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Partnering with World Expeditions, Alex is one of the few professional female photographers worldwide to lead ecologically sound, animal adventure tours to some of the world’s most inspiring animal destinations. She has visited all 7 continents and  has conducted tours for animal and photography enthusiasts to India, Antarctica, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Alex’s tours are very sought after and often book years in advance. Her wildlife tour of Sri Lanka is scheduled for April 2017 (fully booked), a once in a lifetime live aboard Galapagos adventure is planned for 2018 (fully booked) and an Arctic adventure is locked in for 2019 (fully booked).

On the radar for future trips are magical wildlife destinations like Madagascar, South America, Alaska, Africa and South Georgia. On each tour Alex’s is available for expert on-hand tuition to help attendees hone their photography skills and immerse themselves in a trip of a lifetime adventure.

Join up alone or with friends. All you need is a camera, a love of wildlife and a little wanderlust.


Wildlife photographer Alex Cearns is one of Australia’s most awarded and widely published pet, animal and wildlife portrait photographers. Her natural animal handling skills, outstanding images and substantial contribution to improving the lives of rescued animals and endangered wildlife has earned her the reputation as one of Australia’s best and most trusted animal photographers. She photographs around 1300 animals per year. Alex is a dynamic keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with engaging humour and a warm personality. Her thriving business Houndstooth Studio is a leader in the specialised niche market of premium
domestic and commercial pet and animal photography.

“We are proud that our images help make a difference to the lives and welfare of rescued animals. The right image viewed by the right person can mean a dog is re‑homed, a donation is made, or that media will run with a story that increases awareness or raises public concern for a cause that directly affects the welfare of the animal.” Alex Cearns

Here are Alex’s upcoming tours to inspire your adventurous spirit.


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