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Grab your ticket to Bali Nights Perth and join me to help raise funds for the Bali Animal Welfare Association – and for pups like adorable Bali Pip. When I first met Bali Pip she was an 8 week old puppy in the care of BAWA, recovering from mange. Her baldness didn’t stop her from making the most of every moment, and I love this photo because it sums her up so perfectly … throwing her head back in joyful abandon, happy to be alive. Come along and hear more about Bali Pip’s story on the night.

As a long term supporter of BAWA, I have worked first hand with street animals in Bali, and conducted the largest photography fundraising project featuring Bali’s remarkable street dogs and other animals.

I’m thrilled to host this inaugural event and to share a presentation on my experiences with BAWA.

Come along and share a drink, some delicious finger food, and bid on a silent auction item, while learning more about the wonderful work of BAWA and of the support provided to them by Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc.

WHERE: Rochelle Adonis, Highgate

WHEN: Friday 27th October 6pm to 9pm

COST: $85 per ticket

INCLUSIONS: Beer, wine, bubbles, finger food, vegetarian and vegan options, great company and a fab evening



NOTE: No graphic images will be shown

ALL PROFITS from this event will support the following BAWA programs:
– Bali’s only free 24/7 animal ambulance service
– Animal rehabilitation
– Free sterilisation & vaccination programs
– Daily street feeding
– Foster and adoption programs
– Education in schools & communities
– Advocacy for better animal welfare

Hope to see you there! ❤️



Join me and Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc. for BALI NIGHTS PERTH, and help raise funds for the Bali Animal Welfare Association.

Come along and share a drink, some delicious finger food, and bid on a silent auction item, while learning more about the wonderful work of BAWA and of the support provided to them by BAWA WA.

Many of us have travelled to Bali and have seen the state of the animals who live there. Feelings of helplessness and despair come from witnessing such sad suffering, and it can be hard to know how to seek assistance when dealing with a sick or injured animal on foreign shores. On a positive note, help is available … thanks to BAWA.

The BAWA team will respond to alerts of any animal in distress, from snakes to dolphins. They are funded entirely by donations and rely heavily on a staff of dedicated volunteers.

BAWA works every day to save the lives of animals in Bali and to relieve their suffering. They provide emergency response and rescue, food and medication, rehabilitation and adoption to animals in need, and run intensive animal education and advocacy programs.

As a long term supporter of BAWA, I have worked first hand with street animals in Bali, and conducted the largest photography fundraising project featuring Bali’s remarkable street dogs and other animals.

I’m thrilled to host this inaugural event and to share a presentation on my experiences with BAWA.

WHERE: rochelle adonis Highgate WA

WHEN: Friday 27th October 6pm to 9pm

COST: $85 per ticket

INCLUSIONS: Beer, wine, bubbles, finger food, vegetarian and vegan options, great company and a fab evening



NOTE: No graphic images will be shown

ALL PROFITS from this event will support the following BAWA programs:

– Bali’s only free 24/7 animal ambulance service
– Animal rehabilitation
– Free sterilisation & vaccination programs
– Daily street feeding
– Foster and adoption programs
– Education in schools & communities
– Advocacy for better animal welfare

Hope to see you there! ❤️


Kindest Heart – Janice Girardi, founder of BAWA

KINDEST HEART! We have been working with the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) as a photography partner since 2011 and Janice Girardi, founder of BAWA, is definitely a modern day saint to the animals.

In January 2012, Deb and I spent a day with Janice visiting local rubbish tips to collect animals who had been discarded and thrown onto the trash heap – they were the unwanted and unloved. Both Deb and I have a limit to how much we can tolerate on a day like that, yet Janice puts herself out there 24/7 for 365 days a year to make the lives of Bali animals better.

BAWA doesn’t just help sick and injured animals – they also feed street dogs each day, run an island-wide animal ambulance service, provide education programs to children, conduct free spay/neuter clinics and were instrumental in the fight against rabies by commencing vaccination programs for dogs.

Janice funds BAWA through donations and the sales of her Janice Girardi Jewellery range but there is always a shortfall. We love her dearly not just for the work she does, but for the amazing woman she is. Our beautiful friend. Here is her story.

QUESTION: How did you come to live in Bali and start the Bali Animal Welfare Association?

JANICE: I first came to Bali in 1973 as a traveller. Dogs were much more integrated in to the Balinese society and culture then. No one chained or caged their dogs. The dogs were also healthier due to a much cleaner environment – there weren’t any cars on the roads, and the streams ran with fresh water.

