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This offer end 23rd December 2015 .

MODEL: Daisy the puppy adopted into a loving home through Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA.



11 year old Lhasa Apso x Shih tzu, Roley and 11 year old Jack Russell x, Buddy

Joan says “We were offered Roley through a friend of my sister who no longer wanted him. He was given to us free of charge; however his first visit to the vet ran to more than $300 to get his condition to reasonable. We also had a cat at that time (Sammy) and both Roley and Sammy were respectful mates. When Sammy passed on we added Buddy to our family.

Roley is our old man of the house. He blends in with our carpet at home and often finds himself under our feet through no fault of anyone. He has therefore been nicknamed the ‘Slipper’ since we are always accidentally putting our feet on him. He follows me around like a shadow so is now considered MY dog and not my daughters. He snores like a giant bear; even with his eyes open. He loves the park and runs with a big smile on his face with his ears flapping in the breeze – so funny to watch.

Buddy was a puppy when he came to live with us as a 9 week old. He was (and still is) very energetic. Buddy can be very naughty if left without supervision. His current naughty practice is to jump up onto the back water feature area, part the river pebbles with his paws, poop and then meticulously cover the poop with the river pebbles in a construction style that resembles small egyptian pyramids. This is not a Wonder of the World I like to see when I return home at the end of a long day at work.

Naughtiness aside he is the love of my daughters life and she has spent many hours teaching him agility skills in our front yard, incorporating jumps, crawls and zigzagging around various household items and a dog tunnel. He gets so much joy from it.”

Roley & Buddy

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English Staffy’s, Kahli (4 years) and Hugo (1 year)

Tim says “Michelle had just built a new home and was just looking for a puppy to keep her company. She researched the breed and found a litter with two female staffys left – a gorgeous little tan and a beautiful black/brindle. The decision was tough with both being so cute and being the first puppies she saw. She took a cheeky picture of the two dogs and left to have a think.

Michelle could not take her eyes off the picture of the beautiful black/brindle girl peacefully tucked up in her bed and knew she was the one and called them back begging not to sell her before she returned.

Kahli was named after Kali the Goddess of destruction (spelling changed), cheekily thinking this peaceful girl was the exact opposite to destructive. Kahli lived up to her name – she destroyed many beds, toys, ripped up carpet, blinds, damaged walls, a kennel and plants (the list goes on). She eventually finally settled down around 2 years and became that peaceful girl again who just loves to give cuddles and have your full attention.

As time went on, Kahli started to get anxiety when we were at work and was apparently barking all day. That’s when we thought maybe another dog would be a good idea to keep Kahli company. We eventually settled on a blue staffy and had three male puppies to pick from. We definitely picked the cutest of the bunch. We both fell in love with him immediately. We were worried though that he was going to be HUGE as he had the biggest paws. Thankfully he isn’t the giant we were expecting but walking these two alone is a struggle for Michelle, with people often commenting they are taking her for a walk instead.

We named our little boy Hugo (“The Boss”, knowing Kahli would never let him be the boss). We couldn’t believe how well the introduction went with Kahli and Hugo – it was like they were meant to be together. However during the early puppy stages we did question whether having two dogs was a good idea. Hugo took on a lot of bad traits from Kahli and also gave Kahli a few new ones. The house got a lot louder, toilet training was a nightmare the second time around, plenty more beds were destroyed, more toys were thrown out (after 5 minutes of play) and we have no backyard at all but we just cannot imagine our life without this crazy boy now. He is a very sweet, cuddly boy and he keeps us highly amused every day.

Hugo and Kahli absolutely love and hate each other like true brothers and sisters. They niggle each other, they protect each other, cry when the other isn’t around and at the end of the day they snuggle up together in bed.

No matter how little space remaining on the couch they will snuggle their way in and sit anywhere and on anything even piled up on top of each other. They also sit on the arm of our couch or walk along the back of it like a cat. They have amazing balancing skills!

Speaking of couches, Hugo also had a taste for our lounge one day and ripped a nice big hole in the back of the seat. We had also bought a Nespresso machine and the first time it was used we gave the dogs a small taste of the milk froth. Every morning when the machine starts the dogs bolt to the kitchen sitting patiently for the milk to finish frothing. One morning when we had run out of time for coffee we found Hugo with his paws stretched up onto the cupboard trying to reach the machine … hoping for his daily froth.”

Kahli & Hugo

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Burmese cat Rollie (12 years) and Eddie (11 years)

Martine says “I am a veterinarian and I first met Rollie when he was brought in to our clinic with the rest of his litter to be vaccinated. Whilst all of his litter mates were extremely cute, Rollie particularly stood out and formed an immediate connection with me. I asked the breeder to not sell him so I could go home and discuss buying him with my husband. The next day we drove out to the breeder’s house to collect him and by the time we arrived, we had both agreed to also get his sister for company.

