Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre



Last Saturday an array of eleven amazing subjects visited the studio. I photographed Moo Moo the 2 week old emu chick, two Wood Duck ducklings (emu’s ‘crew’), and Big Friendly Guy the White Striped Free Tail Bat, all from Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre; 20 week old Golden Retriever puppy Willow; 5 year old ginger cat Ninja with 11 year old Border Collie x Labrador Deni; and Thelma and Louise the Marbled Velvet Geckos, Bart the Stimsons Python, and Fluffy the Carpet Python, from Roaming Reptile Education. At the end of the day I had a well deserved nap!

Thanks to my clients who took these BTS pics.



Through my association with animal rescue, welfare and charity organisations, I’ve met some remarkable people over the past 10 years. Last Friday evening was no exception when I had the pleasure of photographing three professional, inspirational and influential role models: The first female Governor of Western Australia Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO, founder of Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and 30 year veteran of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation June Butcher AM, and the 2015 West Australian Of The Year and first appointed female Chief Scientist of WA, Professor Lyn Beazley




This beautiful possum is one of the residents in the care of Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.



Burrowing Bettong

Burrowing Bettong from Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. This little guys name is Boodie and he’s one of the ambassador education animals at Kanyana. Boodie lists his hobbies as being nocturnal, digging and eating (preferably his fave treats like macadamia nuts).

Boodie would like you to know that sadly by the late 1960s, all of the Bettong’s on mainland Australia were extinct due to culling and introduced species. Populations only existed on small offshore Islands, mostly off the coast of Western Australia.

But there is good news! Present day conservation efforts by both government agencies and the private sector have been successful, leading to Bettong’s IUCN Red List status change down from ‘Vulnerable’ (high risk of endangerment in the wild) to ‘Near Threatened’ (likely to become endangered in the near future.)

And more good news! The Bettongs range and population are still increasing and several newly established conservation populations have been introduced.

By supporting organisations like Kanyana you can help Bettong’s just like Boodie. And maybe one day soon we will see their IUCN Red List status drop to ‘Least concern’ (Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.)

For more info on the wonderful work Kanyana does with wildlife please visit http://www.kanyanawildlife.org.au/

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A bird in the hand is worth …

This rescued baby mudlark is in the care of Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Love and thanks to all of the kind souls who care for our injured birds and wildlife.

HAND MODEL: Cass – Education Officer / Kanyana




This baby magpie who is receiving care from Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and already has oodles of maggie personality and attitude. I love the song these birds sing in the mornings.




We had a fab time on Tuesday night 10th September at the opening of CREATURE FEATURE at the Epson Print Gallery – Team Digital. Sincere thanks to everyone who came along and supported us, and the charities represented. Was lovely to see so many friends, clients and new faces too. I really enjoyed chatting to people about the incredible fine art Canson paper as well – it’s so beautiful and did the prints justice and then some! And the best news is, we sold half the images in the first hour! Thanks to the Team Digital Team as well for being such a fab sponsor for Houndstooth Studio. There are still some pics available and the exhibition runs until 10th October, so please call in and check it out. You can visit during Team Digital’s opening hours. Part proceeds go to Dogs’ Refuge Home of WAKanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation CentreSAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from EuthanasiaBali Animal Welfare Association and Malubillai Wildlife Carers Network. For further info check out the event page here

Creature Feature
Photo by Ben Walton taken with Fuji FinePix X100.



TONIGHT!!  Come along to the opening of CREATURE FEATURE on Tuesday 10th Sept at 6:30pm. An exhibition showcasing 20 of my favourite rescue works, at the Epson Print Gallery, Team Digital 268 Lord Street, East Perth. All prints will be signed and for sale as limited editions of ONE ONLY! Part proceeds to five animal charities – Dogs’ Refuge Home of WAKanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre , the Bali Animal Welfare AssociationSAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from EuthanasiaMalubillai Wildlife Carers Network. Love to see you all there. Check out the event page to RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/603829599655107/




2012 End of Year Missive

It’s been another crazy year for Debora and me at Houndstooth Studio.

Our travels took us to Bali (to photograph for the Bali Animal Welfare Association), Cambodia (to photograph for Wildlife Alliance, Free the Bears and For the Animals), Norfolk Island (to stay with our dear friend Sorrel Wilby and her fab family), Cairns (to photograph crocs and cassowary’s), Melbourne (to hosting an exhibition of our Bali images at the Bali Street Dog Nights event), and Tasmania (to photograph for Brightside Farm Sanctuary). Between these trips and our wonderful studio clients, we photographed more than 1200 animals, including dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, donkeys, monkeys, sugar gliders, rats, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, birds, turtles, possums, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and lizards. Naming them all one by one is a whole other post, haha!

