About Houndstooth Studio

“Weddings, babies, pets…I don’t want a jack of all trades. I want a master of just one.”

We are Houndstooth Studio – leading specialists in the realm of animal photography. We live and breathe animal photography and photograph over 1300 of them per year. From the tiniest to the largest domestic pets and wildlife, we have photographed almost every kind of feathered, furred, fanged, scaled, hoofed and clawed creature.  We are as excited by your ‘fur kid’ as you are.

As consummate professionals we create exquisite animal portraits for private clients, animal organisations, commercial brands, publications, and exhibitions.

Everything we do is informed by our passion to deliver photographic excellence in the form of a timeless, stunning portrait of your beloved pet. From our custom-designed, safe and comfortable North Perth studio, to our range of beautifully finished photography products , right through to our extensive philanthropic work with animal charities, sanctuaries and shelters in WA, across Australia and overseas, our unwavering commitment to excellence is embraced in our approach, and is tangible in all of our clients’ experiences with us.

Our Photographer and Creative Director is leading professional animal photographer and life-long animal lover Alex Cearns. Our Director of Communications is fellow life-long animal lover Debora Brown, MBus (Marketing); PhD (Social Marketing).

We also have an amazing team of professional staff and contractors who maintain our standards in customer service and product quality, and who support and nurture our business – including Colleen our Business Administrations Manager, and our event volunteers.

Houndstooth Studio wishes to thank Toni Collette and the Finish and Shock Music Publishing (Australia) Pty Ltd for use of the song “Beautiful Awkward Pictures”, performed by Toni Collette and The Finish and licensed courtesy of Shock Music Publishing. Click on the music link below when you are viewing our galleries.