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5 year old Maltese x Silky Terrier, Fugly and 2 year old Dogue De Bordeaux, Piper

Corrie says “Fugly came into my life as a 15 week old rescue pup. He was dumped in a box at a local park and decided to follow me and my old Great Dane home. I tried to send him back down the road but felt sorry for the poor little thing (who looked a complete mess) and I was worried he was going to get run over, so I bundled him up and I took him down to my local vet.

My vet convinced me I should give him a bath and some food and he would try and locate his owner or a new home – I think we both knew there wasn’t an ‘owner’ – and in the meantime he would be good company for my Dane.

I called my Dad and said I found a puppy – he sighed and said “What is it?” I said I wasn’t too sure as he was in a bit of a “fugly” state – he looked such a sight at the time with matted fur, dags on his bottom and a pitiful look on his face.  Somehow the name stuck and within a week everyone was totally in love with Fug’s and he had become an important part of my Great Danes life – they were great mates from the get go. My Dane sadly passed away the following year and Fugly became my little mate. He was shy and disliked males but loved any attention he could get. He is courageous and he thinks he is a 65kg Great Dane.

Over the next couple of years Fugly grew into a confident and hilarious little character. He loves my partner and will happily sit on his lap while we watch TV, a long way from running away and cowering when they first met three years ago. I believe unlimited love and affection can allow a dog to regain trust and confidence in humans and Fugly was just ‘meant” to come into my life that day at the park.

Piper is a Dogue from a registered breeder in Queensland. My partner is a Doctor and he had lost his long-time companion “Leffe” and I had lost my 10 year old Great Dane. He woke up one morning and declared “I want a puppy and Fugly needs a friend!”

Not being an impulse puppy purchaser myself, and him wanting a St Bernard and me wanting a Great Dane, we had to compromise. We’d both had big dogs before and Fugly was currently solo dog of the house and needed company.

After a lot of research and showing him many different breeds I showed him the Dogue de Bordeaux on the net. I had always wanted one as a kid and it was Danes and Dogue’s that I loved. Then I made him watch Turner and Hooch and he said “Ok let’s go get one tomorrow morning!”, haha.

It took me a few months to find the right registered breeder, to have the interviews, provide the references and convince the breeder that between our busy jobs we would be perfect parents to one of her gorgeous pups. Piper arrived off the plane and we were in love! Fugly wasn’t so sure but after a couple of days they were inseparable.

Piper and Fugly are best friends and its clear Fugly is still in charge. They play fight, chase each other and love the dog beach and walks together. Always getting laughs and comments such as “What an odd pair you have there!”. We sometimes take them into the cancer ward at the hospital where my partner is an Oncologist, they bring smiles to the patients faces and they seem to know the people are not well. They are both gentle and quiet around the patients and allow pats and photos to be taken, only to get outside and run like crazy, boisterous clowns!

They now spend every day together and we always take them both with us so they are never separated. They come on trips to Dongara and Margaret River with us and they have even been in our single engine plane for adventures. They are such a happy pair and a delight to come home to each day, Piper whipping us with her tail and Fugly “dancing” on his back legs with a massive undershot smile on his face!

Fugly likes to lay a sneaky “cigar poo” on our white carpet and act like he forgot how to use the doggy door and Piper has chewed, swallowed and vomited up my stepsons hearing aid which caused a bit of a scene! They are mostly well behaved though.   Fugly likes to chase birds and latch on to much larger dogs at the dog beach and then trot back to Piper for backup (to which he gets none!). Piper likes to check on everyone and make sure they are ok. She loves beer and we have to watch her or she tries to steal it from our glasses. Once she got into a whole pint which was resting on the ground when we had people over. They are mostly well behaved though.

We wish we could clone them both as we can’t imagine life without them in our world.”




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Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Tsavo (11 years) and Cedar (10 years)

Cat says “Tsavo was a rescue pup from a disreputable breeder in the UK. He came to live with us at 11 weeks old and he had mange, a twisted stomach and was born with a squint ridge. He showed aggression to men in boots and the smell of cigarettes from a very young age and I only discovered a few years later, the breeder used to kick the pups out of his way when he walked past and obviously he wore boots and smoked.

It boggled my mind when I discovered this because Tsavo was able to recollect this from such a young age.

