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It’s been four years since our last visit to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania, and while there we met these three adorable orphaned baby animals. The Bonorong team rescue, rehabilitate and release hundreds of animals each year and work tirelessly to save our precious natives. I am so excited to announce that we’ve just planned our next project with Bonorong for early 2018 and we have a very special fundraising print in mind. We can’t wait to share it with you!

HUGE thanks to the generous support and sponsorship of World Expeditions and Seagate who are our partners for this venture. So grateful that these precious creatures are as important to them, as they are to us.

We’ll also be stopping in to see our dear friends at Brightside Farm Sanctuary to shoot an epic portrait pic.

Watch this space!



When our friends from La Vida Vegan Grocery asked if we would be keen to help them adorn their blank-canvas walls with rescue animal artworks, we jumped at the chance. Today the finished framed pieces were hung, and the photos of sweet farm animals from Greener Pastures Sanctuary, Brightside Farm Sanctuary and Possum Valley Santuary Donation Run look right at home.

Be sure to check them out next time you are in La Vida – and if you haven’t visited Perth’s first specialist vegan grocery yet, put it on your destination list. They have a huge variety of vegan food and products and everything is cruelty free!



Our gorgeous girl Pixel

One year ago our gorgeous girl Pixel (from Brightside Farm Sanctuary) had an accident at Yokine Reserve and broke her leg in two. Two surgeries, 8 pins + one leg plate, six weeks of confinement and months of rehab later she can walk, run, and jump and has the best quality of life we can give her. She never complains, always leads with a puppy-like curiosity and is a willing participant in any adventures or mischief making. She is the happiest, cheekiest dog I’ve ever known and we love her to bits.

Her “all or nothing” attitude to life inspires (and at times, terrifies) us, but we wouldn’t have her any other way. Nothing makes me as happy as seeing her joy when at play. Love you Pixel!




Nomination for Australian of the Year Awards 2015

Bit out of my depth for this one but appreciate whoever took the time to send in a nomination. Congrats to all of the inspirational national finalists. I was super excited to see my friend Emma Haswell of Brightside Farm Sanctuary made the finals for Tasmanian Of The Year. She deserves every bit of recognition for the work she does for farm animals and domestic pets – and for all the lives she saves. Alexxx



Princess Pixel Prancypants turns one!

Happy 1st birthday to our beautiful pup, Princess Pixel Prancypants. It was love at first sight when I saw her at Brightside Farm Sanctuary in August last year. I picked her up (she was little then) and that was it. My dear friends Emma Haswell and Eliza Haswell from Brightside gave us the greatest gift when they sent Pixel to Perth to live with us. She is a bundle of laughs, has an adorable sense of humour (mostly laughing at herself!) and brings constant joy to everyone she meets. She is the best friend and sister Pip the Black Beetle could ask for. And she has added so much to our lives as well. Yes she wears pink, but she can’t be totally perfect, haha. Love this sweet pooch and watching her grow up each day has been my privilege. xxx



Kindest Heart – Emma Haswell, Brightside Farm Sanctuary

KINDEST HEART! Spent a wonderful morning at Brightside Farm Sanctuary with my dear friend and sanctuary founder Emma Haswell. She works tirelessly as an animal activist and rescuer and is an angel to the animals in her care. Emma definitely has one of the kindest hearts and took some time out of her hectic day to answer some questions about her life and work.

QUESTION: How did you start in animal rescue?

EMMA: I lived in London 10 years ago and met a lot of vegetarians and vegans who said they stopped eating animals after someone came to their school when they were younger and showed them where their food came from. This struck a chord with me and suddenly I had a purpose. I decided if I started a sanctuary for farm animals I could show people there is no difference in the friendships we can have with a dog and a pig or a cat or a cow. I wanted to introduce people to the faces behind their food and show people how awesome farmed animals are and how shockingly badly we treat them.

Q: What types of animals do you take in and how many would you have at any one time?

EMMA: As a Farm Sanctuary, we were founded for farmed animals of all types – so sheep, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, and chickens. But we realised there was a huge need for us to help the dogs that did not fit into shelters – the old or sick dogs, the greyhounds, the traumatised and abused dogs, those with anxiety, the fence jumpers and puppy farm dogs, all the discarded dogs that others were not helping. We now re-home over 300 dogs a year. We also have animals classed as ‘feral’ who were captured from the wild, like camels and donkeys, who call Brightside home. At any one time we have about 350 animals in residence.

Q: Why farm animals?

EMMA: So few people speak up for farm animals. I come from a long line of farmers dating back to 1823. I worked on farms and I saw acts of unimaginable cruelty that were excepted as a part of everyday practice. We factory farm 500 million animals for food every year in Australia. They are denied sunshine, fresh air and even the ability to walk freely. They are crammed into ammonia filled sheds and they lead miserably sad lives so they can be eaten. I wanted to be their voice.

Q: What does a typical day at Brightside Farm Sanctuary involve?

EMMA: I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m up each day at 6am and straight into it answering emails and Facebook messages and doing website updates. Then I start with the animals feeding, medicating, and health checks, and answering phone calls about surrenders, handling adoptions, conducting school talks, addressing cruelty complaints, attending vet appointments … and sometimes I get time to do paperwork and banking. My day generally ends about 9pm.

Q: How did Albert and Einstein the baby camels come to live at Brightside?

EMMA: Albert and Einie were trapped in the wild in South Australia. Fifty camels overall were trucked to a Victorian sale that mainly deals with meat horses. They were taken from their mothers far too young and put up for auction. I thought if we rescued 2 they could become ambassadors for their kind.

Q: Which animal really strikes a chord with you?

EMMA: For me, all of them. But I do love pigs for their strong determination and forthrightness. And I love to rescue abused and neglected horses and make them happy and safe.

Q: What message about Brightside or animal rescue would you like to share with a wider audience?

EMMA: I wish every one could see inside a factory farm or a slaughterhouse. If people could see how animals are farmed, if they could see what I have seen they would not want to eat them. As George Bernard–Shaw said “Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.”

Q: Can you tell us something you have learnt about camels from Albert and Einstein?

EMMA: Camels are extremely intelligent and they love affection. They are also extremely calm and serene in their temperament.

FURTHER INFORMATION on the work of Brightside Farm Sanctuary, including how to help, can be found at

PICTURED: Emma with baby camel Albert.



Pride of Australia Medal 2013

Am humbled to be announced as a finalist in the 2013 Pride of Australia Medal, Environment Category. There are so many dedicated and deserving nominees out there – working tirelessly to help people or animals, fighting for conservation, overcoming adversity, or giving selflessly. They are all inspirational in their own right. Wishing my fellow finalists the best of luck and thrilled to see other animal representatives included in my category. PS Little Pixel the greyhound ambassador pup from Brightside Farm Sanctuary is the star of this pic!