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In business I have some pretty lofty goals. Some are things I’ve already been able to (and will hopefully continue to be able to) achieve through hard work and tenacity, while others seem like dreams placed at the back of a really high shelf, where all the standing on tippy-toes and reaching for them won’t quite be enough to grasp them in my hot little hands. Yesterday one of my top shelf dreams came true when the The Huffington Post and HuffPost Good News featured my Zen Dogs series, complete with some newly released images. THE HUFF POST! I can still hardly believe it! I’m always so grateful for any attention my work receives and the Huffington Post has long been one of my holygrails for online viral media. It all helps me grow my platform to speak on the beauty of animals and to encourage people to support rescue. Of course, there wouldn’t be any images to share if it wasn’t for my loyal, lovely clients. I’m blessed to be an “Aunty” to so many adorable animals. Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting Houndstooth Studio, and thanks to the Huffington Post team who’ve been a delight to work with and who helped me tick one BIG thing off the business bucket list.



I don’t think this guy is! Our feet are one of the most neglected parts of our body. Day in, day out, they hold us up and help us traverse from from point A to point B. They carry all of our body weight and don’t often get a rest. When I’m photographing out in the field, I have a lot on my mind – lighting, subject, weather, safety, timing, focus. The last thing I want to worry about is whether my feet are protected … especially when a large robber crab approaches.

Read more on the Paddy Pallin blog at…/alex-cearns-sensible-shoes/



Ferrets, Dudley (16 month old Silvermitt), Diego (5 month old Polecat) and Molly (14 month old Polecat)

Meri says “Dudley and Molly were adopted from the WA Ferret and Ferreting Society (WAFFS When Dudley came to us he was cuddly and very gentle from the start. Molly was a bit more of a handful. She was traumatised and would bite hard if nervous. We have persevered with her and she is a much snugglier and friendly little girl. She still gives the occasional nip when she’s overexcited but is doing really well.

Diego is our newest furbaby. We got him in February as a 10 week old kit. He’s a furry cuddle monster always wanting kisses and hugs.”

Dudley, Diego & Molly

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2 year old Greyhound x, Lexi

Laura says “I volunteer at the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA. During the July school holidays last year, I went in as much as I could and happened to meet Lexi on her first day in kennels. She was called Whoopie then.

I walked her a few times and fell in love with her. When asked if she would like to go for a walk, she would bow down and talk – making ‘Woo’ noises! Henry came into the refuge to meet ‘Whoopie’ and we agreeed to adopt her.

We had to wait a few days to bring her home, as we were moving house. During that time we decided to call her Lexi.

We recently bought Lexi a red tartan coat which ties up with a bow. She looks like a walking Christmas present with it on. The other night we decided it was milder and decided not to put it on her. However, Lexi cried and we had to get up and put it on her!”




1 year old English Spring Spaniel, Beans, 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Navara and 6 year old English Springer Spaniel, Madam

Jo says “Beans is a bean by name and nature. From the moment I collected him from the airport he has been full of life and energy. Also known as Mr Socialite he’s the dog I’ve always wanted – friendly, smart and super keen to work!

Madam is my shadow, and is never far from my side. She’s always willing to give anything Mum wants to try a go be it agility, lure coursing, tracking and obedience. But her ideal day would be breakfast and a walk followed by snuggles on the sofa.

Navara is the boss with no idea she’s small. She loves life and in true terrier style if she can’t eat it she pees on it and leaves. Her fave things are lure coursing, giving out kiss’s and snuggling under the doona cover.”

Beans, Navara & Madam



Jack Russells, Russell (11+ years) and Poppy (6+ years)

Rachel says “We visited K9 Rescue because my husband Michael wanted a Jack Russell. When we met, Russell had been given up twice before. We adopted Russell and after a few months we thought he would like a companion so we went on the hunt for another dog but he would not accept any other dogs and was acting like a big grump about it all.

We came across Poppy when she was a puppy with a registered breeder and when Russell met her it was the first time he didn’t grump – instead he just ignored her, but it was an improvement. After a couple of weeks I got home from work and found him cuddled up with Poppy in the bed and they have never been apart since.

Poppy has this cute habit which always makes us laugh – every time we go for a walk in the park Poppy has to go on the slide and she won’t leave until she has been down the slide a couple of times or until she had enough.”

Russell & Poppy



5 year old Kelpie x, Eve

Kathryn’s story brought tears to my eyes. It’s magic when a beautiful human and a beautiful pooch find each other.

