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Harry (7 year old Spoodle) and Rosie (9 year old Cockerspaniel)

Sue says “We got Rosie and Sam (another Spoodle) in early 2004 as puppies. We lost Sam 2 years later, he was hit by a car on the road. We decided to get another puppy to keep Rosie company.

We bought Harry in early 2006. When we got Rosie and Sam, I chose Rosie and my partner and daughter Amy chose Sam. The lady
at the breeders picked Harry for us and he was a cute fluffy little puppy.

Rosie didn’t like him much at first and took a long time to accept him. Rosie is a ‘lady” and doesn’t play with toys that much, usually just takes toys away from Harry. Harry loves toys and he has two plastic containers full. He occasionally guts his toys but has had some for over 6 years still intact with their squeaker which he loves making them squeak. He also loves balls, well anything that can be thrown and he can chase. He is very good at fetch.

Rosie loves a brush and we could spend hours just brushing her. Harry loves a cuddle. He is like my little shadow always following me around the house, wherever I go.”




Charlie (12 year old ShihTzu), who loves rocking it in his Wheels and Dollbaby doggy hoodie.

Kym says “We rescued Charlie in 2009 during what I call my bleeding heart graduate year – I’m a vet nurse. We already had two labradors and two cats, and the plan was to fix his health issues and find him a fantastic forever home.

However, I fell in love with this little soul and he joined our pack – my husband saying ‘Alright, but this is THE LAST ONE!’ Charlie slotted right in, and it was entertaining watching him establish who’s boss with the two big labradors

Charlie had meningitis in 2012, and was tetrapleagic for about 4 months. He was quite depressed. I bought an old pram so I could take him on outings to get some sun, new smells, and fresh air. He loved it and he got a lot of attention on our walks of course, usually being called lazy! Eventually I got tired of telling the story and just agreed. With the walks, physio, the medicine team at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital, and Charlie’s sheer determination, he is still in remission.

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Amber and Jasper

“Two very happy friendly dogs became very frightened by every sound and strange person they encountered.”

Amber (Border Collie 2.5 years) and Jasper (Border Collie 1 year and 10 months.)

Tracey says “After our beloved border collie Micha passed away, we began the search for our new fur family. In our search I made contact with Diane Street of Echointime Border Collies in Qld.

Both Amber and Jasper came to us from Echointime. They each made the journey to live with us by plane when they were both 8 weeks of age. Although they are from the same breeder they are not related but nonetheless are very much brother and sister. They are inseparable!

We first saw pictures of Amber when she was one week old. All her littler mates were just lovely but there was something special about Amber. Every week Diane would email us pictures and updates on Amber and her little mates. It was really lovely and we excitedly looked forward to each new installment.

We still keep in regular contact with Diane and share pictures and stories as they have grown and of their adventures.

Diane introduced us to Jasper when he was 4 weeks old. He was a big ball of fluff and looked like a soft toy. It was love at first sight and Amber thought so too when Jasper came to stay with us. They have been the best of friends ever since.

When Jasper was a puppy they would often snuggle and sleep together. Now he has grown up he is much bigger than Amber, their beds are not really big enough for two … comfortably. But they still try!

Amber is a social butterfly and has to say hello to all the people and dogs at the park. Everyone at our local park knows Amber. She is so gentle with puppies and children, and is particularly excited to interact with them.

Jasper LOVES reticulation. After my husband replaced it all, Jasper kindly presented him with a piece that evening. A work in progress!

When Jasper was 6 months old we had an attempted break in at home at 9:30 am on a Tuesday. Sadly both dogs were assaulted. Amber was punched in the face, her cornea grazed and eye swollen shut. It appeared that Jasper had been kicked under his chin and ribs and was grazed and bruised. Both dogs were shot with pellets.

The trauma experienced by them was unbelievable. Two very happy friendly dogs became very frightened by every sound and strange person they encountered. It has taken a long time but they have made remarkable progress.

Amber is still a bit jumpy with loud bangs and other sudden noises. Jasper will go and hide if someone he doesn’t know visits us. It really saddens me as he is such a gentle and loving, cuddly dog. We will continue to work with him and hopefully help him to overcome his residual fears.

Both dogs are really warm hearted, a lot of fun and have a lot of love to give. We are really lucky to have them as part of our family.”


5 year old JoJo

” I often say that her obsession with fuzzy toys borders on her being a kleptomaniac.”

Aldrin says “JoJo used to be a racing greyhound for the first 2-3 years of her life. After she retired from racing, she found her way to Greyhound Adoptions WA, a greyhound rescue association. Prior to meeting us, she was adopted twice but she had to be given back both times because, on both occasions, her adopted family had to move to a rental that did not allow pets.

My partner, Poh and I have always wanted to rescue a dog. However, up until mid 2013, we have always lived in shared rentals and could not have a pet as a result. When we started building our house in early 2013, we started looking at rescue dogs and came across Greyhound Adoptions WA. After reading up on greyhounds, we decided that their laid-back, couch potato nature is perfectly suited for our full-time, long hour day jobs.

