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Houndstooth Studio Gift Voucher

WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE! Honey says “A Houndstooth Studio Gift Voucher looks like a fab Christmas gift!”

For just $149 (normally $195) each voucher includes;

* a pet photo sitting in our North Perth studio for up to two pets from the same household,
* a 5in x 7in print,
* an online Facebook preview,
* and a purchase appointment in our client viewing lounge.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months and bookings can be made anytime during our business hours.

Offer ends 24th December

To order a voucher or to book your session just call 0413 174 069 or email

(Sessions and vouchers are for our Perth studio only and are not valid for interstate photo sessions)



Labradors, Willie O (10 years) and Elsa (8 years)

Emma says “Willie O came from a breeder in WA. He was cute and ambled around. We selected him because he was so cuddly. He developed arthritis in his joints which makes him slow to move but is still happy and healthy.

Elsa came from a breeder in Brisbane. We went to see her and selected her from a large litter of yellow pups. She was playful and little bit impish! They are best friends and make our family complete.”



10 month old Staffy x, Hank and 10 year old Cattle Dog, Ramu

Janine says “We lost our dog Brodie earlier this year. She was the love of our lives and not being able to live without a dog, I started looking for a rescue dog.

We went to meet some puppies that were up for adoption through WISH Animal Rescue and fell in love with Hank. We picked him up a week later and have never looked back!

Hank is a destroyer of all things and there isn’t a toy that he can’t chew into a million pieces, including the “guaranteed your dog won’t be able to destroy” Kongs. He is getting better and better with his training each day and LOVES other dogs. He will play for 10 hours straight, much to the exhaustion of the other dogs.

Hank just loves life, and his favourite trick is “stick ’em up”, where he high fives both of his paws at you.

Ramu was bought for my mum by my dad. I picked her up from a not so nice place as a 5 week old pup. Mum fell in love with her instantly. She is a typical cattle dog (watch your heels if she doesn’t know you), but she is a lovely girl and great with kids.

Ramu has a few quirks. She will seek out a perfectly round pebble and sit in front of you rolling it up and down her front leg. She also will stay in front of flowering trees for hours with her squeaky toy and squeak at all the bees buzzing around the flowers.

Brodie and Ramu were BFF’s, but Hank and Ramu are more like frenemies. Hank loves Ramu but Ramu “tolerates” Hank!

Hank is the epitome of naughty. He actually will try to eat anything. Apart from the usual boots and thongs etc, he has chewed our retic, his bed, the storm water drain, the veggies in the garden, the rose bush, the pomegranites off the tree, our outdoor furniture, potting mix, a handbag, a phone case, a glasses case, a block of chocolate, and a lint roller. Plus he likes to eat snails, spiders and mice … the list goes on. It’s lucky I work in the Vet Industry and that Hank is insured!”




Thanks so much to Janet Croft of for giving ‘JOY – A celebration of the animal kingdom’ three stars out of three stars. It’s so wonderful to hear how this book makes people feel. And how it brings them JOY.

“Accompanied by a brief commentary about the choice of photos and some of the stories associated with various animals, this is primarily a book of photographs of some of the most amazing and delightful characteristics of animals. The author has focused on themes—including “Joy in their innocence”, “Joy in their uniqueness”, “Joy in their soulful eyes’ and, in the last section, ‘Joy in helping rescue’ in which Cearns encourages support for damaged, lost or unwanted animals. The photography is of course superb, and it is possible to look time after time at the photos, and see something new each time. I have categorised this book as adult non-fiction, but really, it will be a delight to share it with children from as young as about 3 years old as well. RATING *** / *** ”

‘JOY’ by Alex Cearns is published by Penguin Books Australia and is available at all good book retailers.



Nomination for Australian of the Year Awards 2015

Bit out of my depth for this one but appreciate whoever took the time to send in a nomination. Congrats to all of the inspirational national finalists. I was super excited to see my friend Emma Haswell of Brightside Farm Sanctuary made the finals for Tasmanian Of The Year. She deserves every bit of recognition for the work she does for farm animals and domestic pets – and for all the lives she saves. Alexxx




We had the pleasure of attending the Free the Bears Fund‘s (FTB) ‘Breakfast with Rove McManus and the Bears’ at Perth Zoo on Friday 12th December.

With an average of ten bears a year coming into the care of FTB each year,their sanctuary in Cambodia has reached it’s housing capacity and more dens need to urgently be constructed. The new building will house the 12 youngest (and most fun-loving) bears, a.k.a. The Dirty Dozen.

Funds raised from yesterdays breakfast will go towards the $40,000 needed to build the new ‘digs’ and you too can lend your support to this project by chipping in and receiving a reward via – we made a $260 donation and got our hands on an adorable GoBro bear photo signed by Rove and GoBro himself!

As for the breakfast, Rove was an incredible host – he’s highly educated on the issues facing bears in Cambodia (and highly educated in general!), was generous with his time, and, of course, was very funny. He gave 110% on the day and is a great supporter of Free The Bears.

Channel Ten news aired this clip featuring Rove, FTB founder Mary Hutton, and FTB CEO Matt Hunt – all passionate people making a difference. Check it out at

PHOTO: Free The Bears


Cavoodle’s, Carrot (12 years) and Toto (7 years).

Stephanie says “Carrot was our first pet together, she was the last in the litter and we travelled quite a way to see her. It took quite a bit of convincing to get my partner to consider getting a little dog as he had always had big dogs, but once he saw her he melted and we have only had small dogs since.

Toto was owned by our neighbours when we moved into our property in York. Somehow one day she kinda just moved in of her own accord and never left. Our neighbours eventually called her a traitor and let us keep her, much to our delight and to this day she still avoids their side of the property.