Kathryn says “Eve was rescued by SAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia at about 4 months of age. I was looking for an older rescue Kelpie and after meeting a very grumpy Kelpie being held in a kennel I thought I might just check out that black Kelpie puppy just for comparison.   Eve was being fostered and came bounding in and curled up on my lap. It was a done deal – where do I sign up!

While she was a Kelpie she didn’t have that high energy that leads them to jump fences etc so she could keep up with me on my morning and evening runs but not escape my suburban yard. It took me about 4 weeks to discover her obsession with the tennis ball and once I did discover it, there was no turning back!

Bringing the green ball back to me is Eve’s purpose in life. It’s her job and there are very few people or dogs that can convince her there is more to life than the ball – though she does love other Kelpies and Border Collies, they will usually draw her away from her ball.

Eve loves to play ball in the backyard, in the house, at the park, at the beach … anywhere. If you try to walk over an open grassed area Eve will turn and walk backwards in the hope you will pull a tennis ball out of your pocket and throw it. Walking backwards gets Eve in a bit of trouble, walking into trees, poles, people and other dogs constantly.

Eve had her first epileptic seizure when she was 3.5 years old and we immediately started treatment in the hope to lessen the frequency or severity of seizures. Epilepsy is quite common in dogs and is often controlled very well.

Eve has seizures mostly in her sleep when she is safe in bed (thankfully), but recently has started having them when out on walks at the park and in the car (scary). When Eve comes out of her seizure I call her the Cookie Monster as all she wants is food! Any food! Or anything food has been in (think Tupperware or wrappers and rubbish).

Eve also is nicknamed Leaky Bum, as she often wets herself when sleeping due to her medication, so beware if she cuddles up on the lounge or your lap. Almost two years and 4 different medication combinations later, we have not had much progress, with seizures every 2-3 weeks, but we aren’t giving up on finding her magic combination that frees her of the monster and me of the worries. But we educate everyone we meet at the park about it so they know that dogs with special needs can still be fabulous loving pets!

I’m lucky she let me adopt her because she is perfect !”




Dogs Today Magazine

Awww, humbled by Dogs Today Magazine in the UK who included this pic of Bell and three of her Boxer babies as part of their “Best dog photographs in the world” feature, July issue.



11 year old Border Collie x, Harley – also known as Snarls

He has his own Facebook page too – Sir Snarls.

Karen says “I adopted Harley from the vet tech program I was in when I was in Alberta, Canada in 2005. He was a teaching dog and his litter was an accident so they weren’t socialized.

When I bought him home, he didn’t know how to use stairs and I had to carry him out of the basement suite I was living in until he caught on. He’s come a long way and has had a new lease on life since moving to Australia.

He is the canine equivalent of Rainman, as he is a bit special. He has been won over by my partner, the first man he’s ever not been terrified of (he doesn’t let many people into his circle of trust) and I’m pretty sure he gets more excited when Jak gets home now than when I get home. But he’s still a mamas boy and follows me everywhere including internationally.

I’ve made this appointment as a belated valentines day present for my Jack (and secretly a bit for me too).

Snarls got sick last year so we started feeding him boiled beef to get him to eat something and now he demands it more often than not. We may have created a monster. But overall, he’s a pretty awesome dog. Special, but awesome.

The medicine and surgery dept at Murdoch weren’t initially sure what to make of his illness and we sent biopsies to UC DAVIS and they weren’t exactly sure what the cells were either. He has a 16x 5cm mass in his abdomen surrounding his kidneys and infiltrating his body wall and multiple nodules on his skin.

We thought it was histiocytic sarcoma (which carries a death sentence) and given his age it was probable, but luckily it wasn’t and the masses on his skin just went away and the mass in his abdomen shrunk down by 75% and he’s gained back the weight he lost. He is pretty much back to normal. He’s still mobile and agile for an 11 year old and he still wants to play fetch every waking minute of the day.”

Harley aka Snarls



2 year old Toy Poodle, Ruby and 1 year old Jack Russell x Chi, Macky

Bree says “Ruby came from a registered breeder as a puppy. Our old poodle had passed away about 6 months previously. We liked the temperament of the poodle so decided to get another. Ruby loves people and is always happy to make new friends.

Macky was a rescue dog from SAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia through the PetRescue website. He was 10 months old when we got him. His first owners kept him in the laundry, never cleaned up after him. He wasn’t very well treated.

He is a little timid around new people and can have his grumpy moments but he is very loyal and loves people.

Macky cannot wait until my son Jack comes home from school or daycare. Jack will sit on the couch and Macky will join him and they watch TV together, normally with Macky sitting in Jack’s lap. When we give Ruby attention, Macky will push his way in to be first in line for cuddles.”

Ruby & Macky