Wonderful news – Alex has been awarded the People’s Choice Award (Early Deadline) in Rangefinder Magazine‘s Best Friends Photography competition. The award is given to the photographer whose entered images receive the most People’s Choice votes. In an international competition, with thousands of entries from thousands of photographers, it is fantastic recognition for her work.  Congratulations and well done Alex.



“The Divinity of Dogs” book WINNERS

Wow, we had so many amazing entries in our “The Divinity of Dogs” by Jennifer Skiff giveaway. Thanks to everyone who told us why their dog was divine – you each wrote from the heart and made our decision so hard we decided to choose the winners randomly.

The winning submissions were by Bek, Jodie and Rach. Congrats to you all. xx


My dog is divine because……
He’s an amazing dog that is resilient and happy no matter what life throws at him. Contract cataracts it’s okay. Be attacked seriously and require surgery not once but twice. Have an eye removed at age 10 and come out on top. Have a slight luxating patella with horrible arthritis. Yet he is still happy and willing to do just about anything. Receiving him for my 9th birthday was amazing and he has been my constant companion since then, being the only constant in my life and helping me through some of the hardest times ever. I don’t remember him not being in my life and he is my inspiration to continue learning about dogs and why I dedicate every day to helping animals in need. Coming home to his face after a day at the shelter makes my days a thousand times better

Life is full of trials and tribulations and we can lose sight of the important things in life. My dog reminds me of what is important. Whether it be the pleasure of a walk and taking in nature, the joy of laughter and making new friends, cuddling on the couch, sharing adventures and being kind and tolerant to others. Despite any hardships, my dog is a constant reminder of the beauty and joy to be found in the world and the importance of remaining young at heart. I never lose sight of the wonders around me, and I thank my dog for showing me the divine in the simple things life has to offer.

Bek Beautyman
My dogs are my life as they know when I’m ill, they will curl into me and around my sore spots.My Felix is a beautiful red smooth standard dachshund who is certainly his name; happy one. Though he dislikes mornings aand getting out of bed. Nacho despite no chiuahua in him, andhhaving spent his first few years eatting everything, has grown into a loveable wombat of a dog. Whose greatest joy other than visiting the vets is getting a soft serve ice cream, he savours every mouthful. He talks to me, and cuddles up and nudges for a pat. He is personality and my best friend who keeps me warm when cold, safe when scared, and company when alone.



WIN a copy of “The Divinity of Dogs”

WIN your very own copy of “The Divinity of Dogs” by best selling author Jennifer Skiff! It’s a heart warming book filled with true stories inspired by (wo)man’s best friend.

Not released in Australia until the weekend, we have three copies of Divinity of Dogs to give away. To be in the running all you have to do is tell us why your dog is divine.  Just post your answer below this blog post and we will choose three lucky winners at 5pm EST on Tuesday 12th March. Prize of one book per winning quote selected – can be posted anywhere worldwide.

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Here’s what readers are saying about “The Divinity of Dogs” …

“Reader advisory: Must be read with tissues! You don’t have to be a pet lover to fall in love with these stories. The Divinity of Dogs captures the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs and delivers it with one big wet kiss.” —Carole Tomko, President of MyDiscovery

The Divinity of Dogs is a fascinating read – bringing to life the very special, sometimes incredible, aspects of dogs, with whom we have the privilege to share our lives.” —Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of Dogs Trust – A Dog Is For Life

“Every dog I’ve had the privilege of knowing has imparted some special lesson, insight or transcendent gift to me. It’s what they do. The Divinity of Dogs captures the essence of dogs and their many gifts to humankind. Wonderful stories.” —Francis Battista, Co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society

“This wonderful book is a treasure trove of fascinating stories that will entertain, inspire, enlighten, and amaze you. Soul-enriching.” —Lewis Regenstein, President of the Interfaith Council for the Protection of Animals and Nature

“I loved this book. The Divinity of Dogs captures the beautiful non-verbal messages between people and their pets. It’s a powerful page-turner!” —Debi Boies, co-founder of Pilots N Paws

“Do yourself a favor, read this book, adopt a dog and join the rest of us who know the secret of a happy life.” —Karen Rhodes, President, Dogs’ Refuge Home


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