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The Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA recently became our latest permanent gallery installation. We donated more than 40 canvas artworks, some up to 20in x 30in in size, to adorn the walls of their awesome administration building. Each one depicts a much loved DRH pooch, photographed either in my studio or outside in the grounds of the DRH.

Huge thanks to Fitzgerald Photo Imaging for helping us sponsor the canvas fit out and for greatly subsidising the cost. Here are a few of the happy and adorable canine stars. #AdoptDontShop



This divine little gal was one of the stars of the 2017 Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA Christmas Card photo shoot we did earlier this week. What a doll! She’ll be up for adoption soon (keep an eye on the DRH FB page for her info and for Christmas card details), but in the meantime, check out her crinkles. I  die!  #ChristmasCardsComingSoon #AdoptDontShop#PuppyLove





Want to find credible info on adopting a rescue animal? Over 200 staff and volunteers from shelters and rescue groups in the USA were recently interviewed about their work. From these interviews, twelve ‘hot topic’ rescue blog posts were created, including tips for taking care of a new pet, the most common adoption myths (and there are many), and things to consider before adopting.

This is an excellent resource on the best way to help animals that so desperately need the RIGHT person to take them home. Although the research was conducted in the USA, the content relates to any shelter and rescue organisation, regardless of location.

Have a read here and please help spread the word about rescue. ❤️

PICTURED: A pup in the care of the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA (since adopted)




All the ordered Double Take Dogs Fundraising Exhibition prints and photos have been collected from Fitzgerald Photo Imaging and will be in the post en route to their new homes later this week. They look stunning on the slick Smooth Pearl paper, which was kindly donated by Ilford Imaging Australia. And Fitzies were awesome in wavering the printing costs as well. This saved us a stack of $$$ and meant more money went directly to the dogs of the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA. Thanks to Ilford and Fitzies for their generous support. Great team work all round!

Matt Mawson Vectormutt




DOUBLE TAKE DOGS is a collaborative photography & art fundraising exhibition from Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio by Alex Cearns and Matt Mawson of Vectormutt. Please share with friends and anyone who has a dog, loves dogs, petted a dog, saw a dog once!

Photographer Alex and artist Matt have been friends for several years. Matt regularly draws sketches of Alex’s pet photographs and shares them online. Alex has commissioned Matt to draw images for her many times. Alex really likes Matt and his work. Matt really likes Alex and her work. They both love dogs and are talented, witty and funny. If you ask them!

Alex and Matt have wanted to work together for a while but had to find the right project. Last year they had a brain storm and it led to the idea of a joint fundraising exhibition, showcasing dog photographs by Alex, interpreted in a sketch by Matt. They knew they were onto something and upped the ante by deciding to donate their profits to an awesome dog rescue organisation, the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA. Bingo! Double Take Dogs was born.


– Held on Saturday 1st July 2017 from 6pm until 8:30pm
– At the Nedlands Yacht Club Club with full river views
– Gold coin donation on entry
– Matt and Alex will both be in attendance
– 36 photographic prints & 36 sketches on display
– All sketches available for purchase
– 50+ unique silent auction items up for grabs
– Raffle prize
– Dogs Refuge Home stall and DRH fundraising lolly stall
– Full bar available
– Finger foods will be provided
– EFTPOS machine on site
– Plenty of parking

Many dogs are being abandoned at the Dogs Refuge Home of WA requiring expensive, but not life threatening, surgery. Profits will be donated to the Dogs Refuge home of WA to assist with these surgery fees.

We are indebted to Fitzgerald Photo Imaging and Ilford Imaging Australia for their support. Their generosity in providing printing services and smooth pearl fine art paper has greatly assisted in keeping costs low. That means more $$$ for the dogs! Thank you so much for helping us support dogs in need.

Please visit our event page and RSVP if you can make it.

Hope to see you there!

Alex and Matt





Our popular Xmas Voucher Special is now available. Have you been wanting to book your pet in for stunning studio portraits with Alex Cearns? Been waiting for something to nudge you into action? Well wait no longer. All gift vouchers purchased until midnight on 23rd December 2015 are just $99.

This price includes:
* a pet photo sitting in our North Perth studio for up to two pets from the same household,
* a 5in x 7in print,
* an online Facebook preview, and
* a purchase appointment in our client viewing lounge.

Buy or book for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Vouchers are valid for 12 months and bookings can be made anytime in 2016.

To order a voucher or book your session just call 0413 174 069 or email


(Sessions and vouchers are for our Perth studio only, for bookings in 2016 and are not valid for interstate photo sessions.)

This offer end 23rd December 2015 .

MODEL: Daisy the puppy adopted into a loving home through Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA.



11 year old Kelpie x Lab, Zebedee and 8 year old Whippet, Atlanta (also known as Whippie)

Fiona says “Zebedee came to us from the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA 11 years ago. A farmer had a purebred red cloud kelpie from which he wanted to breed but a farm lab got involved before he found a kelpie sire. Apparently he was going to shoot the seven x-bred puppies but someone prevailed on him to drop them off at Shenton.

