Hera the survivor

We had a very special visitor the studio on Saturday 23rd January. Five week old Hera came in with her foster carer Richard Barry from the RSPCA, to have some puppy portrait photographs taken.

One week ago, tiny Hera was dumped in a box and left in a park on a day where the temperature reached over 38 degrees. She would have perished in the heat she not been discovered by a caring member of the public, and taken to the RSPCA for emergency treatment.

Her situation is a timely reminder of what can happen to pets if they are left without shelter or water. It also highlights the disgusting practice of animal dumping.

Further, with the hot weather now upon us, the RSPCA has received dozens of reports about dogs who are left in locked vehicles during the heat of the day. Even opening the car windows does not bring relief against the interior heat of a vehicle, where the temperature can reach as high as 73 degrees celsius. Strong penalties exist for irresponsible and negligible pet owners who think it is acceptable to leave dogs in hot vehicles.

Hera‘s portrait photos will be used in RSPCA marketing and media campaigns to raise awareness on dog dumping and the lack of care for pets in hot weather.  

Read the RSPCA online news article “Stupidity risks lives as owners leave dogs in hot cars” for more information, or an article on Hera from the RSPCA WA Website here.

How could anyone ever dump an animal?!




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