Perhaps you work for, volunteer at, or know of an organisation who could use our help?

We love to give back. It’s a large part of what we do and is something we feel very strongly about. We believe that all businesses, no matter how big or small, have the ability to help those in need and to make a difference by offering something of themselves. We know that the right image, viewed by the right person can lead to more adoptions, greater awareness for a cause, or increased donations. These are the aims of our philanthropic projects.  

Alex is a passionate champion of and voice for animal rescue and wildlife conservation.  

She uses her photography as a powerful medium through which to communicate, connect and educate by providing pro bono photography services, fundraising projects, prizes, gift vouchers and sponsorships to the value of around $500,000 per year (calculated by cost per image provided, time and production) to state, national and international animal charities, wildlife sanctuaries, and rescue shelters. Over the past ten years she has supported hundreds of different organisations.

Alex’s charity goals are to raise funds and awareness for the groups she works with.

Funds are generally raised through a photography exhibition or a limited edition print sale, and awareness is raised by Alex calling on her supportive print and television media contacts to run a story on her images, the animals featured in them, and the organisation caring for them. 100% of profits from the fundraising projects undertaken by Alex and the Houndstooth Studio team are donated to beneficiary charities and all images are gifted to them for use in marketing and other communication materials.

Here are a few examples of our fundraising projects:

  • ‘Oo-roo’ fundraising exhibition for Wildlife Care Western Australia 2020 – Raised $2500 for rescue kangaroo joeys.
  • ‘Kangaroo Island Print Release’ in conjunction with Tony Hewitt for Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network in South Australia 2020 – raised $3400 for wildlife affected by bushfires on Kangaroo Island.
  • ‘Wild at Heart’ photography project for Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania 2018 – raised $6000 for the Bonorong’s Wildlife Hospital. Images from the project received extensive local media attention.
  • ‘Double Take Dogs Fundraising Exhibition 2017’ with Matt Mawson, for Dog’s Refuge Home, Perth – raised $6000 for dogs in need
  • Limited edition ‘Koala Train’ Print Release 2017 for Fauna Rescue South Australia – raised $7000 for koala rescue
  • ‘Baby Face’ photography project for Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania 2015 – raised $2000 for rescued wildlife. Images from the project received global media attention.
  • ‘Look Twice’ photographic project and fundraising exhibition in Perth and Melbourne for the Bali Animal Welfare Association 2012 – raised more than $21,000 to help the street animals of Bali.
  • Annual ‘Santa Paws In the Doghouse’ event for the Dog’s Refuge Home of Western Australia – combined with ‘In The Dog House’, has raised more than $170,000 over the past seven years

Free the Bears Fund Inc (FTB) is an international bear rescue charity we have worked with since 2012. Some of the numerous projects we’ve undertaken with them include:

  • ‘Cambodia Wild’ photographic fundraiser and exhibition 2013 – raised more than $25,000 for FTB and the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
  • ‘Wildlife & Photography Tour to India’ 2014 – raised $10,000 for FTB from a portion of each traveler’s tour fees
  • ‘Photography Master Classes & Fundraising Events’ Sydney & Adelaide 2014 – raised a combined total of $20,000
  • ‘Champa’s New Pad Fundraising Appeal’ 2015 – raised $4000 for Champa’s new home in Laos
  • ‘Wildlife & Photography Tour to Cambodia and Vietnam’ 2016 – raised $22,000 from a portion of each traveler’s tour fees and adoption sponsorships
  • ‘Bear Apartment Six’ Limited Edition Print Release 2016 – raised $10,000 for FTB.

We are currently an exclusive studio photography partner for:

  • Dogs Refuge Home of WA, Western Australia
  • Guide Dogs, Western Australia
  • Animal Management in Remote and Rural Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC), National
  • No Pup Cleft Behind, Western Australia
  • Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Western Australia
  • WA Dingo Association, Western Australia
  • Wildlife Care WA, Western Australia
  • Koala Rescue, South Australia
  • Whiteman Park Conservation, Western Australia
  • Greener Pastures Sanctuary, Western Australia

We also provide ongoing pro-bono photography services and / or sponsorship to numerous other animal organisations including (but not limited to):

  • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania
  • Oscars Law, National
  • Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Tasmania
  • Animals Australia, National
  • Sea Shepherd International, National
  • Free the Bears, International
  • Wildlife S.O.S, International
  • Greyhound Angels, Western Australia
  • Greyhound Adoptions WA, Western Australia
  • Bali Animal Welfare Association, International
  • Bali Street Dog Fund, National
  • Bali Animal Welfare Association WA, Western Australia
  • Animals Asia, International
  • Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rescue, Western Australia
  • Stop Live Exports, National
  • WA Conservation of Raptors, Western Australia
  • Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary, Western Australia
  • Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team (HAART), Western Australia
  • Cat Haven, Western Australia
  • Animal Protection Society, Western Australia
  • South West Animal Rescue, Western Australia
  • Greyhound Adoptions, Western Australia
  • Free the Hounds, Western Australia
  • Native ARC, Western Australia
  • Saving Animals From Euthanasia Perth (SAFE), Western Australia
  • Animal Aid Abroad, International, International
  • Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue, Western Australia
  • WA Pet Project, Western Australia, Western Australia
  • Paws for Diabetics, Western Australia

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an animal charity project or cause we may be able to assist with or to request a Houndstooth Studio gift voucher for your fundraising event.