Zebedee was the last puppy to find a home and we couldn’t go past this bundle of energy with giant handlebar ears he has never grown into.

Atlanta, or The Whippet, is naughty but nice, the most mischievous of our dogs. She came to us as a tiny puppy and is now 8. She was from a registered breeder and comes from a family of champions – and our Whippie is a champion jester!

We had a puppy reunion when Zeb and his siblings were one year old and everyone thought they had the most manic but adorable dog in Perth. Zebedee has never slowed down. People at the dog park call him Forrest Gump because he never stops running.

Zeb’s idea of heaven is a giant field and as many tennis balls as anyone can throw. He can carry two tennis balls in his mouth and kick a third with his paws, he can also retrieve three balls in the water doing the same. He loves to swim and surf. Zeb gets two giant walks a day and runs kms each time.

Zeb also has an amazing sense of direction and I can walk for hours in the bush with him not minding where we are going and then say, “Let’s go home, Zeb”, and he always finds the quickest way to a good track and the fastest way home.

Zeb is also a constant companion in the garden. Whenever I am weeding or mowing he drops his beloved ball right where it must be picked up and tossed to keep going. He thinks it’s a great game and you can seeing him laughing at every win!

Atlanta loves being as warm as possible and has always slept at the bottom of the bed under the covers. That pointy nose of hers is very adapted to lifting up blankets and burrowing under covers! It also finds snacks wherever they are hiding – on tables, counters, occasionally in the fridge. She can open doors and jump onto just about any surface when you are not looking.

Whippie loves going for a run, but hates running. When people pass us going in the other direction she gives them that particular pleading-whippet look that says “Save me, I have been kidnapped, I am a whippet, I do not do running or dog-like activities. Take me home to your couch and pamper me”.

Whippie is comic relief in our house. She gets up to so much mischief but has perfected the following looks to get way with almost everything: “Who, me?”, “You must be mistaken”, “You can sit on the floor if you like, but I am a Whippet and I curl on the couch”, “I am too elegant for that”, “Feed me another grape”.

Zebedee & Atlanta



4 month old Staffy x, Izzy

Renae says “Alex has photographed my other dogs before – our old shar pei, Gabbi and our shar pei x, Bruno.

The moment we saw Izzy we just had to have her in our family. We first saw her on the Houndstooth Studio Facebook page after Alex did a photo shoot for the Dogs’ Reguge Home of WA. The group of puppies were so similar to our other baby, who is very unique looking, and as he is the perfect dog – so we knew then we just had to get another one the same.

It was so hard to choose a puppy from the litter as they were all so beautiful, but the minute Izzy went up to Stefan, he fell in love instantly and knew she was the one for us.

She has fit into our little family so perfectly and we could not imagine life without her. It’s all thanks to Alex and her amazing work with the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA that Izzy came into our lives.”



11 year old German Shepherd, Pax and 6 year old Flat Coated Retriever, Jaxon

Jenny says ” When our previous Shepherd, Schultz died, we vowed not to have any more dogs. It’s just too painful when they’re gone.

However several months later I saw a litter of white German Shepherd puppies advertised, ready for their new homes in a couple of weeks. I rang my husband to tell him and he said “Are you ringing to tell me about the white shepherd puppies advertised in todays paper?” I couldn’t believe we both happened to look at the puppies in the classifieds on that day, especially after both agreeing to no more dogs.

We drove to Toodyay that weekend to have a look at the puppies but weren’t really sure if we were ready for another dog. It was a large litter of white energetic furballs who looked like polar bear cubs, with a harassed but lovely looking mother and very impressive sire. We didn’t choose Pax, he chose us. When he came and climbed on us there was no going back, we were smitten.

It was hard to leave him that day but 2 weeks later we drove back to Toodyay to get him with no doubts at all. That was 11 years ago and he’s been our much loved, spoiled empty nest baby ever since.

Jaxon was adopted from the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA last year but it feels like he’s been around forever. He is such a happy, friendly and loving goofball. When he wags his tail (which is most of the time) his whole body wags too. He wins hearts wherever he goes.

Recently he had part of his paw amputated to remove a nasty growth so had his security blanket (which he just holds in his mouth) to comfort him at the vets. When the vet walked through, he asked the nurses if they realised one of the dogs was eating a blanket in the cage.

When we picked him up that afternoon he limped out with his whole body wagging as usual to see us and couldn’t wait to get home to his best mate Pax. When these two are gone there will be no more dogs! I can hear the rest of the family laughing … no idea why.”;~;GxJOQ62OGYGhaGdqg0ItfEGky9Ka2N02XU34xnlwq~;xkW.bps.a.10152982648856208.1073742552.177830156207/10152982652301208/?type=1&theater




Santa Paws!

SANTA PAWS! Did you make it to the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA‘s Santa Paws event on 6th December? Can you spot your pooches in our time lapse? Santa hugged on over 140 pooches and together we raised vital funds for pooches in need. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a fun day. And if you missed it, fear not – we are already planning Santa Paws for 2015!

Check out the video at