Rottnest Island

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a special celebration to welcome in 2010!

This New Year’s Eve I was lucky enough to be on Rottnest Island. For those not from Western Australia, Rottnest Island is 20km off the coast of Perth. It is a holiday playground for tourists and locals – with a stress free atmosphere fostered by swimming, boating and fishing. Private vehicles aren’t permitted, so cycling is the chosen mode of transport for most people, and it’s not unusual to find hundreds of bicycles lined up at the entrance to every beach and outside each coffee shop.  Rottnest is also the home to a unique marsupial called a quokka.

The quokkas appear just before sunset, coming out into the cooler air to feed. Armed with my point-and-shoot Canon D10 (the big Canon regrettably stayed home) I photographed as many as I could find – Which was a lot!  

They are possibly one of the cutest creatures ever! And it was a fabulous way to start the New Year. I have a feeling it’s going to be a big one!

Now, if only someone could can tell me how I can get a quokka into the studio…



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