When I came back in the late 70’s it was already changing, and Bali dogs (also known as Kintamani dogs) were being bred for sale. I rescued a puppy that was about to have his tail cut off and sold as a good luck charm. I quickly got attached and realised I had to find a way to live in Bali. I started a jewellery business and got a dog. I spent the next 16 years without electricity living on a river valley and it was amazing … and I learned a lot about the life of Bali dogs and fell in love with them.

The Bali Animal Welfare Association organically evolved over decades out of a need to help the dogs that were not being cared for, were hit by cars, or were thrown away due to over population. The problems were endless and there was no help for them.

I met I Love Bali Street Dogs Australia founders Paula and Natasha who were supporting a rescue group in the beach areas. They realised the need for help in Ubud and east Bali so donated funds to me for a van and team for my area. Then I opened a clinic with Listriani, a vet who previously worked with the beach rescue group, in Ubud where my street dogs could get treatment and she could have a private clinic.

Eventually we were evicted as I brought in too many dogs. Then I leased land and buildings for a shelter and started BARC with Linda from Australia. We tried to work together but I realised I was more suited for education, sterilisation, and street work rather than a shelter so she kept the shelter and I rented and managed the BAWA clinic and field programs. It was a win win situation for all of us.

Q: What does a day at BAWA involve for you?

JANICE: Well, it starts off with giving my 14 dogs at home morning treats and love. Then I follow my staff member Adi into Ubud. Adi rides a motorbike and has a huge container of food strapped on the back. I follow behind in my car to administer medicine as needed and pick up any injured puppies or newborns we find. We feed about 150 dogs each morning before I get to the office – all the while I answer calls asking for help on the 24/7 ambulance hotline.

I probably call the office 3 to 4 times on my way there rushing the ambulance all over Bali. Or I ask for help to meet me roadside to catch a puppy that’s escaped in to the rice fields. I also take photos of injured dogs so we can go back later to collect them. Once at the office I manage the BAWA staff, conduct meetings, answer emergency calls, and do anything and everything else involved in running all of BAWAs programs. We have approximately 50 staff and a whole island to help so it’s quite a big job.

Q: How many animals a year does BAWA assist, and what types of animals receive help?

JANICE: Gosh so many … we answer about 30 to 40 calls each day. Some of them we can direct to local vets or talk through solutions. Other calls we must rush to as real emergencies such as roadside accidents, dumped newborns, dogs with rabies symptoms.

We help all animals but focus on un-owned animals or animals owned by poor Balinese who do not have any other way to receive help for their animals. We respond a lot to chained animals, including sick monkeys, birds, owls, and of course many caged and chained dogs that have been left in cages for most of their lives.

We will send our emergency response and education teams out in these cases to hopefully convince the owner to give us the animal or work with them to take care of them. And of course we have to offer this for free as otherwise no care would be given.

Q: How many animals share your home, and who are they?

JANICE: Ha! Let’s see …. I have 14 dogs – Saki, Jaya, Raju, Hopscotch, Sophie, Nadia, Susi, Boy boy, Betsy Miranda, Sunny, Leyla, Lisa, Rahul and now Momo. I am trying desperately to find Momo a home though since she is still a puppy. I also have 6 office dogs and 4 at the jewellery shop and 3 at our jewellery workshop. Not to mention all of the village dogs I stop to see each morning or evening. I do live on a river valley so the dogs are free to roam, exercise, and swim in the river. It really is a doggie paradise.

Q: Is there a special animal who has touched your heart?

JANICE: I think dogs overall are so special. Each one I live with has touched my heart in some way. Every day I tell each one of them that I love them so much and love them the most. They all think they are top dog to me. All of my dogs are rescues and each one is a miracle child. Some came much more aggressive, some came very sick, some with distemper (and survived), and one arrived blind. I tend to keep the dogs that can’t be adopted for one reason or another or got adopted and returned many times. I suppose I am what you call a ‘foster failure’. 

Q: What message would you like to share with a wider audience about Bali animals / dogs / animal rescue?

JANICE: That animal rescue work is the most difficult and heartbreaking work I have ever done. But it is also the most joyful and rewarding. I thank the universe that this challenge was given to me. I can’t imagine a life without rescuing animals or teaching children about caring for them. They bring such endless unconditional love.

Q: How can we help BAWA from Australia, or as tourists to Bali / Lombok?

JANICE: Thank you for asking. Really we can always use supplies and our wish list is on our website or people can email us for the current list. We rely completely on donations to pay staff, keep our ambulances on the road and education teams going. We also always need food for our street programs that feed and medicate hundreds of dogs each day. We except volunteers that are pre vaccinated for rabies or would like to assist in our office as well. We are trying to open in Lombok and will need a lot of financial support and volunteer help to do so.

Q: Can you tell me something about Bali dogs that most people wouldn’t know?

