Meet Bali Pip, the playful pup rescued from the streets of Bali suffering from mange; blind but loyal Shazza; Raul, who takes his partial paralysis ‘in his stride’ and many more. These portraits of perfectly imperfect dogs will uplift and inspire, finding a special place in your heart with their ability to overcome physical adversity.

Award-winning animal photographer Alex Cearns captures their intrinsic beauty and spirit; their sweetness, resilience and strength. They do not recognise their limitations, nor do they dwell on their differences. They adapt to their unique bodies without complaint, they survive with determination and they live with joy. They push on, always wanting to be included in everything just as an able-bodied pet does. And the accompanying stories show the strong bond between dogs and their humans – and how sometimes they can save each other. A book for everyone who loves dogs; fans of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or seeing the beauty in imperfection – and anyone who needs a hit of inspiration.

Perfect Imperfection is available now in stores and online.

Published by ABC Books.

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