“See your pet in a new light.”

At Houndstooth Studio we see your pet as you see them. That inquisitive head tilt.  The lolloping gait.  Exuberant, rough and tumble play. Their eternally loyal and loving smile.

We see these nuances – the hallmarks of your pet’s individual personality – and we capture them in timeless portraits of exquisite detail and full colour.

We value our reputation as Australia’s premier professional pet and animal photography studio. We’ve received over 200 major awards for service, business, and photographic excellence and photograph around 1300 animals per year.

Social responsibility and philanthropy is integral to our work. We are photographic partners and sponsors to over 40 national and international animal charities, sanctuaries and shelters and work all over the world. We are proud our images help make a difference to the lives and welfare of rescued animals.

Please join our Facebook community to learn more about what we do and how we do it. We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to welcoming you and your furred, feathered, finned or fanged friends into our studio soon.

Alex Cearns Signature

Creative Director, Photographer, Owner