Grand Old Ladies

Two recent notable visitors to the studio were Dash, owned by Di and Clare, and Jo-Jo, owned by Eric and Joan. Dash, aged 12, has an in-operable brain tumour, and Jo-Jo, aged 13, has oral cancer. Both dogs were spritely at heart and were interested in the goings-on of the studio.

Dash was a gentle subject, smiling and alert in her photographs.  I uploaded one of her portrait pics (see below) to my Red Bubble gallery to create a greeting card, and the image had a record number of views in a very short period of time. I think her happy smile and sparking eyes resonated with the Red Bubble members.  

Jo-Jo attended the studio with her best friend, Bear the cat. In JoJo’s individual portrait shots, Bear could be seen in the corner of each one peeking out from behind the backdrop to check that Jo-Jo was ok. The friendship between this sweet elderly dog and chilled-out cat was touching to witness.

I wish Dash and Jo-Jo strength in their health struggles, and am honoured to have been chosen by Di, Clare, Eric and Joan to capture their grand old ladies’ personalities on camera.

Smiling Dash

Happy Jo-Jo


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  1. Clare and Di says:


    We are blessed with having you as a friend and having you photograph Dash to show her personality and her inner strength in the way you have.
    We may not have much time left with her but we will always have the beautiful memories you have given us with your amazing talent.

    Hugs and thanks, Clare and Di

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