Fonzy the Rottweiler

Having owned two Rottweilers in the past, I was delighted when Fonzy the Rottweiler recently arrived for his studio photography session. He was such a magnificent dog, with impeccable manners. He had a large adorable rottie head and weighed around 50 kilos! And as one of the best behaved big dogs I’ve seen, he was such a gentleman!

Meeting Fonzy made me nostalgic about the two Rottweilers I had loved…and lost. My first ever dog, given to me by my parents for my 16th birthday, was Alee. Her mum Sue was our neighbour’s dog, and the first time I met Alee was the day she was born. I would frequently jump the dividing fence between our properties to visit her each day, and enjoyed watching her grow up into a stout puppy. She was well travelled, living with us in Tom Price, Adelaide and Perth and whilst she liked people, she was not a fan of other dogs. Sadly she passed away after eating Rat Sack – not a substance I kept in the house, so I suspect she either ate a mouse who had succumbed to Rat Sack, or more horribly, was poisoned by someone unknown. She was 9 years of age, and passed away in my arms. I took some comfort in knowing I was there the day she was born, and the day she died.

Then there was Bear, who came to live with me after I adopted her from the RSPCA in 2000. She enjoyed bouncing and bumbling along on her walks (she had bad arthritis and was blind in one eye) and was the most loyal dog I’ve ever met. She lived a full and happy life for 12 years until December 2007, when she surrendered to poor health.  

Rottweilers will always be a breed dear to my heart, and I know another one will be a part of my family down the track.  In the meantime, I get to be in the company of dogs like Fonzi who give me a little rottie ‘fix’.  


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