Alex is a Tamron Pro Team member and Super Performance Series Brand Ambassador for global lens manufacturer Tamron, one of only eight major lens makers worldwide.  Tamron’s extensive brand ambassadorship campaign features Alex’s remarkable images in national media and at industry trade shows.

Alex currently uses Tamron lenses both in the studio and when photographing outdoors. In her kit is a 24-70mm , 70-200mm, a 150 – 600mm, a 35mm, a 45mm, a 15-35mm, an 85mm and a 90mm macro. She particularly loves the updated range of Generation two (G2) lenses.

The two key factors in becoming a successful professional photographer are: 

  1. The Creative Vision – cameras don’t take photos, people take photos. The very best photographers, no matter the genre, be it animal photographer, wedding photographer, war journalist, sports photographer, fashion photographer, have the vision to compose and take the photo in their mind’s eye, long before they ever click the shutter button. Along with seeing the photo comes the ability to quickly equate that to camera settings and to other equipment that helps execute the creative vision. So using equipment that feels comfortable and equipment that you can trust is vital.
  2. The ability to “tame” the subject matter is the difference between an ordinary photographer and the best photographers. Again, that can apply for wedding photographers with the bride and groom, or even food photographers with their food stylists. The word tame probably seems self-explanatory when we are talking about an animal photographer, but it is much more about patience and demeanour to make the subjects feel comfortable and natural.

Alex has both of these extraordinary qualities in abounds which is why we are delighted to support her in all of her endeavours and we are honoured to have her endorsement for our Tamron brand and our range of Super Performance Series camera lenses.”

National Marketing Manager Tamron Australia 2015


Alex is the first female Australian ambassador for innovative company Spider Holster. She uses the Spider Duel and Single holster systems for her natural light photography work.

“Photographing animals means I’m constantly on the go. Knowing where my camera bodies are without having to think about them means I have a faster reaction time and don’t lose valuable seconds untangling straps and bodies. “I can be hands free while moving through any environment, with a camera sitting securely at each hip, enabling me to grab one in an instant thanks to the quick release function. And all that while not taking my eyes off the animal about to become my next photo subject. Spider Pro holsters are now a vital piece of my camera kit, and wherever I go in the world, they go too.”


After working together for more than three years, Alex was invited to become the campaign Ambassador for Guide Dogs WA.

“I really value my role as a Campaign Ambassador for Guide Dogs WA and am looking forward to being a part of their continued success in giving back to the community,”

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Alex’s lifelong love of animals and status as one of Australia’s foremost animal photographers have resulted in global tour company World Expeditions selecting Alex as their first female wildlife photography tour leader. She is travelling with photography enthusiasts to some of the world’s most exciting, off-the-beaten-track animal destinations such as Africa, India, Madagascar, Galapagos, South America and Antarctica.

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Alex is proud to be a digital ambassador for WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue, helping support their wildlife rescue and care efforts.

Learn more about WIRES here.