Unfortunately by the time we had arrived all the rest of the litter had been sold so we brought our beautiful new baby boy home alone. It didn’t take long for this quirky fur-child to rule our lives and we found ourselves turning down social outings in order to stay at home with him and play, cuddle and just hang out.

As months progressed it became clear that Rollie needed a feline companion to amuse him while we were at work and so four months later we introduced him to his baby brother Eddie. Eddie was so shy to begin with and hid under the couch for the first few days. This wasn’t helped by the fact Rollie liked to lay on top of him, steal his toys and eat his breakfast. But before long our baby Eddie came out of his shell and the two of them became inseparable.

Now we are the happiest family together. We all sleep together, watch TV together even clean the house together. We cannot imagine life without our beautiful boys Rollie and Eddie

Rollie is our “complicated” family member. He is always in tune with the current emotions of our household and if there is any stress or tension he succumbs to an anxiety disorder which makes him feel a compulsion to eat items of clothing or pull tufts of fur out from his side. Thankfully our home is full of kitty enrichment with minimal triggers, meaning he fortunately hasn’t had an attack for a long time.

Rollie is a big foodie, just like his human parents and has been known to sneakily devour a pizza which was accidentally left out overnight. His favourite food is fresh prawns and whenever he can smell them his whole facial expression changes. We call it his “crazy prawn face”. His eyebrows raise up so high they furrow his brow and his little whiskers puff his cheeks right forwards like a chipmunk.

Eddie is the youngest in our family and has the sweetest, most gentle nature. He has a tendency to make the most adorable little snorting noises particularly when he is excited or feeling affectionate. This has led to him having the household nickname of “Snuffle pig”. He loves to be cuddled like a teddy bear and will stand up on his back legs and reach up to you with his forelegs to be picked up like a toddler.

Despite his stout stature, Eddie is a keen hunter and during the summer time he will spend hours out in our outdoor enclosure trying to catch any careless that braves death and chooses to enter the cat run.”

Rollie & Eddie

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Just released is the must have, hotly anticipated book of the season, “Things Your Dog Wants You To Know” by Laura Vissaritis of Dognitive Therapy by Laura V with photography by Alex Cearns, published by Penguin Books Australia. Woohoo!

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Huge congrats to the lovely Laura for putting together a valuable collection of tips on how to connect with your dog. I applied some of the training to my pooch Pip the Black Beetle to combat her lead pulling and her lack of focus when excited and saw an immediate improvement. Laura knows her stuff!

TYDWYTK would make the perfect Christmas present for dog owners (hint hint) and is available now from all good book retailers or online fromBooktopia at

Or of course, enter our competition to be in with a chance to WIN!

Competition ends 23rd November 2015 at 1700hrs WST.
Book will be posted to winners at our expense.
This competition is not affiliated with Facebook.



8 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Lottie (who came for pics last year) and 5 year old Terrier, Alfie

“We rescued Lottie about 5 years ago after she’d been around between families two or three times following the death of her elderly owner. We all lived in the UK at the time and then emigrated to Perth in September 2013.

Lottie landed on all fours when she came to her new forever home. We gave her a spruce up (she was matted and unkempt), a new collar and coat and she met her new brother Albie, who sadly passed away last year.

Since then, she’s had lots of fun with toys, walks, lots of furry friends and now a new life with Albie in Australia. She’s also affectionately known as our mountain goat as she seems to be able to levitate onto the highest platform, walk along the narrowest bit of furniture and traverse from chair to sofa with a simple hop!

The new addition the the family is Alfie is a 5 year old ex breeding dog. He was unsocialised when we took him on and even now he is timid of large dogs but getting better each day. He has really settled in with Lottie and loves chasing his frisbee in the park, when he brings it back – though he is so fond of it, he sometimes keeps it. He has now got used to having his tummy rubbed and will regularly fall asleep while his tummy is rubbed.”

Lottie & Alfie




7 year old moggie, Nutsy and 9 year old Greyhound, Barney

Kathleen drove all the way from Albany (then straight back – an 11 hour round trip) on her 50th birthday to have pics of her beloved fur kids taken. Happy big five-oh Kath and I’m so glad I got to spend a little bit of it with you (the bit you spend out of the car that day, LOL!) Hugs xx

Kath says “My girls and I lived in a unit complex and my youngest daughter, Karis decided this stray cat that was hanging around was going to be ours. She would sneak him into her bedroom at night, thinking I couldn’t hear her, only for me to have to let the cat out in the morning as he was scratching at her door. He is adored by my girls and I and definitely landed on his little cat feet when he wandered into our unit. Before too long we took him in permanently.

Barney is my second adopted greyhound. We had a beautiful grey girl called Katie and took her to a playgroup to socialise. When we got there, we saw this big goofy boy running around. We started talking to his foster mum and she said he was a lovely boy.

Again, it was Karis who said, “Mum we have to have him.” It was meant to be. He is the gentlest of boys and loves to be very close to you.

