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17 month old Ridgeback x, Chester & 12 month old Staffy x, Skippy

Kaye says “Chester was adopted through SAFE Bunbury when he was 5 months old. I spotted his photo on one of the rescue sites and couldn’t resist – despite the big feet which indicated he still had quite a bit of growing to do.

Chester is very independent and also rather stubborn. He loves to play with adults, children and other dogs, but can’t be trusted around cats.

Skippy was adopted through SAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia when I was looking for a companion dog for Chester. She was 11 months when I adopted her and had been in care since she was 8 weeks old.

She is very affectionate and snuggly, with oversized ears that make her look very cute, but despite this no one had adopted her. She can be a bit sensitive and gets anxious around raised voices.

As a puppy, pre foster care, Skippy had a leg injury which we think healed itself, so her front left leg is slightly shorter than her front right. It doesnt bother her though and she loves to play and run and has a tendency to get a bit excited and jump up on people. I’m still working on this and she is slowly getting the hang of relaxing.”

Chester & Skippy



6 year old English Springer Spaniel, Hannah & one year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Charlie

Jenn says “We first met Charlie while we volunteered to raise puppies for Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA)for service work. We bought him home with us at 8 weeks of age to raise and he gave us his best baby “Toller” scream all the way home. The earplugs came out after that trip but he soon got used to the car thankfully.

His training started young and he was soon out and about besotting everyone with his cute puppy looks. A very quick learner, we started him on his road to service work by getting him use to as many sights and sounds as possible. He had learnt to open and close a door, pick up items, retrieve etc but as he grew he told us he wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to be a service dog anymore. We all listened to him and he was released from the program but unfortunately he also came down with Meningitis (SRMA) around the same time and was a very sick little boy. We had fallen in love with this little guy and couldn’t imagine life without him so we asked if we could adopt him. He has been with us ever since. His recovery from meningitis has been a long one but every day he is feeling better and stronger.

When one of our Springers, Libby passed at a very young age from kidney failure, we were heartbroken but unbeknown to us, she had already planned a replacement. We certainly hadn’t planned on getting another puppy so soon but Hannah was born a day after Libby’s passing. We just happened to see her litter  advertised so we went just to have a look when they were 9 weeks.. She was beautiful and she was the one. So full of life and energy. She just loves jumping  in the pool after her ball and will fly through the air after it. Water, puddles, mud and balls. That’s what life is about for Hannah. And lots of cuddles. At 6 years, I don’t think she will ever slow down.

Despite Charlie being an annoying little brother at times, Hannah and Charlie get on really well and both look out for each other although I think Charlie and our rescue cat Missy have something going on.

We took Hannah to the back beach of Dongara once while we were there on holiday visiting parents. We stopped in the carpark to fix something on the back of the ute and Hannah jumped out of the car, through the carpark and bolted to the beach, then just sat there, her tail furiously wagging in the water waiting for us and her ball to join her. There was no way in the world she was leaving that beach without some fun first.

Charlie is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver. A mouthfull especially when explaining to people who ask what “mix is he?”. After saying “Nova Scotia”, people generally lose focus, so now we just say he’s a retriever but it’s great when someone comes up to us and ask “is that a Toller?” Charlie has also been a bit of a personality in his time, meeting members of parliament state and federal as well as his stint on Channels Nine’s morning show “Today” with Lisa Fernandez. As a service puppy, Charlie was allowed entry into cafes, shopping centre’s, trains, buses, restaurants etc and he was always the ice breaker.

We have met and spoken with many many people who were interested to know what his little blue ADA training jacket meant and what he was in training for.  It wasn’t uncommon for him to attract a flock of people. He was too cute not to.

Charlie & Hannah



Labradors Malka (12 years) and Branabe (11 years)

Kym says “We call Malka our first born. Her name is Hebrew for “Queen”. We got her as an 8 week old puppy in March 2003 after our wedding in December 2002. She is our first dog together and it was very much like having a new baby.

We had just moved into our house that was undergoing extensive renovations, so Malka is very much part of our home – growing up around painting, gardening etc.   Malka is a very independent little girl and can easily amuse herself. She is very social and loves meeting people and going places.

