Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre – Studio Session 1

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, the Houndstooth Studio Crew recently conducted two studio photo sessions featuring Kanyana’s native animal residents.

The first session, on 21st December 2009, was held  on-site at Kanyana and feeling that each animal is worthy of a special mention, we photographed:

Henry the red-tailed black cockatoo, who at age 16, is extremely intelligent and fun loving.  Acting as an ambassador for his endangered species’, he regularly visits schools as part of Kanyana’s education program. He loves nothing more than having a dance and was an absolute delight to photograph, showing lots of personality and running up to me constantly so I could tell him a joke.

Ulart and Yorna, the blind bobtail lizards. Both victims of dog attacks, they came to Kanyana for life-saving treatment and are now permanent residents, unable to be released back into the wild due to their poor eyesight.  

Jinda the Stimson’s Python, a beautiful, lithe snake who slithered into the most amazing shapes, when not fascinated by the red tracking-beam of my camera.

Aruba and Elle the echidnas, aged 5 years and 14 years respectively. They were bought to Kanyana as 8 week old ‘puggles’ – pink bundles of skin, devoid of spikes. They are curious and active creatures with plenty of character. On a previous photo shoot I did at Kanyana, Elle spent the entire time opening all the Velcro pockets on my camera bag and climbing all over it! 

Froggy the tawny frogmouth who sat so still and was a perfect subject to photograph.  He had magnificent eyes and cute tufts of feathers above his beak.

Mitika the burrowing bettong, also known as a boodie, a nocturnal marsupial and member of the kangaroo family.  Bettongs are currently listed as vulnerable and are being rehabilitated back into the wild in certain parts of WA.

And Nwiri the bilby, one of Australia’s endangered and rare native animals. Kanyana runs the most successful bilby breeding program in Australia and their work plays a vital role in the survival of the bilby. To be so close to a bilby was truly special, and photographing one in a studio set up has never been achieved before. It was a Kanyana first and a Houndstooth Studio first! Possibly even an Australian first!

Many thanks to June for lending a hand and giving us the “ok” to photograph the animals, to Suzie for her superb animal handling skills, and to Lindy for organizing the session! And to Debora, my photographers’ assistant. 

We are currently running a special photography promotion in support of the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. From now until 28 February 2010 every studio photo session and gift voucher purchased will include a 5 x 7 inch print, valued at $120. Plus, we will donate $25 from each session and voucher sold to Kanyana!

To view more of the images from our Kanayana Photo Session, click here.

(Details and images from our second Kanyana photo session are coming soon!)







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