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Today this new piece of sleek kit arrived. No, not Macy the office Moggy, but her friend, the Synology Diskstation DS718+ NAS (Networked Attached Storage).

What does that all mean? Well, I now have a fast, reliable device that allows storage and retrieval of data from a centralised location. If I ever need additional storage, I can simply add it on and I can set up auto backups to keep my data safe. It’s like having a private cloud in the office and it gives me complete control of my pictorial library.

Protecting my client images is an absolute priority. None of us can stick our heads in the sand when it comes to preserving our visual memories, whether we run a business or just use a home PC. I’m a bit technologically challenged on occasion, but this easily takes care of my backups and gives me peace of mind.

Thanks to Synology for helping me keep my work safe. And to Macy for modelling.




Yesterday in the studio we had an incident requiring the filing of an official report. In the interests of public transparency we thought we should make it public, and you can read all the dramatic details below. Do you think the punishment fits the crime?

ACTION: Assault on dog by cat
OFFENDER: Macy Fatteyboombar, Moggy, 4 years
VICTIM: Pip The Black Beetle, Kelpie x Greyhound, 3 years
WITNESSES: Alex Cearns and Debora Brown

DETAILS: The offender and the victim are non-biological ‘sisters’ who reside in the same dwelling. Their general relationship has been described as friendly and no prior incidents have been reported.

At 3pm on Sunday 27th September, 2015, the offender and the victim were participating in a photo shoot together at Houndstooth Studio. They have previously had similar photo sessions without incident and each shoot is carefully supervised by the photographer and an experienced animal wrangler. The offender has no history of violent behaviour.

The offender and the victim were seated side by side on a large couch and happily had several photographs taken. Without provocation, the offender raised her front left paw and struck the victim to the right temple, causing the victim to close her eye in fright.

The offender was immediately removed from the photo session and the victim was assessed. Her injuries consisted of hurt feelings and shock. A full recovery was made in a matter of minutes when the victim found a ball and began to play.

Photographic evidence of the assault was produced. Image A shows the offender and the victim seconds before the attack. Image B shows the attack.

Given the offender does not have a record of violence, a verbal warning was issued and a 4 week ban from the studio was implemented.




7 year old Moggy, Lula

Sarah says ” Lula turned up in a friends garden in 2010. My friend couldn’t keep her, so asked if I would have her. My then partner was working away but said no to another cat (we already had another one at home, called Grumpy Wilma). We went back and forward about it for the next few days until my friend just turned up with Lula in a basket. How could I say no?!

My partner was thoroughly unimpressed but a couple of days later I got a text which said ‘If we have to keep her then I am naming her – her name shall be Tallulah’. So it was that Tallulah joined out family, which grew rapidly and within a year we had 5 cats.

Lula slept in the garden, only came in for food and was generally introverted. She is a beautiful cat but hated being around all the others – she was never mean but just kept herself to herself.

Recently my situation changed and it is now just me, Lula and my new partner and Lula has come out of her shell completely. She is an absolute joy and is loving her new life.”


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9 year old Pugalier, Ruby and 1 year old moggy, Charles Veryard

Robyn says “Ruby has bought such joy to our home, just a darling girl with a beautiful soul. She loves life, loves walking, especially Leederville with its many restaurants, the food smells are heavenly.   Ruby has many adventures to the dog park, river, hills, beach, car rides, meet up with family and friends.

On an hot evening walk in December 2013 we were on the green at Charles Veryard Reserve. We heard a meowing at a screaming pitch and came across a little kitten who had been dumped in the carpark behind the Cricket Club.  Ruby and I made our way across the park and this poor little guy, so small, panting, hot, thirsty, hungry nose full of black sand.  I’m allergic to cats but what to do? I took him home and Charles Veryard (named after the park he was found in) has been with us since. He is now a thriving, happy cat.

Ruby is a food monster! She’s very demanding and at home picks up small items off the coffee table and chucks them down in protest. She also loves her meet ups with her dog friends and their human owners.

With his rough start in life, Charles can be nervous around people he doesn’t know and is frightened of cars (thank goodness). He’s crazy funny as he romps through the house. He loves Ruby to the moon and back and he is great company for her.”;ZpxMcL3hYGC4BCpru9XCE~;aUiinZGNI2hfoeXjkxvBkw.bps.a.10153277157401208.1073742667.177830156207/10153277157486208/?type=1&theater



Gomaz and Cooch

2.5 year old Kelpie x Rottie, Cooch and 8 year old moggy, Gomaz – who is possibly the COOLEST cat in town.

Maree says “Cooch came to live with us a few years after Gomaz. We weren’t sure how they’d get along at first, but soon realised we didn’t have anything to worry about. While us adults were at work and the kids were at school, they struck up a very close friendship.

Cooch and Gomaz are the best of mates – they hang out together, sleep together and are generally always fairly close to each other. When their shepherd cousin, Major comes home from his truck life (he goes on road trips with his Dad Alan, my brother) he likes to play with Gomaz. Gomaz isn’t always very happy with Major’s approach, so Cooch leaps in to protect him, putting his paw on Gomaz to let him know he’s got his back. Gomaz sometimes thinks this is a bit heavy handed and doesn’t appreciate his help, but soon forgives him and before long they are happily curled up beside each other having a snooze.

They often sleep on the couch together and you will catch Gomaz coming up to Cooch and rubbing himself around his paws as if to say “You’re my dog!”. It’s like he is staking his ownership claim on Cooch and is very cute to see.

Cooch will often get upset when Gomaz is outside and will go up to the door and whimper to let us know to let him inside as well. Gomaz also gets away with eating Cooch’s food too, unlike cousin Major who gets told off.”