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Did you get your Houndstooth Studio by Alex Cearns XMAS VOUCHER SPECIAL yet? Have you been wanting to book your pet in for stunning studio portraits with acclaimed animal photographer Alex Cearns? Been waiting for something to nudge you into action? Well wait no longer. All gift vouchers purchased until midnight on 23rd December 2015 are just $99.

Hurry – there’s only 2 days left to order your voucher.

The $99 price includes:
* a pet photo sitting in our North Perth studio for up to two pets from the same household,
* a 5in x 7in print,
* an online Facebook preview, and
* a purchase appointment in our client viewing lounge.

Buy or book for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Vouchers are valid for 12 months, are available in hard copy or as an e-voucher and bookings can be made anytime in 2016.

To order a voucher or to book your session just call 0413 174 069 or email


Sessions and vouchers are for our Perth studio only, for bookings in 2016 and are not valid for interstate photo sessions.

This offers end midnight 23rd December 2015

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Check out this bundle of gorgeousness! Her name is Hazel and she’s a 9 week old Lab puppy. We met her last week when we photographed a special project for Guide Dogs WA. More on this soon … and more adorable Guide Dog puppy pics too. Watch this space!

In the meantime, Guide Dogs WA are in urgent need of temporary boarders for their beautiful Guide Dog puppies-in-training over the festive season. If you live in the Perth Metro area and may be able to assist, please go to to find out more.



14 year old Sharpei x Staffy, Banjo

Banjo was taken into foster care by Sharon through Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue and due to his horrible life up to that point, he had extreme anxiety and was aggressive. Sharon worked very hard to gain his trust and he is now a million miles from that scared dog of two years ago. This is the smile of a dog who feels wanted and who finally has a place. Sharon is a wonderful human who never gave up on Banjo. We love her!

Sharon says “Two years ago, aged 12, Banjo was rescued from a backyard where he was permanently tied up. He was so broken that he went through several foster carer’s in a few weeks. I decided to try to help him.   I took him in as a foster and within the first 3 weeks he had broken through a window and chewed his way through a fence to escape. He would try to bite me on a daily basis due to his anxiety and he was severely afraid of being abandoned or hurt. He was underweight and had very patchy fur due to constant scratching.   Over time he slowly began to relax. He may be an old man, but his determination and ability to trust astounds me on a daily basis, especially after all he has been through.”

Greet says “It’s thanks to Sharon’s dedication and patience and lots and lots of love that Banjo has come so far. Not a lot of people could deal with what she went through with him. I keep telling her she deserves a statue!

These days it’s easy to forget he was such a scared and traumatised dog as he behaves like any normal dog now at home with his mum and his sisters Molly and Tash. Sharon still fosters dogs in need and Banjo amazed everybody with how good he is with them.

Banjo loves his toys and he is actually a real toy hoarder and can be a bit obsessed about it and not all that willing to share his toys. Thankfully he has two very loving dog sisters and he gets away with it all the time. His favorite toys are the hose and his fitball and when he is in play mode he runs and jumps around like a puppy. It’s a joy to see.

Banjo is also a bit of a cat whisperer. He is really good with them and just loves their cuddles.”



Aussie Shepherd boy, Tambo

Awwww, look at that face!!!

Tracey says “I searched online for six months for an ethical breeder of Australian Shepherds. Most had huge waiting lists for Blue Merle puppies, but finally one of the first breeders I contacted told me they had decided to make an 8 week old blue boy available. Another family was interested so I had 24 hours to decide … a week later I was at the airport collecting my puppy.

I looked into the crate at this smiley, wiggly gorgeous boy … my boy … and burst into tears. We’ve had Tambo just over 3 months now. Finding the right breeder has paid off big time. He was obviously very well socialized as he is so confident I have to work very hard to reign in his enthusiasm and he was practically crate trained when he arrived which has been a godsend.

He is everything I expected in an Aussie and yet full of surprises. He goes berserk with excitement at the beach, just adores going swimming, even if it’s in his water bowl. We go to dog training classes once a week, the occasional training seminar on the weekend and I work on his training every day.

Our life has changed, our priorities are very different and we love our little man completely and will for the rest of his life. Every time he greets someone, he wiggles his whole butt, sits on their foot and flops onto his side so they can rub his belly.”



Sarge the 5 year old Beagle and Ticki the 5 year old Terrier

Tyra says “Sarge came to live with us when he was a puppy after falling in love with him at first sight. He still has has the same mischievous look as he did when we first held him. We adopted Ticki from S.A.F.E  Avon Valley after deciding to get Sarge a buddy for his 1st birthday present so he wasn’t lonely whilst we were at work or away from home. We looked on some rescue sites and came across Ticki (named Tick at the time by the shelter.)

We knew straight away we had to have him and he’d be the perfect fit for our family. We drove an hour and a half out to Northam to meet him and it was again love at first sight. He was a little dirty and had flies buzzing around his face but he was perfect.  We got him in the car and drove him home, gave him a bath and from that moment on he was settled. He was toilet trained and had great manners and has just been an angel ever since.

We are so happy with Sarge and Ticki in our lives and feel so complete. They are our little kids and the love and joy we get from them is indescribable.

Sarge and Ticki are the best of buddies. Each morning when they wake up Ticki is already full of energy from the get go but Sarge is a lazy and oh so sleepy Beagle who struggles to get out of bed. Ticki will go up to him and lick the sleep out of his eyes to try and wake him up. He doesn’t just do this in the morning but whenever Sarge is being lazy and has sleep in his eyes. It’s quite gross but at the same time it’s also quite cute as you can tell Sarge secretly loves it.”




Gertie and Nibbles the goat kids are the best of friends. Both orphans, Nibbles Mum was hit and killed by a car and Gertie was found stuck down a drain. Kind people helped them both in their time of desperate need and now they live in safety, and are surrounded by love, at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary.




These six Boxer babies came all the way from Albany (a 10 hour round trip – which for them meant 10 hours of solid napping!) for their photo session. In a few short weeks they will be off to their new homes, from Esperance and Busselton in the south to Tom Price in the north. Big thanks to Naomi for making the voyage to Perth to bring them in so I could cuddle them, I mean photograph them. They are just the sweetest bundles of joy! 

Boxer babies

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