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A bit of photo magic allows eight week old puppy Luna, to meet her 17 month old adult self. And that eyebrow … most adorable.

Luna’s puppy pic also features in the book ‘Joy – A celebration of the animal kingdom, by Alex Cearns, published by Penguin Books Australia. She’s on the chapter page for “Joy in their soulful eyes’ – a fitting subject if ever there was one.

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17 month old Boxer, Luna and 12 year old Border Collie x Kelpie, Gir

Karen says “My friend is the registered breeder for Boxful Boxers. She sent me a photo of the first four puppies her dog Bell gave birth to and there was one white boxer among them, who looked all pink in the photo. We fell in love with the pink pup and were allowed to adopt her, knowing she’d be the most spoilt dog for the rest of her life.

We had to move out of our then apartment and into a place with a yard so we could bring her home her. We sold up and re-financed to move house, all for our new dog. She was so worth it!

When Luna was still a puppy and weighed about 15 kilos, we once had to carry her through the Railway Markets like a baby, because the crowds there were too much for her and she was terrified. She got some strange looks from people and a lady carrying her human baby the same way, gave us the stink eye – it was very funny. She’ll always be our baby and she’ll never be too big to carry!

For the most part though, she always make people smile. I love to walk her because she changes the faces of people walking past from miserable to happy with just a look.

Gir was adopted from a farm in Harvey at 6 weeks old. We have shared custody of Gir because both of his original owners couldn’t give him up when they separated. Now he does two weeks with us and two weeks with his Dad.

Gir is the best dog ever and everyone loves him. He has been through so much with us, the good and bad, and has always been there. He is the most amazing companion and everyone in our family loves him so much.”

Luna & Gir




5 year old Standard Schnauzer, Oscar, and 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Jethro

Danni says “We discovered Oscar through a registered breeder after going on a waiting list. We were waiting for a boy but got told we could only have a girl. Two weeks before our pup was due to come to Perth we got told a boy was available so we decided to take him. When we went to pick him up he was with his sister.   She loved us immediately, but Oscar just hid behind her and wouldn’t come near us. Once we got home he was so tired from his flight he just fell asleep. The next day it was all on and he came out of his shell. He was a bundle of fluff, full of energy and was just the sweetest little thing. I remember he used to be scared of our tiles and would only walk on our rugs.

Jethro is my mother in laws dog. There is only 4 weeks age between him and Jethro, so they have grown up together. Jethro was tiny when he came home. His legs were so small and were hidden by all his fluff – he looked like a little furry ball. Oscar used to chase him around the house and make him squeal but now they are the best of friends. At the park they always poop together and prance together, which always makes us laugh.

We took Jethro with us up to the beach town of Horrocks one year for a whole week and for a dog who likes his creature comforts he had a ball. My mother in law told me he doesn’t like swimming but with Oscar there to encourage him he became a little solider and loved everything. It was one of the best holidays we’ve been on and the dogs had a ball.

Oscar’s favourite toy is a big brown dog. Its more a comforter then something he plays with and he takes time out with it. he also has a duck toy he loves to carry around with him. Jethro has a small version of Oscar’s big dog and loves tennis balls. Oscar quite happily steals them from him then teases him with them as he is bigger!!

One of our favourite memories of Oscar was when we’d only had him for about two weeks, he did his first bark and scared the life out of himself. It was so cute!

Another lovely memory of Oscar is about three years ago when my mother in laws mum (Nanna) used to be with us. She would sit on the recliner with a tissue in her hand. Oscar loves tissues and would sneak up on Nanna and gently remove the tissue from her hands and hide off with it. Nanna would yell, “Oscar stole me tissue again!” But he was so gentle and kind with her as she was 94.

One of my favourite memories of Jethro is how is used to lay on Nannas feet to keep her warm. It was adorable to see. Both dogs miss their Nanna.”

Oscar & Jethro

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16 year old Bull Terrier x, Jessie and 8 year old Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Blossom

Liz says “Jessie and I are so lucky to be together. In 2003 I was married and studying for my nursing degree. We had been visiting dog shelters for months, looking for our first dog and had come across this white and tan bull terrier cross, sitting quietly in the corner of a Canningvale Pound enclosure. She was the ONLY one not barking.

We enquired about her and were told she’d only just come in and had obviously been someones pet as she was very well behaved. They said it was likely she would be collected by her owners within 72 hours, but if not she would then officially be available for adoption. We left our phone number on the understanding we would be called if she was still there after three days.

