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14 week old Chihuahua x, Chilli

Mel says “We wanted a friend for our 10 year old Bichon Cheech and had been looking at online rescue sites, but I always applied too late. I jumped onto PetRescue one day and came across a sweet puppy who was up for adoption through S.A.F.E Avon Valley.

I sent Anton a photo of his brother and he phoned up SAFE AV straight away. They said they’d so many calls for him but he had a sister, who nobody had inquired about. That puppy was Chilli. Anton said “Great we will apply for her!” and three days later she came home.

Chilli is so tiny but is full of beans. Her name was originally Betty but she suited Chilli so we re-named her. She loves her toys and loves to sleep on Anton’s pillow with him, She is a perfect fit for our family and we can’t imagine our life without her.”


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We’re finally back from our Argentina + Antarctic + New Zealand trip. It already seems like we were standing on the rocky, icy shores of the Antarctic soooo long ago, but I’m thankful for the wonderful memories we made and for the 18,000 photos I took to help me remember our time there.

Today was my first day back in the studio and I got to spend my 4 shoots with adorable pooches and their lovely humans, making it an easy transition from ‘vacation mode’ back into ‘the real world’.

I’ve been hit bad by the jet-lag bug though, and am having trouble staying awake at night until it’s dark. Luckily I photograph during daylight hours so am bright eyed and bushy tailed for my work, but come home time, I’ll be zonked.

In this photo, Charles demonstrates what I look like at 6pm each evening, when my battery goes flat.

Have a fab weekend … and sweet dreams everyone.




“Antarctica, you’ve put a spell on me. I’m not quite the same after seeing your impeccable beauty. My heart, soul, and eyes are filled with the wondrous memories collected on this trip. Not only of the place, but of the people I was travelling with. They made this experience unforgettable and filled it with rich emotion and abundant laughter. The Drake Passage was fierce but we prevailed, and like ancient knights we came back with treasures – our photos. They are the evidence of this indescribable journey.”

The wise words of Brigitte, who travelled with us to Antarctica and who has summed up our expedition so perfectly.

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Image taken with Tamron Australia’s The Beast, 150-600mm lens. With thanks to Spider Holster, Lowepro, Lexar and AquaTech.

Future animal adventure photography tours with Alex Cearns throughWorld Expeditions: Sri Lanka in 2017 & Galapagos in 2018.



In Buenos Aires there are an estimated 750,000 to 1 million domesticated animals, which is nearly one animal for every three residents. Many people are out and about at all times of the day and night walking their dogs – some on leads, and some trotting along at their humans heel. They all seem to be very well trained.

You’ll often see professional dog walkers, known as paseadores de perro, with up to 20 dogs each, traversing the streets and parks. Dog walking became popular as a career back in 2001, when Buenos Aires was emerging from economic crisis, and having a dog walker is now seen as a status symbol.

In Ushuaia, Patagonia, many of the dogs leave their yards during the day and head down to the centre of town to meet and greet everyone. The dogs are friendly and will cheerfully bound up to you if you whistle or call to them. Often we’d be walking through Ushuaia in a group and all of us would stop and pat each dog we came across, including those being walked on their leads or carried around by their owners. Spot the Aussie dog lovers!

We came across this sweet pooch (who we nicknamed Tyson) at the port while we were waiting to go through customs and board our ship to the Antarctica. He was around 12 months old and I spent half an hour wrestling and playing with him. He would run towards me then leap up and put his paws around my neck and I’d give him a big hug. What joy!

There’s no judgement from dogs. They don’t care if you can’t speak the local language, as long as you speak THEIR language … and hugs from Tyson made me feel that little bit closer to home.



Photo: Angela Bowditch


10 week old British Bulldog puppy, Fonzie

Susan says “After losing our beloved 14 yr old bull terrier Angus, in November 2015, we were both heartbroken. We both felt such a loss and we didn’t think any other fur love would enter our lives.

After a few weeks of silence around our house we began to realise we needed to share our love with a new face … a British bulldog. Fonzie came to us at 8 weeks of age from a fantastic registered breeder in Qld.

We fell in love with him from the moment we saw his photo when he was 3 weeks old. Every day we see a new side to his large personality. He constantly keeps us on our toes with his antics and some of the faces he pulls are just priceless! He has brought us so much joy and we can tell we will have many years of crazy memories to cherish with our little “sour mug”.



6 year old Boston Terriers, Alfie and Esther

Jess says “Alfie came to live with us when he was a puppy six and a half years ago, after selecting him from a registered breeder in Queensland. He was our first pet. He’s a confident, mischievous and defiant dog who is also quite intelligent.