There were TV appearances, business and photographic awards , images published in books and on magazine covers, photos going viral online and viewed by millions, and over a dozen media articles written about our work and studio. This was all fabulous recognition for what we do…

…but the three most important things for us in 2012 involved charity, friendship and a new pup:


Giving back is a large part of what we do. We are compelled to use our images to contribute to the greater good, and this is something we value greatly. Janice Girardi, founder and director of BAWA paid me the greatest compliment earlier this year by saying “Alex does not choose to adopt an animal charity in order to promote the social conscience of her business – she is the social conscience of her business. Her actions are living proof of this.”

In 2012 Houndstooth Studio donated in excess of $500,000 worth of photography services, images, vouchers and/or sponsorship to over 40 state, national and international animal charity organisations. Whilst this makes us very proud, it pales in comparison to how privileged we feel to work with these amazing groups and people who are changing the world. You are our heroes.

Speaking of People….


Working with animals 24/7 brings the amazing bonus of meeting many like-minded ‘animal people’. We are blessed to call these people our friends  – Janice and Kim from the Bali Animal Welfare Assocition, Anne Fulwood, Emma and Lizie from Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Jen Skiff author of the Divinity of Dogs, Cam the Badpiper,  Dave, Geoff and Sahara from Diggers Herding, Amy and crew  from Animal Amnesty,  Rebecca from For the Animals, Suwanna from Wildlife Alliance, Suzie from Animism, Rach and Dave, Dr Tiff from Kalamunda Vet, Debra from Oscar’s Law, Morgan Marks, Christine from Keep Talking, Jayne from Heart of Horsemanship, Matt from Free The Bears, Lisa Baker MLA, all of the dedicated staff and vollies who give their time to the charities we work with (Bob, Colin, Karen, Pat, Mel Y, Gaye, Ruth, Nicole, Dave, Liisa, David S, Roz, Nat F, other Nat, Tan, Nick, Edie, Sue, Melita, Katrina, Anita, Cate, Dana, Ash, Mel J, Paula, Sue, Nicole T, Carmen, Lyn, Karen, Sue T, Sharyn, Lisa C, Lisa R, Jeff, Dave T, Jan, Lora, Donna, Kerryn, Helena, Tina, Deanna), our Team Houndstooth members (Dan, Vicki, Talita, Anj, Shannon and Caitlin), and the countless others. You are all family.


Possibly THE BEST event of 2012 was adopting our puppy Pip from Greyhound Angels. She is indeed an angel herself and brings joy, love and light wherever she goes, even in her moments of bouncy puppy madness. We love her more than anything and she makes our home complete.


2012 also brought some sad times and we know for some it was a year they would rather forget. In May my dear friend Richard Barry, a talented photographer and rising star, took his own life. Our BAWA photo exhibition, held just 3 weeks later, was dedicated to him and when  his lovely wife Sam won the huge raffle prize, I wondered if maybe he was somewhere there too. I miss him every day yet am grateful for the new friends I’ve connected with since his death,  who were his friends too. It’s nice to know that even in the darkest times, there are shinning lights.

There was an outpouring of grief when news broke about the passing of Koko kelpie, star of Red Dog the movie. I had the pleasure of photographing Koko, as recently as September. He was a one-of-a-kind superstar without the ego. May he live on forever in Red Dog; a movie masterpiece if ever there was one.


We want to extend the biggest thanks to you, all of our loyal, kind and supportive clients, friends and Facebook followers. Your excitement and joy for our work gives us the encouragement to keep striving for perfection and continue doing what we love most. We couldn’t do it without you and we promise you wonderful things in 2013 as we take Houndstooth Studio to the next level. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

In closing, our wish is for everyone to consider doing just one extra thing to make the world a better place for all animals – volunteer, adopt, foster, assist with shelter dog walking, help with transport, run or attend events, fundraise, donate unwanted bedding or towels, buy pet toys, give food, skip the pork at Christmas, help out in the office of your local rescue, choose cruelty free, sponsor a bear, orang-utan, farm animal or koala, sign a petition … no matter where you live or how much you earn,  there are 101 simple ways to make a difference and it all adds up.

Stay safe, hug your pets for us, and see you back here in 2013!

Happy new year!



Wildlife Up Close

As Kanyana’s studio photography partner, I returned in early July with Susie and junior animal handler Erin, to take their next batch of wildlife pics. We photographed Pogo the bearded dragon, Precious the tawny frogmouth, two joeys still in their home-made pouches, a bettong and two green tree frogs.

Precious pulled out all of the poses you would expect from a tawny with a name like hers, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw a container of fruit sitting on the floor! It was the most beautiful thing she had evvvvvver seen and so wanted to eat it all. The frogs just wanted to be sleeping, so to get this point across they got all three of us with a spray of urine. They had the best aim! What could we do but laugh! At least they shared it ’round and didn’t just target one of us (though I think I was the first to get hit).  Ah, things like that are par for course in this profession. 

Overall I think Pogo the bearded dragon stole the shoot – he was very well mannered (no sprays of wee, haha) and looked stunning against our white backdrop! And the chilled out little joey was a winner too! Such a cute guy, love his perfect kangaroo paws!