Global Ambassador Tamron

Alex is an Ambassador for Tamron lenses as part of the Tamron Creative Collaborative – a community of Photographers that contribute, inspire, and connect users through their photography and content creation.

Tamron is a leading Japanese manufacturer of high-quality optics and one of only eight major lens makers worldwide. Founded in 1950, Tamron lenses are recognised for their innovative specifications, superior resolution, breakthrough compact designs and smart solutions that make them so easy to use. 

Alex is a prolific user of Tamron’s Super Performance Series Lenses in her studio, on location and in the wild. She uses the full range of Tamron’s Generation Two (G2) lenses on her Canon and Sony camera bodies.

As a Tamron Ambassador, Alex is featured in Tamron media campaigns and she has presented for Tamron at industry trade shows and events in Australia and the USA, often delivering keynote addresses and educational classes.

In her words: “I’ve been exclusively using the range of Tamron Super Performance Series lenses for the past decade and found them to be exceptional. Tamron SP lenses more than meet my requirements as a professional photographer and I choose to use no other.”

Ambassador Profoto

Profoto is dedicated to crafting world-leading light-shaping products and their lights are sublime. As a studio photographer, Alex’s lighting is as important as her camera and lenses and she recently joined the Profoto family as an Ambassador.

Not only are Alex’s D2 and B1X Profoto lights beautiful in their design, but they also disperse light evenly, are quiet when they flash (perfect for nervous pets), and are so easy to set up and sync. She combines them with the world’s smallest studio light, the A1 Profoto flash unit, which is perfect for off-site work.

Teaming up with the best photography lighting brand in the world is a huge honour and a dream come true for Alex.  The WA Profoto retailer is Camera Electronic. To find your local Profoto dealer visit

Ambassador BenQ

BenQ are a world-leading human technology and solutions provider driven by the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”.  They make a range of products, including Wide Gamut Monitors created specifically for photographers. Alex has used BenQ monitors for the past 5 years and says “Many photographers invest in high-end cameras with lots of megapixels, but often give little thought to their PC or laptop display – something we spend so many hours in front of. A generic monitor not specifically designed for photography isn’t going to deliver the colour quality many of us seek. Processing images on my photography-specific BenQ SW272U monitor with 99% AdobeRGB and ultra-high-density pixels gives you a stunningly vivid colour range. It’s also an affordable option for the budget-conscious photographer, providing excellent value for money.” 

Read Alex’s SW272U BenQ monitor review HERE.

Pro Team Ambassador Spider Holster

Alex was the first female Australian ambassador for the innovative USA-based company Spider Holster. She uses the Spider Duel and Single Holster systems whenever she’s photographing outdoors, especially on location.

“I’m constantly on the go when I’m photographing animals. Wearing my Spider Holster means I have freedom of movement in any environment with my camera body comfortably secured at my hip. When I see my next potential photo, the holster’s quick-release function allows me instant access to my camera while not taking my eyes off the shot. Spider Pro holsters are now an integral part of my camera kit. Wherever I go in the world, they go too.”

SanDisc Mentor

Alex has also partnered with SanDisc, a global leader in data storage technology, as a Sandisc Pro. She uses SanDisc drives to back up her image library and travels with SanDisc portable drives.

“Protecting my clients’ images is an absolute priority. I take thousands of images each year so I need fast, reliable storage and retrieval devices to keep my data safe. Whether we run a business or just use a home PC, none of us can stick our heads in the sand when it comes to preserving our visual memories. My current SanDisk setup easily takes care of my data storage and gives me peace of mind.”

Ambassador Ilford Australia

Ilford Australia generously supports Alex’s fundraising endeavours by providing fine art paper supplies for our limited edition print runs and projects. Their fine art paper range is stunning and we have printed on Ilford paper for 15 years.

AmbassadorStudio Ninja

Studio Ninja is Alex’s one-stop shop for her client record management information. It is effectively the digital brain of her business, storing data and enabling emails, invoices, contracts and questionnaires to be sent at the push of a button. The ease of use has to be exp


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