As per the story above, it took some convincing to get my partner to consider getting a small indoor dog as he had always had large outdoor dogs. He specified that it not moult and wasn’t a nutter and he also stated he would get to name our new puppy.

Hence we ended up with Carrot the Cavoodle! And why Carrot ? Because when you take her to the dog park with 500 other dogs and call out Carrot, only one dog comes back, LOL.

Totos name has morphed from Toto to Toto Baggins to just Baggins. We constantly refer to her as the baddest of the Baggins due to her behaviour at times, such as not going to bed when told and not eating all her dinner. She’s a real character that Baggins.”



3 year old Lab x Retriever, Shelby

Jane says “We have always owned a dog and we had just had to put down our last dog, Dasha. We arrived home from the vet very upset of course and with no little face looking through the door at us. We felt lost.

After losing Dasha, we decided home did not feel like home without a dog. So we did some research, found a litter of pups and went to have a look and that was it – Shelby came to live with us. She makes us smile every day and we love her to bits.

On the way to collect Shelby, my husband, son and I were discussing names. We came up with two. We had to choose a boys name just in case any change of plan. Rocky for a boy and Shelby for a girl.

When we arrived, the owners came to greet us and showed us the pups again. There was no doubt we were going to have the little girl we had originally seen. So Shelby it was.

The owners asked if we would like to see the parents. We said we would love to. They called them and we nearly fell over, the dad was Rocky and the mum was Shelby. Then and there we knew this was meant to be.”



11 year old Border Collie x Heeler x Kelpie, Kramer

Amanda says “While I was in Townsville in April 2008 for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary my husband, Steve was at work and received an email via the intranet – a rehoming request for a cheeky looking 4 year old Border Collie x Kelpie called Kramer.

Steve is an ex-RAAF Dog Handler and a lifetime dog lover. We’d lost our last dog to cancer a few years beforehand so Steve got quite excited and forwarded the email to me with the comment “Can we, can we, can we?”

My only comment at the time was “We can’t get another dog until you fix the hole in the fence!” – I think I knew then the decision had already been made.

I returned to Perth a few days later and as we drove in Steve said he should tell me something to which I replied “Is Kramer over the fence?”

The answer of course was “Yes”. Steve had put a brick in front of the hole in the fence. So we had a dog again – not any ordinary dog but the kindest, sweetest and funniest dog ever. He added a level of randomness to our ordered lives – the mould certainly was broken when Kramer was born.

When Steve picked him up, Kramer was jumping and snapping around Steve’s head with excitement and jumped in the car willingly – he didn’t know he had 2 days of intensive training coming his way which changed him from a bag of un-displaced energy with no guidance to a beautiful friend.

Our family gave Kramer stability and which provided him with the freedom not be nervous about the structure of our family – we were (still are) a strong unit and he could just relax and be himself without having to worry about us.

Kramer didn’t like cuddles when he came to us but this soon changed. My daughter (about 17 at the time) was scared of dogs but he has changed that too. If someone is upset at home he will walk up to them and nudge himself into their inner circle and then lick them – just to make sure they are ok.

He is called, among many other names, Mother Teresa. We dress him up with silly hats and he just sits and takes it, but if there is a ball around he turns into a sheepdog with intense gaze and steely focus (most times with one paw raised) and will literally chase that ball until he collapses (has done that a couple of times). He also loves his footy – a small rugby ball we bought for him in Fiji.

We moved up to the hills about 18 months ago and he has had a new lease of life. He is such a beautiful boy and we love him to bits.

We lived in a different house when Kramer first came to live with us – our gated side yard was separated from a 3 to 4 metre wide verge by a wooden paling fence and we lived at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Kramer had only been with us for a few weeks and as he loved chasing a ball, we spent quite a bit of time throwing a ball for him in the side yard.

One evening we were throwing the ball around dusk, when it accidentally went over the fence and onto the verge. We came inside and thought we would just get the ball in the morning. Kramer stayed outside and we didn’t think anything about it until my daughter came in from work at 10.30pm and brought in Kramer! We were very surprised – it turned out that he had found a loose paling on the fence and had pushed his way out, collected the ball and couldn’t get back inside.

Instead of heading off down the road he lay on the front door mat with his ball until someone came along. I am sure if Emily had been inside at home that night he would have sat there until morning.”




12 year old Red Heeler x, Rupert and 1 year old Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog , Minion

Laura says “Rupert’s mother Lizzy, was found by my father dumped on the side of the road as a puppy. She was soon a family favourite and an integral part of our lives.

Lizzy had pups and Rupert was born through a cesearean and weighing a whopping 750g – he was an only puppy. He came out looking just like a little bear, hence the name Rupert. He has been my best friend from this day.

Minion came about as I felt Rupert needed a protege. Someone to pass on his good nature and kind heart to. We decided another cattle dog would be a great addition to our family.

After some months we came across Minion and fell in love at the sight of him, especially our 3 year old son. The two are near on inseperable.

As a younger dog Rupert was around when I raised a joey. They would sleep together, eat together and play together. Many would not believe when I told them, so luckily I have several photographs of him, Sass the joey and my bantam hens eating out of the same dinner bowl.

On a heath kick, I would go for a run everyday and Rupert would pick up a big stick and gently hit me on the back of the legs with it, encouraging me to move faster. He did this many times and it was a good incentive to get fitter. I often catch him sleeping in the sun, flat on his back like a beetle. He has a great sense of humour.

Minion is a dag. I have often caught him sleeping in my planter wheelbarrow. I have also come across him sleeping in the hammock, how he got in there I have no idea. He also tries desperately to fit into his water bucket. Unfortunately he just tips it out and ends up with the bucket on his head. He is a clown.”