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Dalmations, Tilly (8 years) and Archie (7 years)

Emma says “Tilly and Archie were rescue dogs from Dalmatian Rescue in the UK. They emigrated with me in April 2008, they even have their own passports! They are spoilt a little and have their own room in the house to sleep in at night.

Tilly was very scared and timid when she first came to live with me and she is still a little nervous of men and sweeping brushes. No idea why. Archie loves everyone and gets a little too excited sometimes when people say “Hi!” He likes to nudge you for attention. Archie’s not a ‘smiler’ but Tilly is – she has the typical Dally grin.

When Archie was a puppy he was so excited at going for a walk he ran straight through a farmers barbed wire fence and cut his head, leaving him with a ‘Harry Potter’ style lightening strike down his forehead. Tilly used to refuse to come back to you when she was out for a walk. I had already emigrated and my Mum was looking after them before they flew to australia. She took them out for a walk and when it came to returning to the car, Tilly bolted. It took my Mum 3 hours and the help of a local workmans sandwiches to coax her back to the car!”



Boxers, Zulu (3 years) and Murphy (1 year)

Claire says “We got Zulu as a puppy from family over east in May 2012 and as soon as we picked him up from the airport we fell in love instantly. We decided when he was around 18 months old he needed a partner in crime.

I then came across the lovely Vickie Clements of Benfelds Boxers one day at a boxer play date. We chatted and she told me about her pending litter of boxers – and as they say, the rest is history!

We got the very naughty Murphy in March 2014 (he had photos with Houndstooth Studio when he was a puppy and was wearing a green four leaf clover hat!) and our lives have never been the same. Murphy has been the perfect fit for our family and is best buds with Murphy.

Zulu has already had a few health issues and had ACL surgery last year. He’s also had eye surgery but none of it slows him down or stops him from being a big goof.

Murphy has perfect health but is the naughty one. The night of our wedding we came home and they had ripped to pieces the two brand new beds. I have a photo of us in our wedding attire with bed fluff everywhere and the dogs looking innocent as ever.”




10 year old Lab, Leo.

Christine says “I work with people in Dalkeith and they introduced me to their five puppies. Leo was the last one to go to a new home.

I got to know Leo a little before I took him home and was able to spend quality time with him. He was a very cute puppy, happy, healthy and very bouncy.

The first year of his life I often wondered, “What have I done!” But soon after he grew up and now he keeps me sane.”



9 month old Aussie Shepherd, Toby

Anne says “Our breeder is the parents of someone I work with and we learnt about the Aussie through them. We decided it was the perfect breed for our little family.

The timing of having Toby born was perfect as we were due to be in our new house for about a month before he was ready to come home. Our house was delayed and we spent one night living together and then collected our precious Toby the next day – it was crazy timing but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our boy is spoilt, yet disciplined. He isn’t often home alone due to our work rosters, although he is sometimes made to spend some time alone outside. He loves his two walks / plays at the park each day which keeps him entertained and exercised along with the many enrichment toys he has for mental stimulation.

He doesn’t bark, although he does like to whinge and cry at almost anything and he loves to get cuddles from mummy and lies on top of me as if he is still tiny.”


6 month old Chihuahua x, Mack

Natalie says “Mack was found wandering the streets of Port Hedland as a 12 week old puppy and was picked up by the local ranger and put in the pound. When nobody claimed him he went to SAFE Port Hedland.

When we first saw Mack on the pet rescue website we knew he was the one! He looked like a big dog in a small body and seemed to have a big personality to boot. We had him flown from Port Hedland to Perth and were very excited to welcome a new addition to our little family.

I had no idea how this little dog would react after his flight from Port Hedland. When I met him at the freight terminal and picked him up out of the crate, he jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest puppy hug … I nearly burst into tears and the staff at the terminal said they’d never seen an animal bond so quickly. Mack fits into our family so well and he has already brought us so much joy, love and laughter and we could not imagine life without him in it.

Mack has so much personality bundled into his little body. He has the energy of a Kelpie and loves nothing more than to chase the ball at the beach or in the park. He gets very excited when he meets other dogs and runs around like a mad rabbit. Mack loves all of his toys and particularly enjoys a game of tug of war. He also gets very excited over carrots – he picks them up, throws them around, body slams them, runs back and forth and all around them and then eats them. He is a very smart puppy and has picked up on training very quickly.