We decided to expand our fur family 18 months later and picked up Barnabe from the same registered breeder. They share the same Mother, so ae half siblings.   Barnabe was the opposite of Malka – needy and nervous, and my little shadow. But he is a beautiful, intuitive, loving, goofy boy.

Malka and Barnabe LOVE food … they are Labradors after all. They are bench top thieves and everything is worth investigating for potential consumption.

We arrived home one night to a quiet house – normally you can’t get in the door. I had left a tray of 24 tins of cat food in the hallway thinking they’d be safe – especially tinned food! The dogs on their beds surrounded by chomped tins of cat food and even our arrival didn’t disturb their feast. I had to throw out the bedding because the smell was so bad!

They are our kids, but now they’re our seniors requiring extra special love and care. Malka had her spleen removed last December, and unfortunately the diagnosis was haemangio sarcoma – an aggressive cancer. Early diagnosis and removal of the spleen bought us extra time with her, and to date we have had an extra 7 months and counting.

Barnabe was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, so both our kids are living on borrowed time. Every extra day is a good day.”

Malka & Barnabe



5 month old American Staffy, Kato

Bronte says “We always wanted to get a dog but didn’t think we had the space and time but after lengthy discussions and looking into different breeds we decided to get Kato.

We were drawn to staffy’s because of their lovely nature and love of people. He was the first and last puppy that we looked at – It was love at first sight.

Kato is such a loving dog. He always needs to be next to you well laying on you to be more precise. He just loves human contact and is such a playful, but sometimes a little over zealous, puppy.

We often wonder if he is part mountain goat as well as he is always climbing on things. I think he spend more time standing on top of his kennel than in it. After not having a dog for a few years he has been a wonderful addition to our family.”




5 month old Boxer x Bull Mastiff, Cooper, and 7 year old Tabby, China (also known as Puss)

Linda says “China is a rescue cat from the Cat Haven WA in Shenton Park. We rescued her when she was about 2 years old. She was in quarantine when we first met her (along with many other cats) and was on the

recovering end of having had Cat Flu. She was tucked in a cat cage in the very bottom corner of the cat hospital and was meowing very loudly to get our attention. As soon as she was let out of her cage for a cuddle she licked my nose and that was it! It was decided – she was coming home with us. My husband isn’t a cat person but she quickly won him over. China is very forward and will let you know if it’s time to pet her. If you’re laying in bed reading a book, she’ll plonk herself right on your chest so you can’t read. If you’re working on the computer she’ll stand up on her hind legs and tap you gently with her paw on the elbow. If you don’t pay her attention or pick her up, her taps are accompanied by claws and becoming progressively more demanding. China loves to steal the dog’s soft toys and carry them around the house proudly (and loudly) meowing to show off her “catch”. And she’s a great hunter – we haven’t had a cockroach since China moved in – she catches and eats them all! (along with lizards, crickets, anything that creeps really).

We got Cooper in February when he was 6 weeks old. His mum is a Boxer and his dad is a Boxer x Bull Mastiff. When we went to look at the pups for the first time, my daughter sat on the floor and he immediately crawled into her lap, which is where he stayed until we went home. I guess you could say he picked us.

From the minute we got him home he was a smoochie pup. He loved nothing more than to snuggle under your chin and go to sleep there. He still loves kisses and cuddles, and particularly loves children. He’ll give anyone a smooch if you get too close.

Puss (China) is a very confident and protective cat. If she’s sitting on the couch with us and hears something at the door, she will growl, jump off our lap and run to the door to check it out. She’s a tough cookie and doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone, dog, cat or otherwise. When she first came to live with us she gave our late Kelpie x a few shots to the nose and put him in his place. After that he didn’t look sideways at her and they became close friends. She missed him terribly when he went into the hospital for emergency surgery and called for him in the night while he was at the vet recovering. When China first came to stay with us she used to collect the kids’ plush miniature My LIttle Ponies and put them all in her bed before going to sleep. She would walk around the house calling for them, locate one and bring it back to her bed before setting off to call for and locate the next one.

Cooper has the funniest ears. They have a mind of their own. Sometimes they gather together on the top of his head like a little bow – other times they both lean to the left or right. Sometimes he looks like he’s waving with his ears (put your hands to the left, swing them to the right…)

China & Cooper

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MODEL: Mouse the Greyhound.