We were never called. About a week passed and fed up with studying, we went back to the pound one afternoon, about 10 mins before closing. There was one guy there, quite disgruntled and clearly wrapping things up for the end of the day.

As we wandered around we saw this same lovely dog in a different part of the pound. Excited, we told him we’d wanted her last week. He replied with “Well did you bother to tell anyone?!”. We told him we’d left our phone number. He went into the office, came out and waved a book at us and said “Well whoever you gave your number to wrote it down in the wrong book – coz she’s getting put-down tomorrow, so do you want her or not?”.

She was on ‘death row’!! Without hesitation we took her there and then. The guy was ‘kind’ enough to give us what they use as a ‘body bag’ (once the dogs are euthanised) to protect the leather seats of our car.

Three years later I made the most difficult decision to leave the marriage. I left with a suitcase to the other side of Australia and had to leave Jessie behind. As I settled in Melbourne, I would tear-up every time I walked a park or find a ‘Jessie hair’ in my clothes.

In 2007 I received a phone call from my ex-husband explaining he had got this new job travelling the world and his parents were getting tired of looking after Jessie. He asked if I wanted her back. I was elated! He took her to my parents home in Perth and before the end of 2007 I returned to the west.

Jessie and I have been together ever since. To me, she is the best dog in the world. I don’t know how much longer we’ve got together and I know I will be absolutely heartbroken once she has gone. I’ve booked this photo session so I’m not ‘caught out’ with the devastation of losing her without a memento of her to treasure.

Years ago we took Jessie on a weekend away down south. She was off the leash and we incorrectly thought we had pretty good vocal command over her. A herd of cows, far off, had caught her attention and she bolted for them. We were running after her, yelling as loud as we could, thinking the worst (she could be charged and trampled by the cattle or shot by a land owner protecting his cattle from being spooked by a stray dog).

Surprisingly, as she got closer (still about 50 metres away) she slowed to a trot. Then as she slowed to a walk, her ears went back. She looked back at us, as if she had just realised we were calling her (it was impossible for her not to have heard us all this time!). She pricked her ears, about-faced and sprinted back to us! It was as if these cows just kept getting bigger and bigger as she got closer and she decided to change her mind about investigating these creatures she’d never seen before. We went from being so frightened for her to laughing and cuddling her and she went straight on the leash after that adventure!

Blossom came to live with me ab out 5 years ago when her original owner could no longer care for her. She is super sweet and loves cuddles, and is also very sensitive. She has the loveliest nature and gets along with Jessie so well.”

Jessie & Blossom

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3 year old Kelpie x, Zac

Eric says “A little more than two years ago my wife and I were on our way to Malaga Markets via Reid Highway but miscalculated our exit. When we realised we were outside the RSPCA WA on Malaga Drive we called in ‘just for a look’.

Of course, when we met ANZAC (so called because of the date the rangers had picked him up from the streets) who was up for adoption and we fell in love. We just couldn’t resist, and we adopted him on the spot.

Zac (we shortened his name) has proven that ‘rescue’ is the best breed and we definitely made the right decision that day. He has been the perfect gentleman in our home although a little over enthusiastic about playing with other dogs at the opposite side of the oval. We love him to bits and he has added so much to our family.”




3 year old Jack Russell x Shih Tzu, Alfie and 2 year old Jack Russell x Griffin, Mixie Diane

Eimear says “I first came to Oz nearly 4 years ago from Ireland. I felt extremely homesick and missing my pyrenean mountain dog back home. Me and my fiance made the decision to get a dog and of course if we ever went back he was coming with us.

We got Alfie from a pet shop and fell in love but from day one we knew there was something wrong when he vomited about 10 times. We were told us it was car sickness however this continued everyday, so I began my research and suspected it was megaesophagus. X-rays later confirmed this to be the case.

And here began our journey. Alf has had aspiration pneumonia approx 13 times and there is no cure for his condition – it’s just a matter of daily maintenance. He now has a highchair to sit in when he eats which allows his food to go down on its own.   I now know that little Alf was a puppy mill dog as he would of been vomiting after eating and drinking every day until we got him at 9 weeks old. He’s very lucky to be alive and as tough as it is, he was given to me for a reason. In conjunction with my research on his condition, I did lots of research and discovered the awful truth about pet shops and where they source their puppies from.

After getting Alf and realizing what puppy mills are, I wanted to help rescue dogs. I began working with the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA in Shenton Park at the beginning of 2014 and I am now one of the dog trainers there. I swore I wouldn’t take another dog home but Mixie came in from the Wanneroo Pound in June 2014 and I just loved her immediately. She was so cute and odd looking!