Nutsy is an older gent these days and although he still catches the odd mouse, most days are spent sleeping and sitting as close to me as possible. In his heyday, he was the best rat catcher in Leeming. Many a morning I would open the door to a present left for us to admire and share. Yuk!

One of his quirks is putting his paw in the water bowl to drink. He then licks his paw. No glass of water is safe, he has no issue with sticking his foot in your glass and helping himself. I now have bottles with lids at my bedside table. Water eau de cat foot is not nice first thing in the morning.

Barney is loved by everyone who meets him. He especially loves his run at Middleton Beach, saying “Hi’ to all his new friends. But (and this is his thing) when he has had enough of walking along the beach, he just turns around and heads to the car. No amount of calling will make him turn around. He will occasionally stop and look as if to say “hurry up” then he is off again.

The two of them get along very well, although Nutsy is the boss.”

Nutsy & Barney



1 year old Rainbow Lorikeet, Beau and 3 year old Miniature Pig, Harley

Cassii says “I was living with my uncle at the time and he saw some pigs on the television and had a crazy idea that having a pig around would be a good idea to help his dogs get used to other animals. Plus we thought having a pig as a pet would be amazing. After a long hard think, we decided it was set in stone we were getting one. We found a pig who was available and went to visit him. He was amazing, I fell in love with him right away and called him Harley.

I picked him up a few weeks later and took him home and and since then he hasn’t left my side. From day one he taught himself to use the dog door to go to toilet and that my bed was his bed, in fact anything that was mine was his.

Beau came into my work (a vet clinic) after being attacked by some much larger birds when he was 3 weeks old. I agreed to take him and hand raise him. He even used to sit in my jumper while I studied.

Harley is your typical pig, where everything is about food but when he sees his best friend Beau, he will come running from any direction and throw himself on his side on the floor so Beau can climb on him. Beau doesn’t stop talking. He’s even at the point where if someone walks past his cage and doesn’t talk to him or scratch him, he will yell “Oi” then tends to praise himself with kiss noises and a “Good boy”.”

Beau & Harley



12+ year old terrier, Gus

Sweet Gus was recently diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment to give him more time with his loving family.

Kathy says “”Gus” the mutt as he is affectionately known in our house, came to us via the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA. My husband was travelling a lot at the time with his work and thought a dog would be a great idea for me so I would not be home alone. But really Gus was for him!   When we first met Gus he was sitting right back in his pen at the refuge home looking very forlorn. We had originally looked at another dog but my husband took to this little fellow who had a scraggy unkempt look about him. We decided he was for us and after we were warned he had a terrible habit of taking off with a fast run, packed him up in the car and home he came.

Gus has been everywhere with us – on a Qantas jet to Sydney for holidays and up and down the coast and anywhere he could go for a ride in the car. Gus amuses people at traffic lights and in car parks as he sits in his own child booster seat so he can look out at the world and observe the goings on. Gus is also the neighbourhood dog. He is much loved by all in our street and at home in everyone’s house. He often is shared for weekends and holidays with several neighbours who spoil him rotten. He has a wise old soul and many times he looks at you as if he is telling you a story or just listening intently to your story.

Gus is getting on now and slowing down a bit but he still loves the several walks a day, the daily outings in the car, his bean bag and visiting the neighbours. Gus is a special little man and is truly a best friend. I am glad we noticed this shaggy unkempt little fella way back at the refuge in 2007. He has been truly a gift to our family.

Gus has had many adventures and brings so much joy to people. Here are some of his exploits;
* he gets around in a child’s booster seat in the car and people at traffic lights and in car parks love to talk to him.
* one day he took off one day from Britannia Park in full flight, crossed over Oxford Street, crossed over Loftus Street onto Bourke Street          and found his way home in one piece while we all panicked
* he is happy to share the Dockers scarf and WCE scarf in our neighbourhood depending on who is playing on the day. He has no alliances!
* he knows he is not allowed on the beds and in his earlier years used to sneak on to the bed when we went out and then would bolt off when    he heard the garage door open.
* he is now very deaf and gets caught for the above!
* he used to get so cranky if we went out in the car without him and would hide my shoes for punishment.
* life for Gus is all about the car and going out – does not matter where to or for how long as long as he is along for the ride.”


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7 year old Maltese x Shihtzu, Maggie

Nat says “Maggie was a Christmas surprise from my husband. What he didn’t plan was that we found out we were expecting our first child, two days before Christmas.

At the time it felt overwhelming having a puppy and a new baby, but it turned out perfectly. Mags was a great companion during my pregnancy and our children (we all do) just love her to bits.

Mags is vocal and has been since the beginning! When Mags came into our family my sister picked her up and she cried all the way home. When we go to my parents place in South Yunderup, as we turn off the freeway at Pinjarra Rd she starts as she knows she is almost there. She loves to ‘speak’, and not only in the car. When she plays with other dogs (or even socks!) she growls and makes such a noise that sometimes the dog she is playing with doesn’t know what to do.

Mags is such a sweetheart though and is an important part of our family.”