JANICE: Bali dogs also are the oldest dog known to man (genetically speaking) so we are trying to educate the Balinese about how special their Bali community dog is and to not throw them away in favour of an import fashionable breed dog, or sell them to dog meat traders. Bali dogs are smart, loyal, and amazing animals and we hope we can prevent them from becoming a lost breed. Bali dogs share 50% gene pool with Australian dingos and are even older dating back 15,000 to 35,000 years.

For more information on BAWA or to donate, volunteer or view their wish list, please visit

PICTURED: Janice with several of her rescue dogs, at their river playground.



2012 End of Year Missive

It’s been another crazy year for Debora and me at Houndstooth Studio.

Our travels took us to Bali (to photograph for the Bali Animal Welfare Association), Cambodia (to photograph for Wildlife Alliance, Free the Bears and For the Animals), Norfolk Island (to stay with our dear friend Sorrel Wilby and her fab family), Cairns (to photograph crocs and cassowary’s), Melbourne (to hosting an exhibition of our Bali images at the Bali Street Dog Nights event), and Tasmania (to photograph for Brightside Farm Sanctuary). Between these trips and our wonderful studio clients, we photographed more than 1200 animals, including dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, donkeys, monkeys, sugar gliders, rats, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, birds, turtles, possums, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and lizards. Naming them all one by one is a whole other post, haha!

There were TV appearances, business and photographic awards , images published in books and on magazine covers, photos going viral online and viewed by millions, and over a dozen media articles written about our work and studio. This was all fabulous recognition for what we do…

…but the three most important things for us in 2012 involved charity, friendship and a new pup:


Giving back is a large part of what we do. We are compelled to use our images to contribute to the greater good, and this is something we value greatly. Janice Girardi, founder and director of BAWA paid me the greatest compliment earlier this year by saying “Alex does not choose to adopt an animal charity in order to promote the social conscience of her business – she is the social conscience of her business. Her actions are living proof of this.”

In 2012 Houndstooth Studio donated in excess of $500,000 worth of photography services, images, vouchers and/or sponsorship to over 40 state, national and international animal charity organisations. Whilst this makes us very proud, it pales in comparison to how privileged we feel to work with these amazing groups and people who are changing the world. You are our heroes.

Speaking of People….


Working with animals 24/7 brings the amazing bonus of meeting many like-minded ‘animal people’. We are blessed to call these people our friends  – Janice and Kim from the Bali Animal Welfare Assocition, Anne Fulwood, Emma and Lizie from Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Jen Skiff author of the Divinity of Dogs, Cam the Badpiper,  Dave, Geoff and Sahara from Diggers Herding, Amy and crew  from Animal Amnesty,  Rebecca from For the Animals, Suwanna from Wildlife Alliance, Suzie from Animism, Rach and Dave, Dr Tiff from Kalamunda Vet, Debra from Oscar’s Law, Morgan Marks, Christine from Keep Talking, Jayne from Heart of Horsemanship, Matt from Free The Bears, Lisa Baker MLA, all of the dedicated staff and vollies who give their time to the charities we work with (Bob, Colin, Karen, Pat, Mel Y, Gaye, Ruth, Nicole, Dave, Liisa, David S, Roz, Nat F, other Nat, Tan, Nick, Edie, Sue, Melita, Katrina, Anita, Cate, Dana, Ash, Mel J, Paula, Sue, Nicole T, Carmen, Lyn, Karen, Sue T, Sharyn, Lisa C, Lisa R, Jeff, Dave T, Jan, Lora, Donna, Kerryn, Helena, Tina, Deanna), our Team Houndstooth members (Dan, Vicki, Talita, Anj, Shannon and Caitlin), and the countless others. You are all family.


Possibly THE BEST event of 2012 was adopting our puppy Pip from Greyhound Angels. She is indeed an angel herself and brings joy, love and light wherever she goes, even in her moments of bouncy puppy madness. We love her more than anything and she makes our home complete.


2012 also brought some sad times and we know for some it was a year they would rather forget. In May my dear friend Richard Barry, a talented photographer and rising star, took his own life. Our BAWA photo exhibition, held just 3 weeks later, was dedicated to him and when  his lovely wife Sam won the huge raffle prize, I wondered if maybe he was somewhere there too. I miss him every day yet am grateful for the new friends I’ve connected with since his death,  who were his friends too. It’s nice to know that even in the darkest times, there are shinning lights.

There was an outpouring of grief when news broke about the passing of Koko kelpie, star of Red Dog the movie. I had the pleasure of photographing Koko, as recently as September. He was a one-of-a-kind superstar without the ego. May he live on forever in Red Dog; a movie masterpiece if ever there was one.


