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Order your copy of Alex’s second book! It’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Our pre-sale for ‘JOY – A celebration of the animal kingdom’ by Alex Cearns, published by Penguin Books Australia begins. We’ve been bursting to share ‘JOY’ with you for months. It’s the epitome of our entire photography business – working with delightful animals and sharing the love and joy we feel for them, and the love and joy our clients feel for them, with with all of you.

Animals have the ability to lift our spirits and bring smiles to our faces and in ‘JOY’, Alex has captured these special moments with a menagerie of beautiful images. From the deep beauty of an elephant’s eye to the cheeky stare of a puppy at play, Alex’s photographs encapsulate the joy animals bring to our lives.

She also shares some of the funny, heartwarming and joyful stories of animals she has met along the way, from the wild pig that just wanted a cuddle to the rescue dog that beat the odds. These stories are also inspiring as we meet some beautiful creatures who have overcome adversity or been rescued and discovered new lives.

Focusing on several themes including innocence, intricate details, play, moments of calm and humour, ‘JOY’ is full of heartwarming photographs and is a must have Christmas gift for every ‘animal‘ person.

Pre-order you signed copy for $21.99 at

All books will be posted out on the national release date of 19th November 2014.

We’ll be hosting an official book launch on 19th November form 6pm in the Epson Print Gallery, with our friends at Team Digital. You can purchase ‘JOY’ at this event and Alex will be on hand to sign copies. Book launch info (and place to RSVP) is




Due to popular demand, bookings are now open for our Feb 2015 Beginners Outdoor Photography Workshop. Do you have a DSLR camera but struggle to use it? Want to improve your animal photography? Keen to learn how easy and jargon-free photography can be? Our multi award winning photographer Alex can help!

WHERE: Whiteman Park and Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth
WHEN: All day, FRIDAY 13th February 2015
COST: $495 (all inclusive of tuition, meals, park entry, course flash cards, drinks etc)
PLUS All attendees will receive a Tamron Australia gift bag and be able to try out their lens range.

Alex personally guarantees you will see an improvement in your photography on this workshop. Come along to learn how to get the best from your DSLR camera – plus Alex will share her top tips to improve your animal photography. It’s a fun day with like minded people, hosted in a beautiful environment perfect for learning.

Places are limited to 15 participants per course only so HURRY – we work on a first in best dressed policy and courses fill fast!

Please email if you are keen to receive our course information or to book your place.

Come along to learn how to get the best from your DSLR camera – plus I’ll share my top tips to improve your animal photography. It’s a fun day with like minded people, hosted in a beautiful environment perfect for learning.

Here’s what past participants had to say:

Thank you so much for yesterday. I absolutely loved the course and can’t wait to start trying a few new things with my camera that’s been on auto for 18 months! Shannon

Alex I would like to personally thank you for a truly enjoyable Photography Workshop, held at Whiteman Park. Having always been keen on photography, I have invested in a decent camera but have never really understood the many functions of the more sophisticated ones. What you was able to teach me in just one day. It is truly amazing. I came away feeling far more in control of my camera. You have the knack and knowledge of explaining things in just a few hours, that even a novice can follow. Perhaps you should add to your expertise, writing camera instructions to accompany the camera sales. In the past many of the camera instruction booklets to me have been like reading a foreign language. Thank you also for loaning me your lens, which for the first time I found easy to use after your lesson. Pauline

A huge THANK YOU to Alex and Deb for the really fabulous one day course. Every minute was fantastic and I feel it was really beneficial for my upcoming trip to Africa. Loved the power point presentation, the humor, Alex’s style of teaching and the fabulous food. With grateful thanks.  Kim

Would like to thank you and Deb for a fantastic day on Friday. I have just finished the Photography course I was doing, but you just topped it off. The information you gave seemed to be the gap that was missing, so thank you.Kaye

Nice to have everything in plain English and not too technical. I have done other courses and found this one to be professional and well organized. I had a great day and have achieved better photos already! Jen

Loved seeing Alex’s photos, they were so inspiring. The whole day was really interesting. Alex is an excellent presenter and information was delivered in a really entertaining and informative way. Kim R

Learnt a lot and exactly what we wanted to know. The course is extremely comprehensive yet easy to understand. The classroom session was so educational, was very happy to finally understand ISO. Michelle

I have learnt more about photography in the past day than in the last 39 years. It has renewed my passion! Amanda

I had some real Aha! moments today. The practical session was excellent and the afternoon session was awesome. Thank you! Anne

Somehow Alex is able to explain and demonstrate how to use and control your camera much better than any other course I have attended before! Thank you so much for a fabulous day. I have learnt so much that I know I will be able to remember. Liz

This is a fantastic course that I would recommend to anyone needing inspiration and confidence with their photography. Alex is a great teacher – down to earth and easy to understand. I have attended several photography courses in the past and left feeling confused about the technical details. I’ve already put into practice the things I’ve learned with great results! Thanks so much, Joanna

What a joy! This course exceeded all my expectations!! I finally understand Apeture! Finally! Thank you so much. Mel

A fantastic day. Thank you. It’s hard to single out a favourite part of the course, it was all fantastic! I think the shift in my understanding about the technical side of things was a huge help for me. Also loved the food, the jokes and above all the tips! I can’t wait to get out there to put everything into practice. Steph

This was a great refresher course for me. Alex’s energy is infectious and she is a wonderful presenter. I loved her explanations about how to get the shot and the examples were excellent. Great day! Thankyou, Fran

It was great! I loved the anecdotes and examples. Was so relieved it wasn’t full of hard to understand technical stuff. Am recommending it to all my friends who have a DSLR. Beth

I loved the whole course but the best part was working out my settings and getting the extra help with my exposure. I’ve been struggling and frustrated with this for ages. The food and setting were great and I loved the jokes! Tina



Wise Indian street dog

In this regal, wise Indian street dog I see my dogs. I see your dogs. I see every dog. Whenever I come across dogs wandering the streets, scrounging scraps from rubbish piles, sleeping hard on the roads at night, fighting each and every day to survive, it always brings up a series of questions for me.

