Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre – Studio Session 2

On Sunday 27th December 2009, the second Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre studio photo session was held. This time the reptiles and animals came to our studio, and once again it was fantastic to be up close and personal to such unique creatures. It really is the best part of my job!

 This time around we photographed:

Two barking geckos, with the most intricate patterns on their body. These lizards were so fascinating to watch, with their bulbous tails and beautiful shiny eyes.

A bobtail who had a fondness for tomatoes. You haven’t lived until you have seen a bobtail eat a tomato – It’s messy and dramatic, but lots of fun to watch.   

An active stimson’s python who enjoyed being on the dark backdrop, merging into interesting shapes. 

An 8 week old female quenda, a relative of the bandicoot family. Quenda’s are sometimes mistaken for rats, and are often found in people’s swimming pools, falling in when they lean over for a drink.

A 10 month old rare Queensland Swamp Wallaby, the last of his type as he only has 10 chromosomes. From the comfort of his pouch, he watched with wide-eyed curiosity as the other animals had their photographs taken.

A 6 month old baby possum, named Charlie, who didn’t stop to smell the roses – he ate them! Charlie was a photographers dream, with his active nature and cute possum features.

Many thanks to Bec, Nathan and Margie for giving up half a day to bring in their reptiles and animals; to Pauline for entrusting us with her precious wallaby; and to Suzie for once again being my head-animal-handler extraordinaire!

Don’t forget about our current special photography promotion in support of the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. From now until 28 February 2010 every studio photo session and gift voucher purchased will include a 5 x 7 inch print, valued at $120. Plus, we will donate $25 from each session and voucher sold to Kanyana! 

You can view our entire Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre gallery here.




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  1. Suz Phillips says:

    Is this not the best representation of our Australian wildlife you have ever seen? Perfection – everyone will understand why the effort is worthwhile, the girls will love them and be so proud. Well done Alex, the time and patience to capture our wonderful creatures shows their true Animism. Thanks Alex – you are the best!

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