We want to extend the biggest thanks to you, all of our loyal, kind and supportive clients, friends and Facebook followers. Your excitement and joy for our work gives us the encouragement to keep striving for perfection and continue doing what we love most. We couldn’t do it without you and we promise you wonderful things in 2013 as we take Houndstooth Studio to the next level. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

In closing, our wish is for everyone to consider doing just one extra thing to make the world a better place for all animals – volunteer, adopt, foster, assist with shelter dog walking, help with transport, run or attend events, fundraise, donate unwanted bedding or towels, buy pet toys, give food, skip the pork at Christmas, help out in the office of your local rescue, choose cruelty free, sponsor a bear, orang-utan, farm animal or koala, sign a petition … no matter where you live or how much you earn,  there are 101 simple ways to make a difference and it all adds up.

Stay safe, hug your pets for us, and see you back here in 2013!

Happy new year!



International News

An article on the Bali Animal Welfare Association was featured the Culver City News, CA, USA along with our Bali pup photo; (article) (photo)


On the Telly!

Check out my interview at
Thanks to Fred and Marnie from The Couch for inviting me along to talk about my two fave topics – photos and animals.


Exhibition for the Bali Animal Welfare Association

Houndstooth Studio invites
you to

Look Twice – the animals of Bali as never seen before.

 One Night Only
Photographic Exhibition & Fundraiser

 6:30pm – 9:30pm Friday 8th June 2012

Tompkins on Swan, cnr Dunkley Ave &  Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove, Perth WA


The Look Twice exhibition showcases the animals of Bali as never seen before. These uplifting and poignantly beautiful images reveal their strength and spirit, and are a testament to the valuable work undertaken to save their lives.  You will fall in love with every one.

Just like our pets at home, Bali animals deserve to be loved, cared for and nourished. Yet thousands of street dogs, cats and other domestic animals in Bali endure starvation, disease and neglect. Left unattended these animals suffer enormously. Tourists in Bali can be overwhelmed by the distressing sight of animals in pain and often don’t know how to help.

The Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is dedicated to reducing the suffering of Bali’s street dogs and other animals by running a 24 hour animal ambulance rescue service, a mobile sterilisation clinic for population control and rabies eradication, a fully staffed veterinary clinic and rescue centre in Ubud, an animal adoption program, and a continually expanding range of community education programs to improve the health and welfare of Bali animals …but it is increasingly difficult for BAWA to continue this amazing work without the  desperately needed funds to support these operations. BAWA is funded entirely by individual donations, fundraising projects and the kind efforts of volunteers. They don’t receive government support and urgently need our help! 

In January 2012 we flew to Bali and photographed more than 50 rescued street dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other species including rabbits, piglets, ducks, lizards, turtles, snakes,  roosters, ducks and monkeys in temporarily constructed studios around Ubud. This is the first time Bali street animals have been photographed in the clarity of a studio environment and the results are deeply moving.

Sixty exhibited images will be available for purchase in two sizes and fabulous silent auction items, generously donated by compassionate businesses, are up for grabs.

We invite you to be a part of this special one-night-only exhibition. Together we can help BAWA change the lives of Bali animals.  100% of profits from “Look Twice” go to BAWA.

RSVP via our event page at


Two Articles in Dogs Life Magazine!

Check out the latest issue of Dogs Life Magazine (Jan/Feb #111). It’s jam packed with info about dogs, plus features two articles written by yours truly – one on pet friendly accommodation in York, WA, and one about the wonderful work of Janice and her team at the Bali Animal Welfare Association.


How you can help the dogs and cats of Bali

We are proud to announce we’re providing ongoing photography services and sponsorship to the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), as our priority overseas animal charity organisation. BAWA provide an animal ambulance service, operate a street feeding program, and run a shelter (the only rabies quarantine centre on the island) for the dogs and cats of Bali.

We’re visiting BAWA in Jan 2011 and asked for a list of items they need to help their animals. They are desperate for blankets, towels, collars, leads, dog chews, worm tabs, flea/tick medicine, injectable Ivermectin, antibiotic skin lotion, shampoo, broad spectrum antibiotics. Second hand bedding, etc is perfect. We’re looking at a way to ship these items over prior to our visit (and are negotiating free or discounted air freight) but in the meantime would love to start stockpiling goods.

If you are able to provide anything from the list (even a towel) and are Perth based we’d love to hear from you. We will be doing a bulk collection on 28th December for the Perth metro area, or goods can be delivered to us in North Perth prior to that date. We will also be compiling a list of every donor to pass on to BAWA.

Thanks to the dozens of individuals, families, businesses and even charities who have already pledged goods.

To donate items, or for further info, please email