How can the people who live around those dogs not realise what loyal animals they are? Don’t they see what joy they can bring? What fun they are at play and to play with? What unconditional love they give? How they can be the very best friend you’ve ever known?

I feel sad and sorry for everyone who hasn’t shared their life with a dog. And I feel sad and sorry for those who see dogs as dirty, or annoying, or as pesky street animals.

All it takes is a gentle hand and some kindness and dogs give you their all. If I had one wish, it would be for everyone to know this and to experience it … and for every dog to experience it as well.




Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA Home Open

NEXT SUNDAY 2ND NOV! Come along to the best day on the doggie rescue calendar – the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA Home Open. You can purchase your very own Houndstooth Studio Christmas gift voucher special and there’ll be loads of fab things to do, see and eat for 2-legged and 4-legged visitors – including a delicious cake stall and the always popular jumble sale. Plus there’s dozens of adorable dogs to visit. Be sure to bring your pooches up to our marquee to say hi.

Gates open from 10:30am to 3pm and entry is by gold coin donation. All dogs on leads.

#Rescue #ProudSponsor #AdoptDontShop




Rescued from the circus and now living in the large tiger safari enclosure at the Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bangalore, India.

This shot was taken through thick window glass, designed with safety in mind (not photography).

Fair choice when dealing with tigers. 




World Animal Protection Australia have produced a fantastic document for people to read before participating in animal related activities when travelling overseas. Called “Before they book” it comprises 12 pages and promotes animal friendly tourism.

You can download it for free at



She’s outta there

This young pup (around 12 months old) was in a playful mood and didn’t want keep still even for a second. She didn’t care about the Taj Mahal backdrop – she just wanted to have FUN.

10689951_10152733232401208_6057306172727366659_n (1)



The stunning Bannerghatta Biological Park is home to the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility. Part of the rescue facility consists of an 18 hectare section of natural bear habitat which is separated by a moat and fencing. Visitors can be driven through this area, called the ‘Bear Safari”, in fully secure vehicles to view the bears going about their day.

The rescued sloth bears in the care of Wildlife S.O.S are rotated through the Safari every 24 hours, with up to 35 bears ambling around in it at any one time.

We were privileged to drive through the safari to watch the bears receive their daily fruit treats – part of their important enrichment program. The sight of 5 sloth bears galloping up to our jeep, eagerly awaiting their watermelon was something that will stay with me forever.

Free the Bears Fund



This guy wasn’t sure his watermelon was safe to eat, so his kind keeper helped him hold it between his paws, showing him that it was ok.


Once forced to dance for tourists … now living the good life. As every bear should! This 3 year old sloth bear takes some time out at the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility run by Wildlife S.O.S with the assistance of Free the Bears Fund.



Ten years ago the Indian Government banned the use of wild animals in circuses on the advice of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). But what do you do with over thirty retired circus tigers, white tigers and lions? Of course – set them up in the Bannerghatta Biological Park in large areas of natural habitat where they can laze the days away.

Behind on some issues relating to animal welfare, the Indian Government is forward thinking on others. Last year they implemented a 12 month plan to phase out the use of all other animals in circuses (horses, camels and dogs.) Further, in November 2013, after a nine-month long investigation, the AWBI banned the registration of elephants under the Performing Animals Rules, which effectively outlaws the use of elephants in circuses throughout the country.

Let’s hope they reach the same conclusion about the working elephants of India sometime soon. And that the Australian government follows their lead on banning animals from the circus.



Rescue Bears of India

Meet the rescue bears of the Agra Bear Rescue Facility and the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility. Both centres are managed by Wildlife S.O.S, with the support of Free the Bears Fund and together, house over 300 sloth bears.


These sweet bears are both around 3 years of age and live in the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility. Their enclosure is close to the facility’s entrance, so they are quite used to people walking past. They love to play up and show off to an audience and I took more photos of them than any other bears. Simply because they were always ‘photo ready’.


This bear is so beautiful. With her fluffy ears, stunning coat and adorable sweet face. What a perfect animal. So thankful she was rescued and is now safe from the harm of humans.


This male cub came to the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility with his wild caught mother, who sustained an injury which caused her upper arm to be permanently flexed in an ‘L’ shape. She was treated by the centres vet team but won’t be able to return to the wild – her injury will hinder her ability to feed and defend herself. Her cub is under 12 months of age and is quite cautious around people. He’s been weaned and is now living with another, more confident female cub who is a great source of company and comfort for him. Here he enjoys his porridge dinner, slurping it up noisly and hastily.

1380070_10152729629996208_5415234226456873971_n (1)

Hold for the count. One. Two. Three. These bears reside in the Agra Bear Rescue Facility. Every afternoon they wrestle each other for around 40 minutes. It is a delight to watch – there’s ear grabbing, leg hooking, tumbling and gentle body slamming. It goes on and on until they both just STOP suddenly and walk away.