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Yesterday Deb and I visited Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary with a group of lovely friends, to meet and photograph (and cuddle) the resident animals. The sanctuary is run by Chris and Mark, two dedicated humans who have created a haven for rescued farm animals and native wildlife. From alpacas to chickens, pheasants to possums, cows to goats, peacocks to donkeys, the animals now have a safe and happy place to live out the rest of their lives.

This pic of Francine the sheep was my fave of the day. I felt it did more justice to her watchful gaze to change the image to black and white. This is only my 4th B&W conversion and it’s a treatment that’s definitely growing on me. Some photos, and subjects, are just made for it.

Thanks so much for a lovely day out Chris, Mark, Deb, Dave, Di, Angie, Lorri, Linda, and Cath. And Francine.

Taken with Tamron Australia 70-200mm f 2,8 Gen 2 lens. #TamronProTeam#TamronCreates


Barkday Paw-ty

We always love  it when the crew from Barkday Paw-ty come to visit. Their photo sessions are crazy fun, with a bit of pee and poop cleaning up to do afterwards – from the goats and sheep, not the dogs or human handlers!

This time we photographed Sam (Merino 3yrs), Busker (Merino 7yrs), Ryder (Aussie Shepherd 2yrs), Maverick (Golden Retriever 10.5yrs) Harry (Goat 5yrs) and Wills (Goat 5yrs).

Harry the Goat and Busker the Merino were attacked by wild dogs in March this year. It was touch and go for a while, especially for Harry whose front leg was badly injured, but both have made remarkable recoveries.

This image is a composite of three ‘twin’ shots – not because they wouldn’t co-operate but because the studio wasn’t wide enough to fit them all in, haha! We had each lot of animal models stand in the exact same place and I photographed them from the exact same place too, which ensured that the perspectives were as accurate as possible when we put the images together. Yup, the sheep are BIG!

Photographed using Tamron Australia 24-70mm f2.8 VC lens and Elinchrom LTD ELC Pro 500 studio lights.



Kindest Heart – Phoenix, Greener Pastures Sanctuary

KINDEST HEART! This is the mighty Phoenix. She is soon to be 2 and a half years old and lives at Greener Pastures Sanctuary, a WA based rescue centre for farm animals. Her best friends are her animal companions (including dogs, cats, horses, sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, and an alpaca and a turkey) and she is such a sweet and gentle gal when it comes to handling creatures. On the day of her photo shoot she watched in fascination as a lady beetle walked around on her finger, then flapped her wings and flew away. Phoenix named her Ellie. She may be young, and she may be little, but she is already an exceptional human being – and thanks must go to Rachel and Dave, her amazing parents who are guiding and teaching her every step of the way. Very happy to introduce her as our next Kindest Heart.

QUESTION: Phoenix, what animal do you love the most?


QUESTION: Who would your favourite animal be here at the farm?

PHOENIX: Trey the piglet because he is funny.

QUESTION: He sounds cute! Can you pat him?

PHOENIX: Yes, I give him belly scratches.

QUESTION: Wow, that is so cool. What else do you you and Trey get up to?

PHOENIX: We have running races and I win.

QUESTION: What are the things you like to help with the most?

PHOENIX: I like feeding the animals and riding on the tractor with Daddy.

QUESTION: What do you do here for fun?

PHOENIX: I do trampoline (shows me trampoline), play tea parties (makes me a pretend cup of tea and gives me a piece of pretend chocolate cake), dig in the sand pile near the chickens with Dan Dan (Grandpa) and go in the padding pool with the pigs or sheep.

QUESTION: What would you like to be when you get big?

PHOENIX: When I get big I want to run the farm.

Well there you have it, what a big heart for such a small child.  

PICTURED: Phoenix rubbing the tummy of 7 month old Trey the piglet.

For more information on the wonderful work of Greener Pastures Sanctuary, or for details on how to donate, volunteer or adopt a rescue animal, please visit



Rally Against Live Exports

The July rally against live exports was amazing – thousands or people turned out to show their support. I was very proud to be the event photographer on the day. Lets hope this cruel trade ends soon.


Stop Live Exports Movie Fundraiser

Stop Live Exports (SLE), formerly PACAT, is a WA based animal welfare lobby group focused on changing Australia’s barbaric live sheep export laws. They are also one of the charity organisations we provide pro bono images to, and as such we strongly support their cause.

SLE are hosting a movie fundraiser afternoon at the Windsor Cinemas, 98 Stirling Highway, Nedlands on Sunday 25th July commencing at 3:30pm. The screened film is called “Creation” and tickets are $20 waged and $18 unwaged. You can download the booking form here.

The July 2010 SLE newsletter is out now too (with Houndstooth Studio sheep pic on page 1). Click here to read the latest SLE news.