Due to the inbreeding and other issues, all vets I took him to throughout his life to date have said I would be lucky to see him make 9 years of age and here he is now at 11 so I must be doing something right!

Both Tsavo and Cedar (who I got as a playmate for him) have been inseparable and she calms him when he is agitated. Tsavo and Cedar (and one of my other Ridgebacks, Tatu) have travelled from Edinburgh in Scotland to New York, down to New Orleans and then up to Los Angeles to eventually land in Perth, via New Zealand. They are now ‘retired’ in comfort.”



4 month old Chihuahua x, Harry

4 month old Chihuahua x, Harry – and a special appearance from his big brother Rip.

Angela says “Darran really felt three dogs was enough for any household. I have always felt differently and in the end I emotionally blackmailed poor Darran into supporting the move. 

We haven’t had Harry long. At present we are trying to train him and introduce him to the pack. He is super cuddly, loves to sleep on your shoulder, draped around your neck like a toasty scarf.

Harry is very playful and chases the other dogs around – they haven’t decided whether they should eat him or not yet. He hasn’t realised he mustn’t use his teeth and they are very sharp.

Toilet training is progressing, but we still joke that we are letting Harry inside to take a poop at the moment. He gives some signs that he might be clever – seems to be learning some basic commands and his name.

Harry’s a bundle of furry enthusiasm, you should see him bounce around. He is also quite a brave little dog – took to climbing onto the couch and jumping off much faster than our other dogs and clearly reckons himself for the top dog slot in the house.”;~;GED9IvqO1DIERm26RhEouPJL~_S4qOxrrU7hJjVe69wfjilQMv7yA4.bps.a.10153143657556208.1073742626.177830156207/10153143657831208/?type=1&theater

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Whippets Effi (13 years young) and Greebo (11 years young)

Gina says “Effi (our first whippet) came from from S.A. She flew in, came out of the crate and it was love at first sight.

Greebo came from Geraldton. He was driven down and did not come out of his crate all night – I was worried we had a nervous dog. In the morning, after a recovery sleep, he came busting out, biting anything he could get his teeth into including my husbands feet (and other parts).

Greebo takes delight in smelling the very best he can. Recently, he managed to clear our house of people after finding, playing with and rolling in the contents of one of our fly traps. It was way worse than his usual Eau De Dead Frog, Fragance of Fox Scatt or Aroma of Dead Sheep.

At 11 years of age, Greebo still does lure coursing, and loves it.

Effi is a princess (well probably now a Queen) and she does everything in a refined and regal way.”



1 year old Kelpie x, Lily

Loren says “We adopted Lily from CJ Animal Rescue. I’d mentioned to a friend we want to get a puppy and she suggested looking on the Pet Rescue website and sent me Lily’s profile.

We had a look at the other dogs but just kept coming back to Lily. When we went to meet and greet her it was love at first sight. She is such a happy dog and gets so excited, she wags her entire body not just her tail. When we first met her she wiggled so much I thought that was how she normally walked!

Lily loves being able to run around so we take her down to the park every day and to the beach as often as we can. She is building up her courage to go for big swims at the beach. She is a bit cautious of swimming at first, but with every trip to the beach she goes a little bit deeper. Last trip, I threw her ball a little too far out but she was so brave and went and got it anyway.

She’s such an active dog but she loves to just flake out at home and lie around too, so we get the best of both worlds. She’s also very clever and calculating – if you take a toy she’s not supposed to be playing with away, you can see her thinking about how she is going to get it back. Her main tactic is to pretend she is snuggling up to you for a pat and then snatch it away.

If she sees something she wants, like donuts too close to the edge of the bench, she is quite happy to stretch up and sneak one when you are not looking. She’s very cheeky, funny and affectionate and has an awesome personality. We are very lucky to have her in our family.”;XXT75Thxd.bps.a.10153143641141208.1073742624.177830156207/10153143641616208/?type=1&theater



3 year old Bull Mastiff, Dayzee and 15 week old Jack Russell pup, Choppa

Kas says “We were on a wait list for a Bull Mastiff for some time from a registered breeder north of Perth. One morning we had a phone call to say they had a girl whom they first intended to keep themselves but had decided to let her go and so after going through the entire list of people waiting and their stories about why they should be chosen to have one of their dogs, they decided upon us.