We loved Alfie from the moment he moved in, but as two working people, over time we felt that it was unfair leaving him home alone while we both worked full time. We did have two cats that kept him company, but we thought another dog would be great for him.

Two and a half years after we got Alfie, we reached out to the same breeder about getting another Boston terrier as company for him. They suggested an adult breeding bitch they were planning to retire. We were quite happy to take an adult dog instead of dealing with another puppy and all the training that goes along with it, so we committed to buying ‘Blossom’ from the breeder.

When she arrived in Perth, we immediately renamed her and soon realised that Esther was in fact Alfie’s sister from the same litter. So we had now reunited brother and sister after almost three years apart.

Esther was a very skittish and nervous dog, and is still nowhere near as confident as Alfie, but she has picked up lots of behavioural cues and mannerisms from Alfie (good and bad) and is a much more well balanced dog these days.

Now nearly seven years old, they’re still the best mates and chase each other around the park like one year olds every chance they get.”

Alfie & Esther

Love it when I catch a wink! Thanks Esther.

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“Lady! Lady! Down here with the treats!” says Alfie.




We are only running TWO Perth Beginners Outdoor Photography Workshops in 2016 and both are now open for bookings.

DO YOU WANT TO MASTER YOUR CAMERA AND LEARN HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH ANIMALS? We can help! We have limited places for our Beginners Outdoor Photography Workshop in Perth on Thursday 31st of March and Thursday 1st of September. Our workshops always fill fast, so don’t miss out!

WHAT: Photography CAN be easy and SHOULD be fun. Enjoy a relaxed, practical, full day of learning and photographic discovery with Alex Cearns, Houndstooth Studio’s multi-award winning animal and wildlife photographer.

Learn Alex’s steps to stunning outdoor animal photography in the beautiful Woodlands Reserve Room at Whiteman Park, before finding prime photo locations for the incredible wildlife at Caversham Wildlife Park. This is an excellent opportunity to discover how to bring out the best in your animal subjects.

Alex’s workshop is aimed at beginner to intermediate level photographers and consists of a combination of theory and practical instruction delivered by one of Australia’s most respected animal photographers.

We invite you to come along and learn how to get the best from your DSLR camera. It’s a fun day with like minded people, hosted in a beautiful environment perfect for learning.

Plus Tamron Australia will provide a selection of lenses for participants to use on the day, including THE BEAST, their 150-600mm super zoom. AND you can check out the Spider Holster Pro Camera Holster in action.

This workshop is strictly limited to a maximum of 18 people, with bookings in advance essential to secure your spot.

WHO: Do you have a DSLR camera but struggle to use it? Want to improve your animal photography? Keen to learn how easy and jargon free photography can be? Alex can help you! We personally guarantee you will see an improvement in your photography on this workshop.

WHERE & WHEN: Whiteman park and Caversham Wildlife Park on Thursday 31st March rom 8:30am until 4:30pm OR Whiteman park and Caversham Wildlife Park on Thursday 1st September from 8:30am until 4:30pm.

COST & INCLUSIONS: Cost is $495 per person and includes expert tuition, flash cards, meals, drinks, trial of select Tamron lenses, entry to Caversham Wildlife Park.

TO BOOK OR FOR MORE INFO – Please email Colleen from our office on or call 0413 174 069.

Here’s what participants had to say:

“This was a great refresher course for me. Alex’s energy is infectious and she is a wonderful presenter. I loved her explanations about how to get the shot and the examples were excellent. Great day! Thank you.” Fran

“This is a fantastic course that I would recommend to anyone needing inspiration and confidence with their photography. Alex is a great teacher – down to earth and easy to understand. I have attended several photography courses in the past and left feeling confused about the technical details. I’ve already put into practice the things I’ve learnt, with great results! Thanks so much.” Joanna

“Somehow Alex is able to explain and demonstrate how to use and control your camera much better than any other course I have attended before! Thank you so much for a fabulous day. I have learnt so much that I know I will be able to remember.” Liz

“It was great! I loved the anecdotes and examples. Was so relieved it wasn’t full of hard to understand technical stuff. Am recommending it to all my friends who have a DSLR.” Beth

“I had some real “Aha!” moments today. The practical session was excellent and the afternoon session was awesome. Thank you!” Anne

“What a joy! This course exceeded all my expectations! I finally understand aperture. Finally! Thank you so much.”

“A fantastic day. Thank you. It’s hard to single out a favourite part of the course, it was all fantastic! I think the shift in my understanding about the technical side of things was a huge help for me. Also loved the food, the jokes and above all the tips! I can’t wait to get out there to put everything into practice.” Steph

“Excellent value – worth more than the price!” Todd