Upon enquiry, we were recommended JoJo as the greyhound with the personality best suited to us. At her then-foster parents’ place, JoJo greeted us with a happy tail and some doggy smiles before retiring to her favorite position – the horizontal position. Indeed, this would become her defining feature even in our home. She was beautiful and her people-manners even more so. The rest, as they say, is history.

JoJo loves everything and anything fuzzy. She loves her fuzzy bed and fuzzy blanket. She gets excited every time we put on her fuzzy greyhound coat (although the excitement is probably partially from her anticipating walkies). And above all, she loves fuzzy soft toys. In fact, I often say that her obsession with fuzzy toys borders on her being a kleptomaniac.

Once, I had a pile of soft toys destined for donation piled up on the dining table. I was seated at the table removing the tags from the toys when I realized that JoJo was standing next to me, eyes opened to their maximum staring at the toys. I told her firmly “No”, that the toys are not for her. I got up to get a glass of water and turned around to see her trotting away with a fuzzy zebra in her mouth. I yelled “JoJo!” and she dropped the toy from her mouth without even breaking a step and pretending as if nothing happened. Cheeky bugger!”



Blue Heeler cross, Foxy and Red Burmese, Poppy

“She was so tiny she could fit in my hand and would sit in her food bowl to be able to reach her food properly.”

Amanda says “Poppy came to me as a week old kitten just as I moved into my first home and started my university degree. She was so tiny she could fit in my hand and would sit in her food bowl to be able to reach her food properly. She has studied with me throughout my degree and always trots to the door to greet me when I get home (now we have Foxy too, it’s a bit of a race to get to me first so I can pick her up before Foxy bowls her over in Foxy’s attempts to greet me!). She loves to be cuddled on my left shoulder, and whilst she insists on sleeping the first part of the night in her basket up the top of her “tree” (tall scratching post), she always makes her way into my bed during the night.

Foxy was originally my ex’s puppy. However, from the moment he brought her home, she made herself my dog (which was a surprise as I had always been a cat person). After we broke up, poor Foxy would mope around all day and only brighten up when I came to visit her. After a while she came to stay with me for a month and was back to her happy self so we mutually agreed that it was in Foxy’s best interests that she live with me (and Poppy!).

And I’ve never looked back! She is my best little mate ever, and I can’t imagine life without this sweet, gentle, happy little soul.

Poppy insists on drinking out of a water glass rather than a bowl, and uses her paw to scoop the water out and lick it off her paw!

Foxy ADORES swimming and loves to teach other dogs how to enjoy and play in the water. She also taught herself how to body surf the waves!”

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Art and Ethical Contracts!

Deb and I went to an art exhibition recently and met some wonderful worldly people. One was Professor Paul Carter, a highly acclaimed author, artist, and interdisciplinary scholar from Melbourne. He collaborates with graphic artists, performers, architects and landscape designers and has received many national and state awards.

During our conversation, Paul shared with us his animal healing and hallucinatory experiences with Ayahuasca in Peru, South America, and when he spoke this quote I took out my phone and typed it in.

He generously said I was free to use it however I liked … so here it is. I will always remember his profound words.

Hug your pets, be kind to each other. Alexxx

IMAGE taken at Free the Bears Fund Cambodia Sanctuary



“…. it’s a mystery how anyone could not love them … “

Manchester Terrier, Stella and Plummer Terrier, Ollie.

Camille says “Stella and Ollie both had unfortunate beginnings – it’s a mystery how anyone could not love them and let such adorable dogs out of their sight, but somehow it happened and both pooches ended up at the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA. They are now at their forever home though.

Stella has been with me for two years and Ollie came into our lives just last year. They are perfect companions. Stella and Ollie love to play together. Sometimes Stella gets quite territorial of Ollie and barks at him if he spends too much time playing with other dogs when they are down at the park to at doggie day care.”



Burmese cats, Salvo and Livia

Helen says “Both cats came from Blu Ice Cattery in Cannington, immediately after the death of our much loved 14 year old brown Burmese female. They are brother and sister. We went to see them when they were about 7 weeks old, then waited a few more weeks to bring them home.

They were tiny when we first saw them, and it was hard to choose the male – Livia was the only female available, and we specially wanted another Brown female.

They are named after characters from the Italian (Sicilian) detective TV series “Montalbano”. We love them very much.”

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8 month old lab, Ally and 14 week old beagle puppy, Bailey.

“They are best friends and have been from the moment they met.”

Nicola says “Ally and Bailey are both dogs that had to fly from New South Wales to their new home here in Perth. They are beautiful, friendly dogs and they love to meet new people and other dogs.

They also really love to play, go to the park and all Ally wants to do is chase tennis balls. Ally is like Bailey’s big sister and Bailey does his fair share of bossing her around! They are best friends and have been from the moment they met!

They love to pinch toilet rolls and shred all the paper off them, making a big mess. Both pups often sleep in the same bed all cuddled up together – it’s so cute to see!”