We jumped in the car right away and drove an hour and a half and fell in love instantly. She came home with us that day and she has been the boss of the house ever since.

Well that was until 3 months ago when we got Choppa. He only weighed only 200gms when we got him! We were worried Dayzee might squash him in the beginning, but now these two are inseparable.

Dayzee and Choppa love to play tug of war – this seems a little odd given the size difference, however Dayzee has taken on the role of mothering Choppa and always lets him win. With the exception of the occasional time Choppa gets flung around the room. He loves to lick Dayzee’s eyes and drool when she is laying down. He walks and jumps on her and they cuddle up together when they are asleep. She is always so patient with him.”




Check out the 1LENS4 competition with Tamron Australia at www.

TAMRON is giving a Houndstooth Studio fans the chance to win a state of the art lens – the 16-300mm F/3.5 – 6.3.

All you need to do is upload four of your pet photos in four different formats (portrait, tele-zoom, wide angle and macro) to the competition website and ‘tell their story’. Be sure to enter ‘Houndstooth’ in the description for your entry.

TAMRON will choose the best of the best, so get snapping … and feel free to enter more than once!

Competition ends Sunday 26th April and is not affiliated with Facebook.




On 11th April we launched the CHAMPA’S NEW PAD APPEAL in the hope of raising $5,000 to get ChamPa the moon bear a new pad at the Free the Bears Fund sanctuary in Laos. Iv’e just heard we are already over the halfway mark with 5 days left to go for ChamPa’s appeal. YAY!!! This is the best news and has only happened because of YOUR generosity and kind hearts. When photographing her I told her how loved she was by everyone back here in Australia and you have all proven that to be true. A million thank yous! I have everything crossed we will reach our $5,000 goal for ChamPa.

To celebrate this milestone, and to say thanks to everyone who has donated far, here’s a photo I took of ChamPa daydreaming about her new pad. Isn’t she adorable! As the first bear in the world to undergo brain surgery she is a medical miracle and is only here now thanks to the dedicated care provided by Free The Bears.

ChamPas existing den and yard area (where this image was taken) have been her sanctuary for the past 5 years. After her surgery she was initially reluctant to venture far from her hammock – sunlight hurt her sensitive eyes and she felt safe and secure in familiar territory.

But now, two years on, she is exploring more and is finally ready to move into a new pad built just for her. She deserves it and we can help make it happen.

Can you spare some some small change and help ChamPa get her new digs? Just text CHAMPA to 0428 088 595 and a $5 donation will be made in your name – you can donate more if you like ($5 is the default amount), and every little bit helps.

Bear hugs,

(Appeal ends midnight 25th April.)



5 year old super smart Staffy, Miika.

Jackie says “Miika was a rescue dog from Northam. She was abandoned twice before me – once because the owner claimed she “didn’t eat her food” and the other time she was being abused.

I adopted her when she was around 10 months old and she was very timid. I had to teach her how to play and be a puppy. She has a fear of anything to do with laundry though and no matter what I try, I can’t get her past it – so whenever you’re folding clothes, taking them off the line etc, she will cower away and wait till you’re done.

We lived down in Dunsborough for 2 years, then a year up in Perth and now I have flown her over to Sydney with me – she has turned out to be a great traveller!

Because of Miikas allergies, during summer she is wrapped in a jacket, boots and an elizabethan cone when she is by herself, as she will continually try to bite, lick and scratch herself causing serious damage. Her allergies have improved though since we’ve been in Sydney.

My sister was looking after Miika one day for me and her two kids (aged 11 and 9) took Miika for a walk and play with tennis ball. The older of the kids decided to throw the ball over the top of his sisters head who was only a couple of metres away from him. In Miikas excitement to chase the ball, she turned around and bolted for it which meant she slammed straight into the shin of my niece breaking her leg with Miikas head. My niece was on crutches for a couple of months.

Miika is the first dog I have clicker trained and she took to it very well. We have a few cool tricks she can do now and I am currently in the process of teaching her how to skateboard.
Miika has a beautiful temperament, is good with other dogs and great around kids as I have 8 nieces and nephews.”;k.bps.a.10153141600426208.1073742617.177830156207/10153141605736208/?type=1&theater