate an Australia-wide organization to coordinate and develop these services.

We are proud to be their studio photography partner and can’t wait to document Trkr as he grows up and into his important role.



Amber and Trevor

Amber (on left) was super excited to visit us again, this time with her new brother Trevor, who was recently adopted by Chris and Mark.

Chris says “Trevor, initially “Muppet”, was surrendered to the Vet as a puppy after his first owners were unable to afford treatment for rat bait poisoning. A vet nurse cared for him until he was well enough for adoption before placing his story and a picture of him on Facebook through H.A.A.R.T (Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team). One of the pictures they placed up on the site was that of an adorable puppy with sad eyes, connected to a number of nasal tubes. We instantly fell in love and vowed to do everything we could to make up for his challenging start to life. He has now fully recovered and is an absolute joy.”



Book 2

Eeeeeee! Today I had my first glimpse of the cover for my second book with Penguin Books Australia which is out in November. For now, let’s call it BOOK 2. So exciting to see it all coming together – it’s a beautiful concept. Can’t tell you who the cover star is just yet, but it’s totally adorable! To tide you over, my first book, ‘Mother knows best – life lessons from the animal world’ is available from or all good book retailers.

This little bunny model was from Rabbit Rescue xx