Snappy Women Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Snappy Women Seminar hosted by Houndstooth Studio.

To ensure it is right for you please read the following terms and conditions of attendance.

By completing our online booking and payment form you agree to the event T&Cs.

ABOUT Snappy Women Workshops (SWW) are hosted by Alex Cearns and aim to inspire, educate and engage attendees.

How much do you need to know before you start? Nothing. There is no prerequisite required to participate in a SSW.

No pets, infants or toddlers are permitted on the SWW. The minimum age for attendees is 18 years.
BOOKINGS & CANCELLATION POLICY Book your place on a SWW by completing this form and making payment in full online.

Your place on a SWW is guaranteed ONLY when your booking form is completed and full payment is received.
WEATHER SWW will mostly be conducted indoors and may inlcude an outdoor component. Theyand will run regardless of weather conditions.
REFUNDS Places in the SWW are strictly limited. 100% of paid fees will be refunded for cancellations received by email more than 14 days prior to a seminar date. Cancellations inside 14 days will only be refunded if your place can be filled.
PHOTOS TAKEN DURING THE WORKSHOP You may be photographed during a SWW. If you do not want any photographs in which you appear to be used by Houndstooth Studio for any promotional purposes (social media and website) please notify us prior to the workshop. If you do not notify us of this, you grant Houndstooth Studio permission to use photos taken of you for promotion.
COPYRIGHT OF WORKSHOP You acknowledge that all content covered in the SWW, including but not limited to slides, photos, presentations, handouts, cards and other materials that you see, hear or receive on the seminar (hereafter referred to as ‘content’) is copyright of Alex Cearns | Houndstooth Studio and the presenters, and all rights are reserved. You may not photograph, copy, lend, share, reproduce, publish or cause to be published or make public any of the content without the prior written, signed permission from Alex Cearns | Houndstooth Studio and the presenters.
INDEMNITIES AND LIABILITIES Alex Cearns | Houndstooth Studio holds public liability insurance and will do everything to ensure the safety of you and your equipment while you are on a SWW. However, our public liability insurance excludes certain circumstances and events and most venues accept little or no liability, even if an accident occurs at the fault of the venue.

By attending the SWW you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Alex cearns | Houndstooth Studio from liability and damages for any mishaps that are not covered by our insurance. That is, if loss or injury occurs as a result of you being a SWW, our insurance may cover part or all of the damage, but if it is not covered, you agree to not seek further damages from Alex Cearns | Houndstooth Studio.

Yes, I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and want to be part of this exciting event.

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