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Celebrate the peace, calm, and joy dogs bring to our lives with this unique full-color collection capturing eighty dogs in their most relaxed and contented moments.

When Alex Cearns caught Suzi the shar-pei on film with eyes closed and an endearing smile on her furry face, the renowned Australian professional pet and wildlife photographer called the picture of serenity “Zen Dog.” Captivated by the image’s tranquil beauty, Cearns then turned her lens on other canines experiencing their own carefree and meditative “Zen” moments—a series of photos that would go viral across the web and take the top prize in a major international competition.

Expanding on Cearns’s original web series, Zen Dogs includes eighty stunning color photographs of a variety of breeds—golden retrievers, beagles, French bulldogs, dachshunds, poodles, huskies, pit bulls, and German shepherds. Here are some familiar faces from the online series, joined by dozens of dogs never seen before—whose engaging personalities all shine through. Sprinkled throughout the photos are words of wisdom from the Buddha, Gandhi, and other meditative masters, inspiring messages that, with the photos, warm the heart and soothe the spirit.

A gorgeous compendium for every dog lover, animal enthusiast, and anyone looking to add some peace and joy to their day, Zen Dogs reminds us of the power dogs have to enrich our lives—to make us happier, healthier, calmer, and more loving.

Praise for Zen Dogs:

“Animal lovers will know dogs are spontaneous, carefree, and give everything 110 percent, even during their periods of relaxation. This series of images is a gentle and positive reminder to stop and take a break, to relax and unwind, to be fully present in each and every experience, and to breathe it all in.”

—Bored Panda

“In her new photo series ‘Zen Dogs,’ Australian photographer Alex Cearns captures normally lively and fun-loving dogs in the midst of their relaxation time. Seeing the look of pure, serene repose on the faces of these pups will inspire you to take a little time out of your day to reflect and recharge.”

—One Green Planet

Joy: A celebration of the animal kingdom


‘My passion for animals is as wide as the immense diversity of animal life on this planet.’
Animals have the ability to lift our spirits and bring smiles to our faces and in Joy, expert animal photographer Alex Cearns has captured these special moments with a menagerie of beautiful images. From the deep beauty of an elephant’s eye to the cheeky stare of a puppy at play, Alex’s photographs encapsulate the joy animals bring to our lives.

She also shares some of the funny, heartwarming and joyful stories of animals she has met along the way, from the wild pig that just wanted a cuddle to the rescue dog that beat the odds. These stories are also inspiring as we meet some beautiful creatures who have overcome adversity or been rescued and discovered new lives.

Focusing on several themes including innocence, intricate details, play, moments of calm and humour, Joy is full of heartwarming photographs and is a must have for every ‘animal‘ person.

Mother Knows Best: Life lessons from the animal world

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It’s one of the hardest things to accept in life: mothers know a thing or two. Award-winning Australian photographer Alex Cearns has captured the special relationship between many mother and baby animals over the years, and finds them uncannily like humans. There are puppies and kittens who are more interested in playing up than playing nicely; baby birds who squawk for more food when they’ve just been fed and adorable bunnies and ducklings who are on the lookout for trouble. These arresting and entertaining images reveal and celebrate the love, patience and guidance of all mothers, great and small. The perfect gift for Mothers Day, a birthday, or just because.

About the Author: Alex Cearns

Passionate animal lover Alex Cearns is a pet and wildlife photographer who specialises in crafting exquisite animal portraits under her brand Houndstooth Studio. She has won more than fifty Australian and international photographic awards and her images have appeared in press and online media, books, magazines, cards, calendars and advertising campaigns. Inspired by the joy of working with animals and her endless fascination with their individuality, Alex strives to capture each subject’s character and spirit in every portrait. She photographs around 1300 animals per year. Alex lives in Western Australia with her partner and their beloved cats and dogs.