Mack is extrememly affectionate and loves sleeping upside down on your lap or in his favourite spot stretched out on your legs. He loves people and gets a lot of attention on walks … he’s a real head turner. He is such a happy little man who is loving life and you can’t help but smile every time you see him.”



13 year old Beagle, Poppy and 12 year old Golden Retriever, Balthazar

Marree says “My husband went to look at beagle puppies and I said I wasn’t interested in getting a dog, so didn’t go. My husband called and said I had to see the puppies because they were so cute. I went to look and after cuddling Poppy all day, she came home with us.

Balthazar came from Mary and Stuart Tabinor. We have an intellectually disabled nephew and wanted a dog that could tolerate being hugged and patted by him. We liked golden retrievers and someone recommended Mary and Stuart. When we went to see the litter, there were two males for us to choose from.

Balthazar came in and sat down next to me for cuddles, then went to my husband and sat with him. The parents were there and they were lovely, so we chose Balthazar (or he chose us).

After some teething problems, the dogs got along and are now firmly attached to one another. They fret when the other is away and they like to lie near one another whenever they can.

A friend has a landscaping business and when the dogs had finally stopped their puppy digging, we got him to come around to reconstruct our garden. We came home to a note that said “Your dog is evil”. When we asked what he meant, he said he had left his bag on our outdoor table while he worked. Poppy had pushed out an outdoor chair, climbed onto the table, opened his bag, taken his lunch out, taken the lunch around to the front of the house and eaten it, all without him knowing. We’ve come to realise it is typical of her and two and three stage planning is not beyond her. My mother is a retired clinical psychologist and often says “That is not normal dog behaviour. Are you sure she’s not a human with fur?”

Balthazar has always been a big softy and loves people. We walk in King’s Park and have often been stopped by tourists who want to take photos of him. He obliges them happily and does his best blue steel. We were walking one day and instead of walking straight on, he took a sharp right for reasons that weren’t clear to me. Looking up, I saw a group of young, Japanese students about 50 metres away who were pointing and commenting on Balthazar. We waited for them to reach us and Balthazar wagged happily then posed in the sunset like a pro; it was almost like he knew the lighting was flattering and he looked great in profile. Once the photos had been taken, we happily resumed our normal walk and the students theirs.

Balthazar was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The tumour was in his nail bed, so he had a toe removed and has undergone intravenous chemotherapy followed by a vaccine and oral chemotherapy. The tumour hadn’t spread and the oncologist is hopeful we have slowed the progression of the disease.

Poppy has a heart murmur, sore hips and is allergic to a range of things, but it hasn’t stopped her. She’ll be 14 in June, but other than the white hair and the slightly slower run, you wouldn’t really know.”



9 year old Retriever x, Chance

Ann says “He was purchased in a pet shop as a puppy by someone who couldn’t look after him properly. He became sick two days after leaving the pet store and we stepped in and took him to the vet. After that we decided he needed to stay with us and he came to live with my husband and me.

We have had him from the age of 10 weeks and he has grown into a gorgeous boy. Chance has the most beautiful nature and is friends with everyone.

He loves all humans and everyone he meets thinks he is being extra special to them alone, but in fact that is how he is with everyone. He loves my cat and also made friends with a rabbit I was babysitting, following it around in the garden endlessly.”



Lab puppy, Choco!

Got to hug, I mean photograph, 12 week old Lab puppy Choco last week. Could he be any more adorable!?!



One year old Golden Retriever, Sparticus

Jeremy says “Sparticus flew to Perth from a breeder in NSW and the first time I met him (or saw him) was at the airport when I went to pick him up. Since then he has been my constant companion and hasn’t missed a beat.

I’m in a wheelchair and when Sparti was a pup he would take great delight in walking under the wheelchair every chance he could, including my shower chair! He thought it was great fun. Now he is too big to fit, luckily.”;0w46.bps.a.10152943920241208.1073742539.177830156207/10152943920716208/?type=1&theater



Blue the Staffy pup!

This is only the beginning of her adorableness …


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