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8 year old Mini Schnauzer, Jeffrey Edelgeist

Jeffrey had a bad experience as a one year old when being house sat while Pam was away and as a result, has a tendancy to bite people he doesn’t know. This is managed well by his loving Mum and Dad and they have helped him come a long way with this issue. I’ve photographed many dogs who were ‘biters’ and have never been bitten (or come close to it) … touchwood!

For Jeffreys photo shoot I called on my experience in photographing dogs who are anxious with stranger, and Jeffrey and I got along like old mates – with no biting (me or Jeffrey!) Big thanks to Pam for trusting me with her adorable boy. It was a great experience for us both!

Pam says “Jeffrey came to us as a puppy from a registered breeder in Parmelia – we told him he came from Claremont but it didn’t work. He was the naughtiest puppy – he got kicked out of three puppy schools and has had two personal trainers.

He is high energy and at 8.5 years old he’s still the most active dog in the park. He loves his Frisbee and guards it with his life, god help the dog that tries to take it off him. He gets frightened of kids squealing and running (actually anything that squeals and runs) and instead of hiding he bares his teeth at them and growls badly.

Apart from his reluctance to make new friends, he loves people he knows, his two best canine friends that he had known from birth have passed away and he has shown no desire to make new friends. He tolerates his Cairn Terrier cousin, Hamish but apart from that he just likes hanging out with us.

When we go on holiday he goes to 3+ hours away to the Margaret River Pet Retreat and when we go to pick him up he doesn’t want to come home so we know he has been really well looked after. He’s a very special dog!

Like most dogs, he can’t bare to see suitcases come out of the cupboard. Before we discovered the Margaret River Pet Retreat, we would have him house sat at home and he used to sit on our clothes when we came home. Taking him somewhere has proved much easier, although it adds a couple of extra days to
our holidays now by having to drive there and back twice but it’s worth it.

Jeffrey wont let anyone come into our house. We have cleaners and an alarm company who try to get in when he’s there and he’s pretty scary when he decides you’re not getting in.”



12 year old Labradoodle, Linus

Deborah says “Linus came to live with us after our house was broken into. He was originally supposed to be a mainly outside dog but soon established himself as a mainly inside dog.

Linus used to like taking running leaps past the kitchen window. These lead to some very surprised visitors who would see a ‘flying creature’ go past the window at chest height.

Unfortunately, his previous love of jumping has probably been a contributor to his current leg problems. He has arthritis in his back legs and sometimes has trouble getting up with his front legs.

He is still happy as always though and we love him to bits.”



Jack Russell x, Scotty

Karen says “I fell in love with Scotty online! His photo was displayed on the SAFE Bunbury website and the listing described him as ‘Darling Scotty’.  We raced to Bunbury to meet him and his kind foster carer, Zillah. He jumped into my lap and began to chew my fingers. We never looked back.

Nearly two years later Scotty is an important member of the household with endearing ways and a feisty personality. SAFE is wonderful and I would recommend a (carefully chosen) rescue dog to anyone.

Scotty enjoys a bone and has been trained to eat it only ‘on your mat!’ The ‘onyamat’ is an old bath mat stored under the dresser. One morning I came into the kitchen and there was the onyamat placed neatly in front of the fridge door, message received.

He attends training once a week with Wholistic Dog Training in Margaret River and understands UP – car up, table up etc. So it was a small step to ‘Boogie-board up’ at the beach. When his beach toy is thrown too far out to swim to, he runs to the boogie board and waits for us to give him a ride out through the surf to fetch his toy. Boogie-board up, and away we go.

‘Kayak up’ is another favourite activity on the Margaret and Blackwood Rivers.”;DfgeJYFnuGXgp7OEXqUNYKXJerBS~;5gJ~_exVL.bps.a.10153236770051208.1073742656.177830156207/10153236770381208/?type=1&theater



one year old Maltese x Poodle, Ruby

Linda says “Ruby is intrigued by our robot vacuum – she presses the start button with her nose. On Christmas Eve, she set it to start on a timer delay. At 12.30am, the vacuum activated and set off our house alarm. Everyone woke up except Ruby, who slept on undisturbed!”;GNL4MficcBKurF8SlIbjxEafMYohTdDBbyB37y9yvDfJZHEU~-.bps.a.10153235021626208.1073742653.177830156207/10153235021926208/?type=1&theater



14 week old Papillon puppy, Gizmo

14 week old Papillon puppy Gizmo – with special guest appearance by Buzz the 5 year old Whippet.