Of course I told myself I was only going to foster her but that changed quickly when her and Alfie became inseparable. Her anxiety got really bad about two months later but of course like Alf I was committed to her and the challenge began. After many sleepless nights and lots of work, Mixie Diane has finally settled in well.

Alfie is an awesome dog who is so smart and can do some cool tricks like speaking on cue. But his best party trick is getting into his high chair. Everyone wants to see it and he is pretty cute doing it. I open up the front side of the chair and he climbs in and sits up on his bottom, supported by the side of the chair. He loves it as he knows he is going to be fed.

Mixie Diane has her awesome double name because one just isn’t good enough for her. When she sits, her nose is always to the sky, like she is better than every other dog and person, which of course she is, haha. She is also an amazing escape artist. She has discovered she can break bamboo, cut through fencing and climb chicken wire. Nothing stops this lady when she is on a mission.”

Alfie & Mixie Diane

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6 year old Greyhound, Buddy.

Michelle says “Buddy was spotted by my husband while he was on leave with an ankle injury. He went down to the local shops and saw Buddy there in a “Please adopt me shirt”. He got the details of the foster carers and came home and waited for me to get home from work to tell me all about him.

We arranged to meet Buddy and after our introduction, we fell in love and decided to give him his furever home. He’s been with us ever since enjoying the spoilt life.”


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German Shorthaired Pointers, Sam (6 years) and Bridie (8 years).

Sciona says “Sam came to us when he was 8 weeks old, the only liver and white boy in a litter of 13 pups. At the time I was living and working at Halls Creek, in the East Kimberley and commuting to Perth every 6–8 weeks.

Sam was flying before most dogs take their first ride in a car. He was on first name terms with everyone at Perth and Kununurra airport … and as for his frequent puppy-flyer miles, well, he was considered a bit of a legend in that department. Sam’s only issue with flying was he thought he should be in the front of the plane, not stuck in the cargo bay.

Bride is a rescue dog. Her owners lived in the country and couldn’t keep her any more. We met her after we “only went to look” – Yeah, right! It was love at first sight. Bride came home with us sitting on my partner’s lap in the front seat of the Jeep. She’s been a front-seat girl every since.

Bridie is the college dog at St Catherine’s College, UWA. She is loved, hugged, fed treats and walked by 400 students. She attends all the big sport carnivals and college events in her College polo shirt and features in all promotional material. She also greets all guests, attends all meetings, interviews and provides pastoral care to anyone homesick or in need of some doggy love. Like Wallace and Gromit, it’s really Bridie who runs the show!”

Sam & Bridie



Boxer gals Lola (4 years) and Boo (1.5 years).

Georgia says “We met Lola as a puppy and fell in love. She has always been such a sweet natured girl. Even when Boo came along when she was 3 years old, she was so patient and gentle with her. Boo, being the baby of the family, can sometimes be super bossy and annoying but Lola never loses her temper with her and will put up with her stealing her toys, food, bed and cuddles.

However, she does let you know when Boo is up to no good (destroying something usually) by finding you and giving you a “Come quickly!” look and pulling you by your hand to whereever Boo is.

Lola loves the beach (but hates the rain and having a bath), going out in the car, fetching and chasing the ball, sun-baking, squeaky toys, going to the vet (so weird), snuggling under blankets and being with her family.

When a good friend of mine invited me along to visit her soon to be new puppy at a registered Boxer breeders, I first saw Boo. She was the only female in the litter and the only one still available. We instantly fell in love with her and had to take her home.

Boo is full of character and attitude and makes us laugh every day. She believes she is “the boss” of Lola and likes to be the centre of attention at all times. She also thinks she is pretty tough but in reality is a bit of a wuss as is scared of children and the washing basket.

Boo loves cuddles (she has to be sitting on you not next to you), her big sister Lola, stealing things from her mum and human brother including socks, toys, food and even car keys, stirring up the cats, destroying the garden, ripping up cushions, ripping up her and Lola’s beds, and chewing her human brothers goggles (7 pairs and counting.)

Our girls are very much part of the family and we love them so much.”

Lola and Boo




Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time with with Jessie and Blossom. Jessie is a 16 year old Bull Terrier (yep, that’s 112 in dog years) and Blossom is an 8 year old Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (which is 8 in bird years, but Sulphur Crested Cockatoos can live for up to 100 human years, which Blossom is aiming for!) These two are great mates and were happy to pose together … though Jessie did request her jacket on, as no one likes to be scratched, not even by a friend!