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All vouchers purchased and studio sessions booked until midnight on 24th December are just $149.

This price includes a pet photo sitting in our Leederville studio for up to two pets from the same household, a 5in x 7in print, an online Facebook preview, and a purchase appointment in our client viewing lounge. Buy or book for yourself or a loved one. Vouchers are valid for 12 months and bookings can be made anytime in 2014 and 2015.

To order a voucher or to book your session just call 0413 174 069 or email




Our adventure to Antarctica in Jan 2016 with World Expeditions received a record number of enquiries and a mad rush of bookings in just two days. We’ve had to reserve more cabins to meet the demand! The official trip notes have now been released, so if you would like to join a fantastic group of animal loving people on a once in a lifetime journey where you’ll return home with amazing images, or would like more information on what it all entails, please email Learna at WE Perth office on xx



Lola and Ruby, awwwwwhhhh

WARNING! Viewing this image for a prolonged time period could cause squealing, frantic SHARING and a desperate need to hug a puppy.  And in extreme cases, you could die of cute!

Introducing Paris and Pierre’s adorable 6 week old French Bulldog girls, Lola and Ruby. Eeeeeee!!!


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14 month old Kelpies, Izzy and TJ

Bibi says “I investigated having Australian kelpie dogs in our family and only found breeders in NSW on the internet. Robbie is now 14 and our other son, Frankie is now 12 yrs old and we made the choice to be pet owners. 

Arrangements were made as they came from different litters and now they are a very important and well loved part of our family. We picked them up from Perth airport as puppies, instantly falling in love with them and now our family has grown with one more furry male and female who I think believe they are human, at times!

TJ (male) and Izzy (female) are great companions to us humans and we chose two dogs as company for each other. We all love the dogs as much as we love each other.

I describe our extended family as caring and sharing. Yes. They do enjoy being together, but Izzy (female) has always been the boss. TJ is more laid back and allows Izzy to be first and take control, be the alpha dog, eat his food and catch the ball first when we go to the park. They have their own ways of expression, not only using their voices but body language, in particular head and facial expression. For example, TJ will show disagreement or uncertainty (while lying down) by turning his head to the side and pushing both ears nearly flat together backwards, close to his head. Also, he has the longest tongue he shows when he is ‘smiling’ with mouth open or its out flapping to the side when running hard at the nearby park, with the usual amounts of dripping saliva.

Izzy is a classic! Everywhere is her domain where she must be first at everything. To be fed, thrown the ball, enter and exit the car, given a pat/scratch even conversed with! If she hears ‘park’ in any conversation maybe not related to dog walking she will come close and wait before barking for more information, it seems she is trying to use words … the funniest thing she has been doing lately is ‘staring’ at what she wants, like something out of reach, ball to be thrown or broom to be moved to play with, (another game they enjoy) and being quite still for up to two minutes. This is another control factor she uses to get her way and also to communicate. For peace sake these items are removed from her eyesight, TJ is her loyal mate and stays friendly.”



4 year old Schnauzer x Poodle, Brutus

Genevieve says “As soon as we saw him, and hugged him, his quiet placid nature was what stole our hearts. His beautiful face was too hard to resist so we had to have him as part of our family.

Brutus loves his sleep! No matter how loud we are in the mornings or what busy activity we’re doing around him, Brutus will just open up one eye to peer at us in his slumberous state and then shut his eye to go back to sleep. There are countless times when we’ve had to make the bed AROUND him while he’s snoring away as he just doesn’t wake up or move!”




Jorja, Arty and Foxy

Mini German Schnauzer Jorja (9yrs), Mini German Schnauzer Artemisia (7yrs), and Fox Terrier x Foxy (13yrs).

Anne says “When Arty came to live with me as a puppy, Jorja, her mother was given to me by her breeder who was moving interstate.
Foxy came to live with me when his parents moved back to their home in the UK. I love them all dearly and they make me laugh each and every day.”



Loxie Longsox the Dingo

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing dingo matriarch, Loxie Longsox for the past 5 years. She is one of the most divine animals I’ve ever met – super intelligent, gentle and very aware. We have a special bond and she always greets me fondly. She’s a wonderful ambassador for the WA Dingo Association Incorporated which is run by a group of dedicated dingo guardians and enthusiasts whose focus is on creating public education and raising awareness about the dingo. It’s a special moment when you meet a pure dingo like Loxie – and one I hope other people have the opportunity to experience in their lifetimes. #SaveTheDingo

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Beagles, Bailey (7 years young) and Nellie (1 year young)

Shelley says “Bailey came to live with us in December 2007. We found him in the newspaper and went to see him and then decided to collect him on the day we got the keys to our first home. That night we slept on a mattress in what is now our living room and then spent the entire weekend trying to move house with a wriggly and tiny puppy (great idea on our part!).

Nellie joined the family in December last year. We knew we wanted a tri-colour girl with lots of white on her face. We finally found her in NSW and had her flown to Perth after only viewing a few photos. We arrived at the airport to a beautiful little girl who wouldn’t stop crying. We took her home and Bailey was VERY unsure about her and what she was doing in our house. But now they are best of friends and most of the time are side by side in whatever mischievous acts they are up to.

The two beagles mean the world to us and they have both brought much love and laughter into our lives. They have taught us to be patient and caring and sometimes can just drive us completely mental. There are far too many memories to just pin point one, however one thing for sure is that we wouldn’t have our home any other way.”



4 year old Staffy brothers, Tigger and Kenji

Nadine says “We adopted Kenji and Tigger in April after finally getting our garden in a dog proof state. We got them through Staffy And Bully Breed Rescue Inc. They had been with a family since they were pups but unfortunately they were moving overseas for work and heartbreakingly had to part with their pets. It was harder for the boys to find a home as they needed to be rehoused together but we wanted two for company during the day and it worked out perfectly!

They are just like human brothers – sleeping on each other one minute and the next fighting, making a terrible noise, but no actual contact. They have been with us since April 2014 and have settled well and are now an integral part of our family.

Tigger has a penchant for kite surfers. Kevin has had a 45 minute walk on the beach with just Kenji, as Tigger decided to chase one all the way down the beach. Whereas with me, he decided to try and swim after one and swimming isn’t a staffy x’s biggest strong point.

Meanwhile Kenji is the talkative one and tells us all sorts of long, no doubt interesting to him, stories.”



18 month old Boxer X, Holly

Melissa says “From the moment we saw Holly we fell in love. She has a beautiful nature and loves cuddles and play time. We cannot imagine our lives without her and know she will be an amazing friend and playmate for our little girl, who is due in February.

Holly has limitless energy and bounds from place to place as if she is on springs. Some days we think we should have named her Tigger! She does not like being inside the house for long periods of time and used to let us know this by chewing the corners of our coffee table and tearing up the carpet on the stairs in our newly built house. But no matter how much mess she makes, it is impossible to be mad at her.

Holly loves cuddles and enjoys her new red rug which she is allowed to sit on, next to us on the couch. Holly is such a happy, loving dog. She brightens up our day when we are feeling down and luckily she has now grown out of chewing the furniture.”

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