Claire says “Our daughter Grace has been wanting a little dog of her own for a long time. Some school teacher friends of ours have 3 Chihuahuas who stay with us most school holidays when their Mum and Dad go on break and it is always the highlight of Grace’s school holidays.

While we weren’t actively looking for a small dog to join our family, it was something we were thinking about and when I got a call from some very good friends of ours to say they had a gorgeous little baby boy Papillon available it just seemed like it was meant to be.

After some discussion as a family I went and had a look at the babies – well it was love at first sight. The four puppies in the litter were all absolutely beautiful with amazing temperaments and so the decision was made to bring “Gizmo” home to be Grace’s new little best friend.

Giz is the most delightful puppy – he is super smart, exceptionally loving and is the most funny, fearless, and cheeky baby ever. He’s settled in like he’d never lived anywhere else and even though we have only had him a very short time, we can’t imagine not having him here now.”




GreyhoundAngels of Western Australia urgently need foster carers who don’t have cats or other dogs for a selection of special pooches.

Do you have a spare couch for a grey in need? These hounds require loving foster homes where they can feel the joy and security of being integrated into a family environment.

If you can help give a rescue greyhound a foster home please jump onto the Greyhound Angels of WA website at and fill in a foster carer application form.



Meet 11.5 year old Lady Bug the Griffon. Two of her favourite humans (Vickie – who works on all of our event marquees with us – and Ryan) booked her in for photos with her cousin Monty. But first, Bug wanted a shot on her own, styling it in her “Blind Dog” vest. She wears it with pride.

Vickie says “A few years ago Lady Bug lost her left eye to a cataract and glaucoma. In November 2014 she had cataract surgery on her right eye to try and give her better vision.

Unfortunately she developed glaucoma in that eye and after many procedures it was decided that she would be better off having it removed. her surgery was scheduled for Christmas Eve and ever since she has been so much happier, no longer in any pain and although she is blind she gets around so well we forget sometimes!

She’s the sweetest little girl and demands cuddles and attention with a bark and a whack of the paw, usually to the face if you are in bed.”



14.5 year old Maltese x Shih Tzu, Oscar

Colleen runs the Houndstooth Studio office – and what a wonderful job she does of it too. She is the glue that holds it all together! Col and Cliff have been my dear friends for close to 20 years – which also means I’ve been lucky to have known Oscar since he was a wee pup.

Col says “I found little Oscar in Albany when I wasn’t even looking for another dog. He had just the longest eyelashes I had ever seen. We had recently lost our previous dog, Smudge and I couldn’t leave Oscar behind. He looked just like Oscar the grouch, hence the name.

He’s known Auntie Alex his whole life and she was the first one to teach him to ‘sit’.

About 2 years ago he suddenly became paralysed down his left side. He was dragging his front and back leg. After a few vet visits and medication he slowly got better and now, although he has a slight limp in his front leg, he is back to his old self.

He is also deaf now and the upside to that is, he no longer shakes when there is thunder and lightning. We do a lot of hand gesturing and he is fine with that.

Oscar just loves to sit at the front of our blow up double kayak and float around the ocean (as long as there aren’t any waves), but can’t stand travelling in the car.

He would happily float around all day but the slightest hint that he may be going in the car brings on massive body trembling. Poor luv.”



Rhodesian Ridgeback Trio

Rhodesian Ridgeback trio Ruby Sparking Shiraz (Ruby) 7 years of age, Cruiser White Label (Cruz) 5 years of age and Lulu Veuve Clicquot (Lulu) 4 years of age.

Lisa says “Bill and I have had Rhodesian Ridgebacks for over 20 years. All of our pooches have come from registered Ridgeback breeder Sandra Taylor (who is now a great friend).