Blue Heeler x Kelpie, Foxy (6 years) and Red Burmese, Poppy (9 years)

Amanda says “Poppy came to me as a week old kitten just as I moved into my first home and started my university degree. She was so tiny she could fit in my hand and would sit in her food bowl to be able to reach her food properly.   She has studied with me throughout my degree and always trots to the door to greet me when I get home (now we have Foxy too, it’s a bit of a race to get to me first so I can pick her up before Foxy bowls her over in Foxy’s attempts to greet me!).

Poppy loves to be cuddled on my left shoulder, and whilst she insists on sleeping the first part of the night in her basket up the top her “tree” (tall scratching post), she always makes her way into my bed during the night.

Foxy was originally my ex’s puppy. However, from the moment he brought her home, she made herself my dog (which was a surprise as I had always been a cat person). After we broke up, poor Foxy would mope around all day and only brighten up when I came to visit her.

She came to stay with me for a month and was back to her happy self so we mutually agreed that it was in Foxy’s best interests that she live with me (and Poppy!). And I’ve never looked back!! She is my best little mate ever, and I can’t imagine life without this sweet, gentle, happy little soul.

Poppy inisists on drinking out of a water glass rather than a bowl, and uses her paw to scoop the water out and lick it off her paw.

Foxy ADORES swimming and loves to teach other dogs how to enjoy and play in the water. She also taught herself how to body surf the waves!”

Foxy & Poppy



Bluey is ready for his close up.

His new ‘Mum’ Peta tells us his story “I have a female red tail, Banjo who has previously had photos taken by Alex. We felt she needed company so decided to find a new friend for her. After attending a local bird show we made contact with a man who was trying to find a home for Bluey (previously Elvis) as his feathered girlfriend had sadly been taken by a goshawk and he was depressed and not happy living with other birds. Bluey had been hand raised after coming into care as a chick.

My Mum, boyfriend and myself went in to a huge aviary to meet Bluey and he flew straight onto my shoulder. We had a good chat about Bluey and his history and decided to sleep on our decision, but one look at Mums face told me we were taking him home. I have to admit, as soon as I saw him in flight with his glorious red tail I wanted to take him home too – loud screech or not!

Bringing him home meant doing a great aviary shuffle and moving everyone around so he and Banjo could live on their own. He showed an immediate interest in Banjo but she wasn’t too sure at first, though is warming up to him.

Naming Bluey was quite a mission – it took us two weeks! I have always followed an Australian theme when naming new birds and we are running out of options as the flock grows. We threw up suggestions but couldn’t agree on anything so my Mum put a post on a Perth Birds Facebook page and 100 comments later we still couldn’t agree. A lot of the suggestions we were already using or just didn’t suit “Elvis”. A lot of people figured Patterson was a given since we already had Banjo but it just didn’t click.

We eventually narrowed it down to Bluey, Burke, and Simpson. Someone on Facebook said maybe pull it out of a hat which is exactly what we did. I sent a video of the process to my Mum so the decision was transparent. After all the argy bargy and suggestions he was finally given the name Bluey. But if you ask my mum, his name is Blue! Frustratingly enough, after we had made the decision and announced it on Facebook someone suggested Tucker – which I loved! So we are saving that name for bird number 19!”



4 year old Greyhound, Gordon

Ariane says “We adopted Gordon about 12 months ago and he has taken to his new life of leisure with gusto. He was transitioned from a racer to a chilled couch potato and he has become an integral member of our small inner city dwelling.

Gordo is a serial shoe giver. He cannot and will not greet anyone at the door without a shoe in his mouth. Many shoes have become ‘sacrificial shoes’ i.e. Gordons property, however he still likes to find the best and newest shoe possible to bring to the door.

Recently he has started greeting passers by over the fence and often dropping said shoe over the fence onto the pavement. Thanks Gordo.”




3 year old Chocolate Lab, Buddy

Marie says “Buddy came to live with us as a puppy after we fell in love with his adorable eyes.

He grew quickly into a big boy, weighing in at almost 40kgs so we had to put him on a strict diet and he now has a beautiful waist line.

Buddy is the most animated dog ever! He has these magic eyebrows that can speak a thousand words especially if there is food around.

Everyday is an adventure with our chocolate boy and he always brings a smile to our faces.”