Ruby and Cruiser are show kids – Ruby is a Grand Australian Champ and Cruz is an Australian Champ. Lulu doesn’t show as not a big fan of those who aren’t in her family unit. Ruby is Lulu’s Mum and Cruze is Ruby’s half brother. I was present when Lulu was born with her five other siblings.

Seriously what’s not to love about a Rhodesian Ridgeback?! They’re the perfect guards (Bill works FIFO) and excellent sun loving lounge/king size bed lizards. The three of them are our kids and are treasured, spoiled and adored.

Ruby is the Grand Diva. She’s the boss and the one who always starts the play sesssions. She often talks loudly to get attention but is a beautiful people person (and my favourite … sshhhh don’t tell the others!)

Cruz is the biggest kid. The girls hammer him – he could take them both out, but is stupidly submissive to them. He’s the perfect stealth counter surfer … something about fillet steak (amongst other morsels) going missing springs to mind. Despite his size, he’s scared stiff of little dogs!

Lulu is Daddy’s girl. She can be a little sh*t, often fickle and sometimes grumpy but she is also the 35kg lap dog. She’s fond of trying to find the centre of the earth and has created some pearler holes in the lawn.”;~;WJNemuB1IiACJWbh6BCMefBLsU1SJrzrptt7AE~_Ni3I8Jd9SrGbun8e3~_pMXLLouXQ~-~-.bps.a.10153245172641208.1073742661.177830156207/10153245173721208/?type=1&theater



WIN A PLACE for your pooch in the next Wonderdog School Online Course!

HOW TO ENTER: In conjunction with the Wonderdog School, Houndstooth Studio followers have the chance to win a registration for the June course. We have TWO enrolments up for grabs, valued at $99 each.

All you have to do is TAG A FRIEND in the comments on our Facebook page to enter. We will select two random entries this Thursday 28th May at 5pm WST as our winners.

WHAT IS THE WONDERDOG SCHOOL? When Pip the Black Beetle was a pup, she learnt her first tricks from a wonderful how-to book called ‘The Wonderdogs – Tricks and Training’ starring our friends Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill and The Wonderdogs.

We were thrilled to hear that Dr Katrina, Kelly, and The Wonderdogs have developed an exciting initiative called the Wonderdog School. It’s a new online approach that makes puppy and dog training fun, accessible and convenient, while giving every owner the opportunity to confidently train and manage their dog.

Each 4 week program is a team event with everyone starting and finishing together, and lessons include basic obedience, house training, sleeping arrangements, home-made treats, and cute tricks. Once underway, a series of exclusive videos, fact sheets and training tips are unlocked. Members can participate in live on-line chat sessions with Dr Katrina and Kelly and access a range of activities and competitions.

Dr Katrina told us her Golden Retriever Riley was a catalyst for creating the Wonderdog School “My own dog, Riley, a Golden Retriever, was surrendered to a shelter starving, injured and with behavioural problems as a result of mistreatment. I adopted him and, with loving care and consistent training, Riley is now a happy, well behaved dog.”

“I wanted to do something positive to improve animal welfare and inspire owners to experience a happy lifelong relationship with their animal companions. Kelly and I knew that between us we had the skills and knowledge to empower owners to successfully train their dogs. So we created Wonderdog School.”

Supporting dog rescue and reducing the number of dogs going into rescue facilities are two of Dr Katrinas driving passions and 10% of proceeds from the Wonderdog School go to a different animal welfare group for every course.

“Many people want to train their dogs, but don’t want to be locked into giving up their Saturday mornings or weekday evenings to attend traditional dog training classes.” says Dr Katrina, “And often they don’t know where to find help to solve minor everyday dog behavioural problems. As a result, many dogs are surrendered to pounds and shelters purely due to lack of good training, management and socialisation.”

SIGN UP? You can register directly for the June Wonderdog School course for just $99 and the first 100 registrations receive a Wonderdog School pack worth $99 for free – which includes ‘The Wonderdogs – Tricks and Training’ book as recommended by Pip.

MORE INFO: Check out the Wonderdog School website at

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